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June 12 Independence Day Sale Events!

6/12/2012 09:59:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

It's a holiday in the Philippines and you're definitely trying to find a way how to spend the day, right? It's Philippines' Independence Day so what are you waiting for? Go on your own and be an independent shopper today! LOL. But of course, it's more fun to be out with your friends, right? And you'd want to be with your best buds when you go but can't find the perfect place or event? Don't fret ... Lemme give you a few tips on what to do today ...

Start your day right with this MANGO VIP Only SALE. This EXCLUSIVE sale is brought to you by RCBC Bankard, which starts fro 12PM onwards.You can go ahead and shop 'til you drop! 

Of course, these perks are available ONLY to Mango RCBC Bankard holders. This all-exclusive sale preview is happening at selected Mango stores nationwide; namely: MANILA (Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Trinoma, Eastwood); Cebu (Ayala Center Cebu); and Davap (Abreeza Mall). Promo is not valid with any other offer, discount, or promotion, or on garments, labelled with a star (*) as the print says.

VIPs (like me, *wink*) are required to PRINT a copy of this invitation and present it upon entrance. It's such a privilege to have such a card, right? I'm glad I have one and I had it for years already. I definitely enjoy the treats and perks! Woot! I'm definitely not going to let this event pass without me coming. I'm sure you'd want the same right? Hehe.

What do Mango-RCBC Mastercard Bankard holders get anyway from this event? Simple. We just get first dibs on the sale items, up to 50%OFF. We also get to enjoy freebies and delectable treats from partner sponsors. Ultimately, we enjoy a 0% Interest Installment purchase plan of up to 6 months! And don't forget; we get 5X Rewards for a single-receipt purchase of P5,000 and up.

Imagine those wonderful treats? Are you green with envy now? LOL.

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Well, don't be! As per the email invite I received, all cardholders are encouraged to bring their friends to make shopping more enjoyable! I'm definitely tagging along my girl buds and colleagues so we could all buy the best Mango items in town right now. I've had a number of dresses already recently and I just can't help but collect Mango items! It's a MUST HAVE for every girl, like me! I love their dresses and their corporate look doesn't look too-corporate at all. It's fashion all the way! (^_^)

But I'm sure you're still wondering ... what if ... What if you're Not a Mango-RCBC Bankard cardholder and you WANT to be one of us?

Simply present a print-out copy of this promotional postcard as well and sign-up for a card at the store to enter. You’ll get a FREE Mango mobile charm (believe me! I have it and you'd definitely want to have one!) with your approved card. Get to know more about the exclusive perks and privileges of Mango-RCBC Bankard MasterCard here.

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So ... that's one stop for you ... looking for more? Don't worry! There's plenty of other items in store for you ... check out this FREEDOM SALE from Forever 21.

This sale has actually started this weekend and it's running from June 9 to June 12, if I'm not mistaken. Get to enjoy up to 50% OFF as well from selected items, all from Forever 21!

Which branch is on sale? It's happening in ALL Forever 21 stores! Yay! (^_^) I believe that's more than enough for you to pay a visit at their store right? So right after your first stop for the day; dropby a nearby F21 shop and buy all those stocks you want! They have a lot of new stuff in their collection - from chunky heel shoes; to assorted print tops and dresses; a huge collection of accessories; and loads more! I'm a shopaholic now because of these two brands I mentioned (demmit!) so me and my girl buds will also visit the stores! Yay!

If you don't get tired by attending these two (2) events; I dunno about you! LOL. For me, I think it's more than enough shopping and enjoying freedom already! See you all there! Enjoy! (^_^)


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