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Asianvogue is a Shoe Shopping Haven Too!

4/07/2012 08:11:00 PM Chai Chen 6 Comments

Asianvogue Heels - Xiongzi Brand (Color Block Heels)
Black, Coral Pink, and White
Asianvogue shop is my Ultimate Fashion Resource! Yup, I've declared that for quite some time now. And while there are lots of online shopping scams around, like where I experienced it - this FASH (or FAKE) Shop; I know Asianvogue is a trusted site. I trust the seller, and I trust her products. And having ordered multiple times before for fashionable clothing (mostly Asian-inspired / Korean look); the site now brings a vast selection of fashion shoes! Couldn't help it!

So my initial order from her shoes' collection made me get three (3) pairs right away. I also used my BDJ Planner / Belle De Jour coupon, giving me a 20% discount on the first pair; and since I am a returning client so that gives me more discounts!

And with this initial blast of orders, I can't help it but order more! From heels, to wedges, to flats ... name it, you have it!
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My favorite pair so far is this pair of black wedges:

Gianmarco Lorenzi-inspired black suede wedges from Asianvogue
This was my first choice! I believe it was "in style" recently since I've been seeing a number of different shops carrying similar designs - platform wedges, round toe, ankle strap, baby doll shoes or mary janes; and the likes. I've also fitted a similar one from Aldo shoes; which I was really rooting for. The material is so-light-weight that I can run with them haha! Money was more of my constraint that time and this one from Asianvogue offered me a similar style at half the price. I went for this one lah~

The shoes are actually highly comfortable and reasonably priced. The designs / styles were all up-to-date that I never worry if I look too-old-fashioned with them. They actually don't go out of style I think. This pair has actually become my staple style for my daily work; among the other shoes though. The sizing is pretty accurate too, as described on the website.

I had to return my two (2) other orders though because the first one (the 1st photo - Xiongzi Shoes) was actually too-small for my feet. I mean, the size was correct (38 Asian size) but the style seems to be more suited for users with slimmer feet - and mine aren't. Pfffft! It's actually my fault lah! Believeing those shoes would fit. Sad but I had to let go of them. I really loved its uniqueness *le sigh* My chubby feet & my wiggly toes were all-visible

This is the last pair I had and unfortunately, I had to give up as well - coz I ordered for the leopard print variant. It was a confusion on the order page I think though through email, we had it clarified. But no harm done (^_^) I'm glad that the seller was very accommodating (as she's always been, since I was buying clothes from the site). I've sent these shoes back already and looking for my replacements hehe. This didn't stop me from ordering again of course! I've recommended the shop to my friends and it's a good deal since we're buying in bulk! More discounts for us yey!

Anyway, this last pair is amazing as it is too (even though it's not the leopard print!) I'm sure you'll love it too, the way it is. It's the black version of my order. The leg / ankle straps are detachable so you can wear it as slip-on wedges. This is amazing, really! What technology do we have in shoes now!!! LOL.

Overall, the shoes' catalogue has a bunch of other lovely shoes that you'll surely love! No other words can explain it anymore. So without further ado, let me just go ahead and give you the shop's details once more and hop on ... get your shopping instincts ready!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)



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  1. Hey, I know that tattoo!  Nice shoes, but where are the food reviews?  I just woke up in Manila, and I'm hungry.

  2.  Hello there Mike hehehe! Look LABELS column here on the right and click on "food blog" or "food review" and the food photos / posts will appear hahah.

    Malls are open now. You will have more food choices around! Say hi to Nate! :)

  3. cute shoes! love the colors of the first one

  4.  It's a sure eye-candy! I love it too! (^_^)

  5. hi as ko lang ok ba yung quality and comfy ba yung shoes sa asian vogue? san daw po galing? thanks :)

  6. Hello! Thanks for dropping by. :)The quality of the shoes is good enough. Most of them have Asian brand names (like China/Taiwan mostly and some others from Korea.
    If you want to inquire, do ask the seller - Angela. She's very accommodating. I've purchased a number of shoes already by now and I'll probably share them too, in my future blog posts. :)
    Hope this helps.


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