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My ZALORA Wishlist

4/25/2012 09:32:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

If you haven't heard yet; there's a new fashion craze in town that helps you expand your sense of style with exclusive international brands that's just right for the budget.

#phchurpchurp is the newest social media community!

ZALORA is the name and this shop brings you that online shopping in a breeze! ZALORA sales are all about the freshest finds! I did blog about this already so if you haven't really read it yet, jump on to these posts: 1) Zalora Exclusive Sale Section; 2) Sign Up at Zalora and Get an Introductory Gift of P250.

I was curious what this shop has to offer so I did sign up already and checked out their catalogue. What's a girl to do after all? My blog posts would reveal that I'm so much into fashion & beauty stuff nowadays; from shop reviews to items I look forward to. My closet is getting crowded actually but what the heck? It's fun being a girl and while I'm still young, I'm trying to enjoy everything that this world can offer for me. *wink*

I share these finds on my lookbook account. My main mission is to share my interests. Being a workaholic and career-oriented girl doesn't mean we have to be caught by the fashion police, right? Why did I go sign up for lookbook anyway? No fancy cameras and stuff but ... I gave it a go! Read more on this post. I wish to inspire others too.

And so, as I rummage the stocks of Zalora, I find these exciting products that I think would be a good addition to my great finds!

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#phchurpchurp is the newest social media community!


Alpha Black Dress by Chic Yamada

The first stop I went to was the "dresses" section. I'm fond of dolling up without being extremely weird anyway. I fancy unique clothing that may be out of the ordinary but not out of this world. I work in a corporate environment so I gotta be mostly formal & chic at the same time. Like I said, I don't want to be caught by the fashion police too, LOL. My role in the company is looked up by many and I know that from every single piece I wear, it speaks of my personality as well. Any wrong move might also trigger misconceptions detrimental for my career. Too serious ei? Not really! Hehe. But I'm just careful enough not to overly do my fashion finds.

This dress suits my wants & needs. Having no uniform at work is a challenge but it's a good challenge! It helps me exercise my creative mind. This piece looks very versatile and I can wear it many times, matching it with different items too! Aha! My mind is working again! Hurhuhrhur~ From wearing it as a single piece and a cardigan or a shrug for one, or even a blazer for that more-corporate style; I can also wear it alone. I can match it with a belt and fold over to create a different look. I can pair it with different shoes that may suit even the smart-casual attire category in the office (normally on weekends), w/o it looking like an overused piece of clothing for me. The pattern or prints on it look rather chic than I can just wear it everyday! Fresh & comfy w/o the sacrifice! It's a must-have!

Orange Double Platform Pumps by Kelsi Dagger

If there are shoe colors I'd still grab in the next few months; they'd be: orange, electric/royal blue, green, and hot pink. Orange is the least likely piece I'd have - I told myself; since I dunno how to mix & match it with most of my outfit. I mostly have neutral colors. I don't have a lot of brights or summery outfits. I reserve that to the teens hehe. However, being inspired by known fashion bloggers of different edgy style - Camille Co and Kookie Buhain (and yes they have different styles!); I realized that orange ain't a bad thing either, huh?

With this, I believe that I can own this piece as well, sooner or later. With such inspirations, I think I can handle this orange piece of a shoe, right? Hehehe. I'm more confident now in expressing this different style. While I mostly settle for wedges than heels, I own a few pieces of heels too; for more formal events or even corporate-formal Mondays. This bold hue won't escape its function on me. I don't think it's too had to walk with them anyway, considering that it's a "double platform" suede, right? Yeah my doctor doesn't allow me to normally walk with heels due to my dextroscoliosis so when I do wear heels to work; I use slippers in the office too and just slip the shoes back on during meetings. I still abide by the rules of course, yet, still not sacrificing fashion. This would be a good addition to my versatile shoe style as well! Must try!

Mary Jane Green by Chic Yamada

Did I just say I prefer wedges too? Yup, for health reasons as well. So my next stop is on the wedges section. Didn't I also say I wanted to have a green pair of shoes? You got it! So this fashion find really caught my attention. The shiny finish attracted my interests! Plus, it's not the normal green around. It has a tinge of mint. This is perfect for the season!

The style isn't like a regular "mary-jane" shoe at all. Its platform sole doesn't look too high for comfort. From the normal clogs and espadrille styles; I'd go for this one. I think I can pair it with even business casual outfits now and not just for trendy casuals. I've learned that mary janes nowadays do give that younger feel trick to even the most formal attires! Ooozing with self-confidence now, I think I can show that style too. I'll be very comfortable with these. Look at my "Happy Feet" shoe collection - I wish to add this piece! Must buy!

Stainless Steel Bangle by Gucci

If you try to check my looks at lookbook, you'll see that I only own two (2) pairs of watches - a black Tokidoki watch and a Pink kidrobot Swatch watch. I don't have a watch that can serve as a "jewelry" too, which I can really wear with my business attires or formal corporate looks; and evening parties. Nope, none yet. And if I'll have one, I prefer this style. Just a clean silver accessory! I don't really prefer gold.

I've been thinking of buying one and one thing I learned about watches too is that, it's actually something that can serve as an "investment." Talking about Rolex and the likes huh? Uhmmm ... well I don't think I want to splurge too much so this piece would do. A perfect ladies' accessory that goes with any chic style and setting we prefer! I think even though I would be on a casual attire, I can still wear this piece like any "bracelet" accessory would do for me, right? Really nice! A must keep for me!

Gomburza Cardiwrap by Space

My first few cardigans are of the same make & style - but just in different colors. See how lazy I am in trying to style better? Haha! However, I learned from lookbook as well that there are lots of different styles.

One of the folks I follow, Tricia Gosingtian, is a Forever 21 ambassador and as I try to check out the shop's looks as well, I saw that there are many different cuts and styles for a simple piece like a cardigan. The naming convention amazes me! For each and every style! From cascading, to open hemline, to shawl collar, etc. There are lots and lots of names, I can't even memorize! I was like ... whooooaaaa!

If I'm given all the money in the world, I'd have one piece of each cardigan style hehehe. Too much ei? LOL. Alright realistic now ... uhmmm, well there's just a few pieces I'd want to have and I think the "cascading" front style is a pretty good piece. This cardiwrap will surely satisfy that need! What nice color it has as well! It can pass as a "nude" color right? Pretty! I can mix and match it! A must-pair-with piece!


If Zalora and Nuffnang will grant these pieces for me, I'll be uber-ly grateful! *wink*

Now, I think all I need to do next is claim my vouchers and start shopping-frenzy! Go check out Zalora's stocks too! I'm sure you will love it! I'll share a review once I do get some of the products I'll order. (^_^) Happy shopping!


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