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My 3rd Megabrands Sale Experience and Haul

6/28/2012 09:46:00 AM Chai Chen 3 Comments

So it was a few weekends ago when I went to this event. It was a fully booked weekend for me for shopping! LOL. I posted about it - 3x a Charm and my colleagues and I are craving for such good finds. I've already posted about My Bloggers United 3 Experience - so this time, it's for this other sale.

I can say that this event had some booths and ups and downs too. It wasn't too-crowded anymore when I went there. My shopping buddy Ten was the one who's all excited for the Zoo York sale. It was already a Sunday so I guess the better stocks have run out. I don't think these rubber shoes fit my style too. LOL. I mean, I'm all girly and stuff but not sporty and ghetto or downtown fashion getter. Sooo ... I thought hmmm ... what would I get from the other stores?

109 Flat Sneakers - Light Blue Crumpled Design from Happy Feet

I was "happiest" when I purchased this pair of shoes instead! Ahhhh such bliss! The comfort of wearing it and the design! Woot! It's soooo lovely! Even my shopping buddies from the event the day prior (at Bloggers United) was all-gaga over it! They didn't find this spot hohoho~ I like the fact that it's light and comfy. I can run all day with them hehe. The ribbons also, did do the trick! Bow-designed shoes are sooooo in-style right now hehe. So having sneakers like this one + the design is an absolute "GREAT FIND!" Not to mention the fact that it's supposedly priced at P2,100 and I got it for only P399. Of course, it's a "Megabrand" SALE already, that's why. But I'm still happy I got it!

What else was in this sale event?

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I guess I was just not too-familiar with the other brands so I felt, I didn't enjoy it much. I also felt tired since I went there after an extended shift so I only had to scout for stuff I'd use and love all the way. LOL. My basic finds would always be shoes, accessories, and clothes anyway.

I don't normally go to World Trace Center, Pasay City but this one, I did check out. It was one of those events brought by RCBC Bankard anyway - 3rd Megabrands Sale. The even's promise of 0% interest on installment purchase thru my card got me hooked. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to avail of that. The one processing the orders said it has a P3,000 cap before that promo applies. I didn't find it anywhere in the RCBC Bankard invite I got nor in the events page. *sobs* Anyway ... I still shopped for a few basics ... and the shoes I got were lovely so I still enjoyed it. (^_^)


So the 1st stop was near the entrance - the well-bragged about spot by Ten ... unfortunately ... I didn't find anything for me like I said ... I ain't the "rapper" style. LOL.

At the event center, there was an on-going contest for teens that I didn't pay much attention about. I saw a lot of scantily-clad teens around (LOL) ... seriously. I never thought fashion means lesser clothes haha. For whatever purpose that contest had, it sure brought demoralization to some teens. :p

Teen Fashion Event (?)

Kidding aside, there were nice teen girls around who wore decent clothing. But either they do goth or full make-up, I guess it ain't too fashionable! Alright enough of my blabber!

S&H Booth
I went to the next spot that Ten and Erelyn were pushing me to go ... the S & H Booth. The shop had replica shoes of the famed Melissa Jelly Wedges / Sandals in different colors; ranging from just P500++. I tried it on but I didn't like the feel of it on my feet. I guess I wouldn't sacrifice fashion shoes for comfort ... tiis-ganda? LOL. So I didn't get 'em.

Not-so-fab booths

I wouldn't say the event was a "FAIL" because there were still a number of shoppers around. Also, it's the last day so probably the better stocks have been bought on the 1st too days so I'm only getting the last pieces. LOL. There were not a lot of peeps around too so less-hassle for me as a shopper. There were booths that didn't have much customers too. I have to say they offered good stuff too, anyway, at really cheap prices. Perfumes and accessories, and all that jazz.

The tech gadgets especially Nokia had a lot of stuff on SALE - freakin' 90% OFF and no kidding! Lah~ If I'm that much of a Nokia fan, still, I would've brought phone for my family hehehe. But dad and mom aren't fond of those anymore sooo ... beat it!

Happy Feet Sandals Booth
And you know it ... the booth that made me the happiest was that from Happy Feet. My shoes are LOVE! When I was still in school, if you own a piece of it though it looks bakya, you're soooo cool or "in" already hahaha. I remember those times. I didn't realize the orthopedic reasons behind it but I never really thought of it as fashionable. Hehehe. Until now, I can't find a reason why I should have one - well, I guess for my back but ... we'll see. I didn't purchase one of 'em in the event. I rooted for the comfy flat sneakers instead. Maybe some other time. (^_^)

The last stop I went to was at this Australian brand's store - Chica Booti. The clothes really attracted me to shop! They got really cool designs and these few pieces definitely went in my loot.

My Chica Booti Loot

They don't look cheap at all. The materials seem to be the durable types hehe. I can wear 'em longer. I got myself a blazer for my daily corporate wear; a floral skirt that looks really lovely and can work with any of my outfit, I guess; and a color-blocked skirt for the sake of it's prettiness and style this season!

So despite not being too-happy with the event's promise; since I bought less than P3,000 and I can't pay on installment basis; I felt good enough with my loots. (^_^)

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (3 Stars!!!)

Let's see which next sale event I'll review and share my loots! (^_^)


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