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My Bloggers United 3 Summer Bazaar 2012 Experience

6/05/2012 10:50:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 14 Comments

I did succeed in getting to one of the events I wanted to go to ... Bloggers United 3 Summer Bazaar 2012! Weeee! I went there with my colleagues, Erelyn, Ten, and Erica.

One of my prized photos then is is this one; with me and Kryz Uy. Gosh! I went fan-girling lah! It's the 1st time I met her and at first I was thinking if it's really her or someone else ... she's so skinny in person! Yikes! I look so "jubese" with her. LOL. But she's still too pretty. To compensate, I just took headshots hehe ... and I covered my dark eye circles with my big shades. We're already sooo haggard from shift that day while the rest of the attendees still look fresh and nice. We don't look like we belong hohoho~ Anyway, we went there to shop so we didn't bother with those eyes around.

Kryz actually had a lot of stuff I like - most especially the shoes. She's also a size (7) so I really tried on a number. Unfortunately, her shoes are mostly ... I guess, for those with skinny feet. I have chubby feet (LOL) so either they are too tight or too lose (for those which are probably worn more times than the others - or those w/c have bigger size design but are still on size 7 or 37). Too bad ... poor me! Huhuhu.

 My friend Erelyn bought one of Kryz's friend, Patricia Prieto's lovely black heels from the Chocolate Schu Bar. Really sad I didn't get a piece of them but I'm sure happy for Erelyn's purchase hehe. And those fab shoes were just sold for P500. They don't look too bad nor too worn out yet anyway. Some of them look really brand new ... still.

There were lots of other exciting finds in the bazaar. It was too cool, that the place was jampacked even when it has just started. We couldn't even move haha. Even though the place was airconditioned, it was too full and eventually went warmer and warmer ... we were sweating all over! LOL. The four of us eventually spread out as we scout for more bargains ... in the end, we didn't leave empty-handed.

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I saw many known bloggers around and I just went too shy to take lotsa photos. I guess since we're all tired and I was sooo drained already, I thought I wouldn't look good with them on the pic. LOL. Conscious-much? Hahaha. My face was all-sweaty and Erelyn was about to kill me initially for dragging them there. LOL. Her makeup went kaput that fast because it was too hot inside haha. Later on, she enjoyed it the most and had the most loot. LOL. I think aside from those black shoes from Kryz, she also bought another pair from Kryz which I just can't recall. Hehe.

Ten on the other hand, was rummaging stocks for plump sizes. She loves fashion as well. She did get a lot of those tops and wraps. I wasn't able to take photos anymore hehe. The item prices were very affordable, that everyone's money have surely not gone to waste. I saw Ten at one of my fave bloggers' stall too so I rushed over and didn't waste the chance to have a photo with her ... Ms. Kookie Buhain of Deathbyplatforms.blogspot. I definitely did not let go of the chance to snap!

She's really pretty and tall in person I think heheh. Look at that! I look like her P.A. OMG! I carry too many bags hahaha. Anyway, Ms. Kookie is very friendly. She makes chika with everyone who passes by, or so I observed. She also chatted with me a bit. She's really too nice. I wanted to buy two (2) of her black shoes - too sexy and uber nice heels. Unfortunately, they were too big on me huhuhuh. She's a size eight (8) but I think those are on international standards / measurements so they were bigger. (T_T) Good thing there was one white shirt with a really nice print that fitted me ... I think. It was only for P100 and it's from Zara Basic Tees. Zara is a known brand lah~ I didn't realize that until later. Hehe.

And just right beside her stall was the famous Karl Leuterio's wardrobe sale; where Ten was also spending most of her time - Karl had a lot of black and out-of-this-world outfits, which Ten truly loved. She bought like P800 worth of items I think or even a thousand and there were already lots in her bag haha. His items are a steal! Very lovely. I got two (2) pieces which I believe, could be worn in the office without much prying eyes. Bwahhahaha. Of course, some of the very stylish outfits may not be too-appropriate at work. So I hafta-b-careful.

Karl-darling was also very nice and sweet. He was even helping me and Ten as we try to fit his clothes. He was giving fashion tips on how to properly wear them. LOL. Ten and I looked like real noobs around hahaha. I'm glad he did help us decipher how to really wear the pieces we got hehehe. Otherwise, we might look like weird freaks if he didn't. Haha. Thank you Karl!

