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Winning From Online Contests and Celebrity Giveaways

6/14/2012 10:49:00 AM Chai Chen 10 Comments

Any winning moment is a sure bliss. But winning your loved items for free; plus getting them from your favorite celebrities is another story that surpasses the feeling of bliss  ... Ahhh lucky me!

My Train Concert Tickets Prize
From Tim Yap's #YAP4GRABS
It's not like I always win though ... of course there are times I also don't win anything. But there's no harm in trying, right? After all, it's not just all about winning but it's about the fun and excitement in participating in those contests. The very first contest I joined was with Tim Yap's giveaways fondly called, #YAP4GRABS. I wasn't really all hopeful but I gave it a try. It was my lucky first try and first win! Yay! How cool is that, right? Anyway, I found it easy anyway ... he just asked his followers to tweet a photo that embodies the term / phrase "soul sister" and the very first thing that came to mind was to share my cosplay pic with my sister, in the only event we attended together and cosplayed together (so far). I wasn't certain of the prize but I gave it a go.

I have a Twitpic account anyway so I just posted this pic and hoped for the best. As most contest in Twitter require, the hash tag just needs to be there so; all good! #YAP4GRABS for the win! And guess what happened? Well, you're right! I was one of the five (5) winners (if I'm not mistaken) for that Train Concert Tickets for free; and double that! Yup! I won two (2) tickets for the concert! Imagine my face when I saw that the "REAL" Tim Yap was tweeting and tagging me right?

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T'was an early birthday present then for me hehe. Too bad I wasn't able to attend, eeeek! T'was a good 1st concert for me supposedly but I took a nap then didn't wake up 'til my shift pffffttt! Too tired for the day I guess (T_T) .. Oh well!

Tim Yap's Tweet and Birthday Greeting for me YAY!

I didn't even realize he had a note for me too woot! I treasure little things so this one counts, of course! That was so sweet of him. And major gosh! The PATRON tickets cost 4k each lah ... So sayang! >.<

Le sigh ...
Ok fine ... This one I keep then ayiiii ... ♥

"Dear chenmeicai or Chai Domingo,

Love your cosplay pic ..
Admire people who can go beyond themselves for fun & otherwise.
You inspire people just by being YOU.
Keep being & becoming a better version of your self.
Enjoy tonight's TRAIN concert!


Why am I so kilig? LOL. Well, it's the joy of winning! The photo I submitted was taken by my friend in the cosplay scene, Erving Go c/o I missed that concert, his note is already a sure keep for me. My birthday presents kept on flowing. And the rest followed ...

My Belle De Jour Contest Winnings
So me joining contests didn't stop from there. I became more enthusiastic to join and sometimes, win. Another birthday treat I had was from Belle De Jour. I won BELLE DE JOUR'S BLOG CONTEST for Week 2 in their December contest! Yey! Aside from giveaways, I tried my luck in those contests that would require more effort, like writing blog entries. I guess it was the birthday luck that gave me that huh? My entry:

Such a nice gift from the bellas! ♥

What a got:
- 1 BDJ 2012 Planner
- 1 NAVI
- 1 BDJ Essentials
- 1 BDJ Favorites
- 1 BDJ Chronicles

I love eeeeet! :-)

It was my birthday - December 10 when I had these double wins! I really thought I was already the luckiest girl! LOL. But of course, not all contests would land me the winning title. The following month, January, I joined Etude House's New Year New Do Contest. I guess I was already lucky enough to be one of the finalists so I am also grateful for that experience.

Garnier Prizes
The following month; February, I joined another giveaway contest by Georgina Wilson and @GarnierPH. It was the love month so the contest was all about love tweets / quotes. It was also a promo for Garnier's Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub that visibly fights the #6signs of acne.

