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Preview Mag and The Call Me Maybe Girls

6/01/2012 03:15:00 PM Chai Chen 6 Comments

Preview Magazine is the Philippines' Best-Selling Fashion Magazine. Well, at least as per the site. In celebration of their 17th Anniversary Issue, they are featuring top girl celebrities in the country this June; who were otherwise known as The Call Me Maybe Girls now.

I wouldn't even get it until I've seen Laureen Uy's post about a certain video they made dubbed as, you guessed; "Call Me Maybe." I found the video hilarious! Seriously. Imagine, top "IT" girls in the scene, doing funny antics on video, trying to lip-synch with this song; and dancing those crazy moves? Who would've thought that Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heusaff, and Liz Uy would do such stuff with their other fun friends? Well, of course, they're only humans too hurhur~ and as normal people, they have that side of their life too. Ngak! Corny~ LOLZ. Anyway, so what's this video we're all talking about?

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So after watching that vid from Laureen, I was intrigued and researched about this song and all that shiz ... gosh! The song was so-last year lah~ I didn't even realize that. I don't think I've even heard them on the radio or what have you ... It sounded like bubblegum pop for me, until I read the whole lyrics and how it went viral.

The song Call Me Maybe is popularized by Carly Rae Jepsen; a Canadian artist who; by means of popular tweets from famed teen artists Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, as they mimic or actually; do their own version of the video, singing and dancing to it; has gained even more fame than ever. It's the trend now I guess, that more and more artists get discovered through social media networks and youtube videos. Carly ain't all that just that though, as it seems she's got talent. The song sounds tastefully written and the lyrics didn't seem too-bubblegum pop at all. It's nice to play and play again I guess hehe. Not too-teeny-bopper.

So what got me hooked to it, watch this ...

Crazy right? Luv it! So fab!

Now I get it ... LOL. They've shot most of the scenes in the video while shooting for this magazine. Of course it's pretty obvious - they were wearing the same clothes as they appeared in the mag cover lah~ It was pretty weird, still, I guess; to see such sexeh ladies dancing like that in those skimpy shorts or whatever you'll call it these days. It's a fashion trend or faux pas? Hmmm ... I dunno ... I don't really dig that style but, to each his own! :p

Enjoy the video and the song! (^_^)  Do you think it's nice and good? Share it here!


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  1. Would the "Call Me Maybe" have to do with Carly Rae Jepsen's song? :)


  2. Hello! :)

    Yes, it was indeed that song by Carly. Everyone has jumped into doing their own versions of it hehe. :)

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