I like his success story too. He's designing shoes for Gold Dot, which is a local brand, if I'm not mistaken; and has gained international fame already. This is something Pinoys (ok even Tsinays like me haha) would be proud of! Good job, Karl! Love your work! And I love the tops I bought from you! Thanks for the very accommodating nature! We loved it! (^_^)

Laureen Uy and Camille Co's Booth - Lotsa Bags and Accessories!

I went around and found a lovely skirt from I immediately bought it! Woot! And just right before we went out, we stopped by the most-flocked stalls - that one with Laureen Uy and Camille Co. Erelyn bought an original snakeskin Dorothy Perkins shoes from Camille Co - the one she wore in this post: Run The World. She immediately loved it. It was hard to try on those shoes while standing up though. I tried quite a number as well but nothing fitted me well. (T_T) Erelyn did get quite a number of deals! This dress as well. Lucky her! Even the shoes! I'm like .... whoooaaaa!!! There was one I also loved, w black & white ensemble from Candie's but it didn't fit me well. It was too big on a size (8). (T_T)

I was hoping to to catch a glimpse at least, of Laureen nor Camille ... unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see them. Eventually, we got so tired and decided to go home ... it was so tiring yet fun. And this is the only photo I had of Camille and Laureen. LOL. Fandom much? Haha.

I snapped a photo of their booth and poof! The bag I wanted (I think it was Laureen's); a floral one, was immediately grabbed by someone else. Awww too bad ... Poor me again (T_T) I think that was the name of the game hehe. The bag was only worth P380 and it's still in a very good condition. People want some piece of 'em of course - I shouldn't have let it go waaaah. Oh well ... I hope to find another one in some other places at some other time heheh. Erelyn was eyeing for that all-original Jeffrey Campbell white-lace booties from Indonesia's famed-blogger Anastacia Siantar (The Brown Platform) and as we just moved closer, somebody else has snapped it! Eeeeek! We were that close! Too bad for Erelyn.

We hoped we could've stayed longer for the raffle and the ramp and the other contests but we were all too-tired. Erika didn't buy anything anymore ... next time, we need to consider going to such events without work or not after shift; so we still have the energy heheheh. Shopping is exhausting too but fun haha!

I went home happy with the loot anyway ... everything is like ... uhmm ... less than P1,000 - I saved lots!

My Bloggers Unite 3 Loot
So that was it! A really fun event altogether! I just realized now I didn't take a pic of all of us together ... but Erelyn did take a picture of our feet! Once I get it, I'll share it here hehe.

How about you, did you attend it? Share your experiences with me too (^_^)

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
EVENT: Bloggers United Summer Bazaar 2012
DATE: June 2, 2012
PAGES: Twitter, Facebook, Website
I hope to attend more events like this soon! (^_^) See you there!


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  1. thanks for supporting bloggers united! :)

  2. ah! I am so jealous you met her! :)

    xxdaniellewu.comenter my giveaway here!

  3. Thanks for dropping by our booth, Chai! Salamat sa pagbili! And no, you don't look like a PA! 

  4. No problem! I will attend future events like this hehe. It's fun! And I love the experience. Thanks for making it happen! :)

  5. Ohhh I'm sure you can meet her too. :) The bloggers were all fab. :) Thanks for dropping by. (^_^)

  6. Wahahah echos lang Ms. Kookie! Arte mode. Kasi pawis-pawisan mode na and ang dami kong dala, kahiya waaah. :p Thanks po! Really appreciate you dropping by here. :D

  7. gabrielletaduran.blogspot.comJune 18, 2012 at 4:52 PM

    wow!! following u now=)

    hope to c u on my blog too=)


  8. nice =) Chai my pic doesn't appear on ur blog everytime I leave a comment...hahahahahah


  9. Awww ... try mo sis sign up sa hehehe. (^_^)

  10. HELLO AWWW ANG SWEET thanks so much for the kind words. ngayon k lang nabasa haha mwah

  11. Awww thanks Karlie! *hugs*
    I appreciate you dropping by my blog heheh. (^_^) I'm so honored! :)

  12. Oh my gosh, you met Kryz Uy?! That's amazing! She's one of my fashion idols. (:

    ♥ xixia |

  13. Yeah I met her! So lucky! (^_^)
    Thanks for visiting!


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