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Quick Delivery Gone Wrong

6/18/2012 11:46:00 AM Chai Chen 2 Comments

At tough times like holidays, special occasions, and similar events, businesses would normally promise a fast and efficient service despite their staff longing for rest and vacation like the rest of the world. Of course, shops should normally employ those employees who are willing to render overtime instead, during those times; instead of forcing other crew members to work including the wee hours in the morning to serve a hungry pack ... like us. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case in one of the trusted services we used to think of ...

TGIF via Failed Delivery Service

It was Holy Week and is but an official holiday nationwide ... nope ... across the whole wide world! A lot of establishments have pre-announced their holiday schedules so customers wouldn't expect much. There are offices that are still open, of course, like where we work - call center. It's a 24/7 business that makes other businesses open for longer hours to cater for this market. And yes, such companies are open on holidays.

There are a few establishments that are open to service during Holy Week ... and of course, they're mostly in the food & beverage industry since; call center employees would normally rely on deliveries at such times. We did the same. Unfortunately, the one we relied on wasn't that much reliable ...

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Business had to continue and of course, human life craves for food when hungry. I had VIP guests that time so I had to choose the best, fast, and reliable service to cater to our needs. There are no more open stores after midnight. In fact, most shops have closed late that afternoon. It was a Friday and it's the most religious event in the country. Of course, I had no other choice but select shops that still cater for delivery to our area. We thought we were fortunate enough to find shops that are still available for delivery until 1AM (shops closed at 12MN) via Quick Delivery. I wasn't expecting the best anymore, really. It was crunch time and I am grateful that there are still shops open that time to serve us.

We only had three (3) meals ordered anyway and it was an easy menu from the ones that they still have available that time. I didn't expect that fast delivery since the only brand to cater us was a bit farther. Still, I was thankful enough and patiently waited for our order. We chose a trusted brand - TGIF. A personal choice as well since I love their food at Friday's and I know they wouldn't fail my clients' appetite. Quick Delivery's customer service is commendable enough during our phone conversations (one of my team members was the one following up with them). As soon as our food arrived though, it was much worse to the surprise!

Messy Quick Delivery Pack
First thing I noticed was how the packaging was done hastily. I dunno who's to blame here - if it's Fridays or Quick Delivery (the paper bag is from Friday's as you can see in the first photo). There were not enough tapes to seal the containers. I'm not sure if that's even one of their standards but whatever their process is, it definitely did not bring good results. The vinegrette totally spoiled all the orders! Well, I mean outside of each containers though but the mess was all over. It spilled inside the paper bag and we had to clean everything up before we served them to our clients.

The driver obviously wasn't the most patient. He was obviously very sleepy and probably drove all the way to our office in his most-sleepy way. His eyes were closing every time he pushes his back on the walls (while waiting for us to compute and wonder why this delivery has gone wrong). I understand his poor condition; however, I couldn't let the other order pass - one of our orders was missing. We ordered 1) Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad; 2) Chicken Club Sandwich; 3) Shanghai Chicken Salad. The 3rd order is nowhere to be found. I asked the rider politely as to what is their policy about such orders when they go missing. I asked, "Kuya, paano po pag kulang ng isang order?" From there, he went ballistic! OMG! So rude!

Messy Quick Delivery Foodies
The rider started cursing and blaming us for putting last orders. I think he totally went off on that. I tried myself to be calm and told him to calm down as well as we get to a resolution. I asked him to call Quick Delivery back. Of course, since it's just a hotline and there was no direct line, I wasn't expecting to get uniform answers but thankfully, I believe there was only one (1) agent that time who was on duty and he kept on picking up our calls. Yes, there were numerous calls. Both the rider and us (company) were calling back.

I can overhear the rider's sentiments. Poor him! He said he has to go to the province by 3AM or something and he has to catch the last bus ride. He also has been working long hours and already very sleepy. He didn't want me to hear but I did hear he admitted that he forgot to check / inspect if the orders are complete before he went off - he was hurrying and worrying about his family already. He was still saying bad words - and I'm still trying my best to understand where he's coming from; and it was just his expression. However, at the end of it all - it was unacceptable. He didn't want to come back for the missing order. He wanted me to pay the overall amount since we ordered it anyway. I could also hear him question the Quick Delivery agent why he's being asked to go back to compensate us - he kept on saying he couldn't.

On our side; as soon as Quick Delivery called us back - I didn't rant nor question them anymore but patiently waited for their decision. The agent said they could no longer call the branch as they've probably closed. They're also not certain of the status of the order that was left. They were sincerely apologizing for the mess - so on behalf of their team, the TGIF branch, and messy package, not enough utensils and tissues (even for an order of 3); and the missing order - they credited me a certain %  from the delivery fee + deducted the amount of the missing order.

Quick Delivery Receipt and our Messy Table

It was a big discount, to speak; but I believe it's not enough for the hassle they caused us all. Good thing, our office canteen offers free food for employees who are present that day and one of my clients was open to eating adobo. Otherwise, he wouldn't have had a meal the whole day! My clients were really nice anyway. They're not that high-maintenance type in terms of lifestyle so I guess that made the situation easier to handle.

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ (1 Star!)

Overall, I can give them at least a star for trying to cater to our needs. But that's it. Since this experience is nowhere near good.


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  1. as far as I know, those kind of employee must be reprimanded for being rude. andun na ako, na intindihin na lang dapat pero nasa kanya ang mali kahit saang angulo mo tignan.

  2. Yeah. *sigh* Nag-email sa akin yung Quick Delivery. They assured naman the employees like that are reprimanded. Kawawa rin naman si koyah kasi ... mali naman sila talaga. How sad lang. :(


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