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Pamper Mode? Nail It!

4/30/2012 12:29:00 PM Chai Chen 3 Comments

What's a girl to do when stressed and need to destress? PAMPER HERSELF!

And just recently, in my search for a new wedge (more of regular looking ones than my current fashionable pieces hehe); I got tired and found this place on the way. Little did I know that it's been operational for two (2) years now, based on my chika time with the staff. It's not too-noticeable ... or I guess I just don't pass by that area too-frequently anyway. I was in a hurry to get back home and sleep but the store looks sooooo-enticing, I couldn't let it pass.

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Nail It! Salon, Glorietta

That place is just nearby the enclosed area (yeah that blown up part of Glorietta, attacked by terrorists or similar or a freak accident years back?) where fitness and wellness is the main theme. Just in front of Gold's Gym and TGIF, you can see this attractive salon, beside Lay Bare. It's called Nail It! And so I nailed it too and let me share my experience in that shop now so you can see why I loved it ...

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#phchurpchurp is the newest social media community!


You see, brights and pastels attract the eyes nowadays. It's probably the colors of the season huh? And girls normally fall for these colors ... I did! It's so cute with violet hues and inside, it looks so cozy and relaxing.
Nail It! Purple-Themed!
The furniture and overall interior design is well-coordinated with the purple theme. The walls, the sofa ... everything! All shades of violet! It ain't really my favorite color but it's definitely an eye-candy! Combined with white, the inside of the store looks so neat & clean and it actually looked wider than it really is. All the sofa chairs are so comfy and relaxing as well!

Nail It! Counter Area
Nail It Purple Walls
They have a very friendly group of staff in cutesy purple uniforms too, that welcomes you with their bubbly personality. I ain't really a sucker for nicey people because I do check the quality and overall service but this bunch is really helpful. They assisted me right away, as soon as I entered; w/o being overly persuasive (which I'd definitely hate and probably leave right away, if that happened! LOL!) They walked me through the services they offer with short & simple explanation, which helped me select right away.
You can see that they have very ergonomic designs that show how they're well-organized. Unlike in other salons I guess; this one's really a good find! The welcome counter may not have an extravagant backdrop other than that display of all nail colors available; they sure have an inside-marketing/advertising campaign that I like - posters with one-liners. I find them catchy and delivers the message right away - no sugarcoating! All the reasons why I should really NAIL IT!

Nail It! Soak It!
I chose PACKAGE 2: Traditional Mani/Pedi with Polish & Nail It Premium Whitening Foot Spa. Normally, it costs me almost the same to get it from other salons. I get it cheaper from nearby shops where I live (yeah those stand-alone shops that haven't learned about the mall yet) and I thought twice - thinking maybe I should've headed home already and just stopped by the nearby shops. But then again, I wanted to try something new and get a little rest. It's been a tiring work week for me and I needed a break! This not-so-pricey luxury suits my need, at the right time! Without further ado, I immediately sat and soaked my tired feet in the hot water foot spa set that was already prepared.

Nail It! Nail Color Palette
As soon as I settled my things down, while waiting for the manicurist to come (preparing the foot spa set - salt, uhmmm, lotion, and all that other stuff); they gave me the nail color palette to choose from. I got so excited because of the variety of colors! It looks so cute! I like the fact that they use an all-ORLY set, which is a premium brand already (I learned it from a friend, Erelyn, who's fond of nail art hehe). There's no additional cost for selecting that nail polish so I just carefully selected my color. Since it's summer now, I settled for brights (like what I normally read from some of my fave fashion bloggers of course - Camille Co and Laureen Uy I didn't bother to look at the name of number of the polish I chose hehe. I just pointed at it ... it looks Hot Coral Pink for me hehehe. LOL.

Nail It! Foot Spa Service
Each of their staff has their own trolley set, which I really find convenient. They have everything they need there, to service their clients. I like the fact that they used two (2) members of crew already to do my feet & hands at the same time. Nothing beats that fast service and convenience at the same time, for me. For a busy working girl like me, who doesn't have that much time (gosh I think the last time I had my nails done was when we had our company party ... and that was ... last December! Eeeek! I've been negligent of my nails!) Both girls swamped with me altogether. That little space is an opportunity though since, to some degree, we looked like canned tuna! LOLZ. But we were able to manage!

Nail It! Hand Spa
I rested my hands on a cuddly pillow, which is of course, of the same overall violet theme. You can really see how well they treat their customers! There's proper branding everywhere! From seat covers to hand towels - it's cool! And again - of the same shade/color! Lots of lilac and lavender around too! The powdery-look makes me wanna sleep there! LOL.

I guess if I'll compare it with other shops I've been to (which I don't think I've posted yet), this shop is one of those that tops my list now! I like the fact that they don't just use ordinary cuticle removers. I really can't detail out everything they used though (it's boring right? Hehe) but all I can say is, there's a lot! See that moisturizing nail creme whatever? Fantastic! I guess I haven't visited much nail-specialty stores then, huh? So I sound so noob? Hehehe.

Nail It! Foot Pampering!
It's really soothing my tired leg muscles as this foot spa gets to a close ... well ... soon. Before putting something mud-like (don't blame me lah~ I dunno what those stuff are really called hehe) on my legs, they've massaged my legs with salt-like stuff. They told me what they call it, I just forgot hohoho~ After all these were cleaned up, it really shows that whitening effect! I love it!

Nail It! UV Nail Polish Dryer.
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So in just about an hour and a half (1.5 hrs), I'm all done! T'was really fast! I like it when my hands & feet get serviced at the same time hehe. T'was fast but unlike other shops where you'd feel like you're getting sacrificed for quality; this shop definitely didn't show that. Then as soon as my nail polish was done, I asked for Kwik Dry (or "quick dry" nail enamel) on top of the top coat / transparent nail polish. To my surprise, they didn't have it! I was like ... whoooaaa! How can I get off fast that shop if they don't have it? The friendly staff told me though that I need not worry ... because they have UV Light/Ray / Infrared demn those whatchamaccallit polish super dryers!!! In just five (5) minutes, my nail polish is done! That quick, that dry! No need for Kwik Dry! LOL! (That rhymes right? Hehe).

I thought it was too-good-to-be true and I had to touch my nails to believe it right after they removed those hubs ... and it's REAL!!! Whooooaaa! Am I saying this? I'm sooo noob indeed hahahah! My nails don't stick! It's really really dry! Well, of course we know that a little science and warmth does help but still, I didn't believe until it's final! And I was sooo thankful they dried fast! Cool!

Nail It! Finished Product! (With Matching color-themed mat)
I love how it turned out. I can see the quality of service from the final results. No bubbles, no scratches, no tearing! Really amazing!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

The day I went back to the office, my colleagues loved the color and how the overall look was. It looked really professional! It doesn't chip off easily, unlike other services / brands. Of course, not all services are equal. Even though some stores may use the same nail polish brand, if they didn't put it the right way, and if they didn't ensure it's all dried up ... and if I was too-negligent as well; it would come off easily. However, with all the right formulas in place, this came in perfect!

Nail It! At the Office!
(With Charles & Keith Shoes, kidrobot Swatch watch, and tokidoki bag)

I'm really satisfied! I will definitely come back! (^_^) It's indeed an affordable luxury!

For more info about this shop, check out these links I looked up:



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