I was trying to recall what specific line I tweeted but I can't find it anymore. LOL. I'll be posting a review of the products I won soon! After I finish the whole tube hehe. So far, it does help and fulfills its promise in a way hehe. The face powder I got was a Garnier Light Visible Whitening Face Powder ... I gave it to my friend. Unfortunately, it was a few shades darker on me *sobs* so I couldn't really use it. But I am definitely grateful for the opportunity and winning! Do I look like Georgina now? Hahaha! Kidding! Her fans would kill me. LOL. I love that gal! She's so fierce! Esp. with the recent Call Me Maybe fandom and her Preview Mag shoot; this girl is crazy ... Crazy beautiful!

In March, I only joined cosplay contests. I didn't end up winning but I sure did land the "finalists" title at most. Woot! Thanks to my friends for the continuous likes on my photo entries. I blogged about that too - here: Cosplay Contests - Support Please!

Camille Co's Big Blog Giveaway
This April; I guess it was one of the Big Blog Giveaways where I won big time as well. Why? Because it's the "IT GIRL" Camille Co's Big Blog Giveaway contest as she celebrated her blog's 1st year anniversary, her birthday, and her new blog launch! Yay! I won her Giveaway # 7! Wow! As soon as I received it, I immediately posted it on my instagram! Go follow me @chenmeicai!

And just, what did I get? I got:
  • Greta by Gretchen Barretto for /herbench 50ML EDT
  • Homage by Randy Ortiz for Kashieca 100ML EDT

Once I consumed all my perfume; I would use these two (2) and review them as well. Hehehe. I'm not used to using different perfumes ... I normally finish a bottle first before using another one. Thankfully; I got these so I have more stocks heheh. I don't need to buy anymore haha! Thanks @itscamilleco and @benchtm!

It looks like every month, there's something I'm winning! Hehehe. Last May, I didn't win any contest though hehehe but that's ok. Give chance to others right? LOL. But as soon as this month already started, June; I've had my chance on winning again another contest. And just what did I just win? This new SM Girls Teen's Wear fab shirt; brought by no other than my favorite - Belle De Jour!

The BDJ Team has never failed to amaze me! These bellas have never gone tired I guess so everyday (almost), they give out these fab prizes under the giveaway contest dubbed as #BDJFabFinds. Wow! I am really happy! (^_^)

I consider myself lucky enough to win these items already. I am really grateful for all the celebrities and bloggers and sponsors out there who are giving away these fab prizes! I am definitely thrilled! It's the name of the game now anyway, I believe. I did join a few fashion blog giveaways and other twitter contests and woot! Winning is just an icing on the cake! It's really fun to have at least participated in these games! (^_^)

Advertising has reached a far broader spectrum than the traditional 3 media channels and even outside integrated marketing communications. The social media has been another channel that reaches more audience than ever! Products reach us through these different medium and definitely, they're effective in that way as more and more users (like me) are engaged to such activities. The advent of Facebook, Twitter, and rest have brought much more success to different brands and power names out there. It works, not just on avid users like me; but even on some not-so-frequent users, I believe. Once it's there; there will always be that "recall." I'm glad to have participated in such and I'll always do the same ... who knows? I might have my own giveaway soon! Haha! Dream on! (^_^)

Good luck to everyone out there! Just keep on joining! (^_^) Advertorials, keep on coming! :)


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  1. Nice ang dami na napalanunan! haha Ako naman nanalo sa contest ng Tous Les Jours di ko naman maclaim ung prize T.T

  2. Awww sayang. Go claim it na hehehe. Ako rin yung latest, di ko pa nake-claim hehehe. Pag may chance. LOL. :)

  3. Wow congrats rin. Sang promo?

    Hehe. Soon malay natin marami na rin ako mapa-giveaway. :)

  4. yung promo ng firmoo. free sunglass. nga pala, na receive ko na nung isang araw.

  5. Oooohhh hehehe! Good luck sa mga susunod hehe :)

  6. Haha yeah! Thank you. More to come I hope. :)

  7. ang swerte mo naman. I have yet to receive my prize naman sa napanalunan ko na give-away promo.

    I'll make abang for your own blog give-away. lol

  8. Omg. You sure did win a lot. Lucky lucky! Happy for yah~ :D

  9. Yeeeee! Thanks girl! :) Hope to win more! And soon of course, I'm always thinking of sharing my blessings!


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