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Sunday, June 3, 2012

3x A Charm: Bloggers United and Megabrands Sale Weekend

This weekend is surely a big hit to fashion lovers, enthusiasts, fashionistas, and feelingeras (LOL ... ok count me in!) While I technically haven't had a "real weekend" as of yet, due to my work load, I need a little breather ... something I can squeeze in my work life to still stir up some fun ... and this weekend's Saturday and Sunday are both packed with good events to spoil myself on ...

First of, is this Bloggers United 3: Summer Bazaar 2012. The event, simply dubbed as BU3 this time is the most anticipated event among fashion bloggers in the country. I was a bit undecided since I thought, I wouldn't even have time ... but I told myself these places are just a few steps away from work and I can definitely plot it in my schedule.

I've been hearing about this event since last year and I've checked out their pages before - it seems lotsa fun. This time around, I didn't want to miss it. It's highly anticipated, as the top fashion bloggers and of course, readers are coming together for this fun-filled event. Reading the invites and sneak peek previous of what items will be sold; at really CHEAP prices, who wouldn't want to take advantage of it, right? What's good about it is that, the earnings will benefit charitable institutions ... these bloggers are indeed inspirational!

I was rooting for those stuff that my fave fashion bloggers are selling - namely from Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Vern Enciso, and Kookie Buhain. Not to mention, I want to meet them in person too. Their styles inspire me in my daily work life, might as well give them the credit and salute them, right? Hahah. I'm sure everyone will be in their best to be in this event. While me, I'll be sooo haggard already and tired from work but still, definitely check it out to see what else I can add in my loot ...
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I've read from fellow bloggers about the budget they're bringing and it looked like P3,000 will already go a loooong way. Wow. That must be really good right? Plus, you'll get to own items from top fashionistas! Celebrity-much? LOL. I just think and believe in the saying that, other people's trash may be some other person's treasure. Ok fine! That ain't really a saying but definitely worth posting here, right?

Here are the event details:
EVENT: Bloggers United Summer Bazaar 2012
DATE: June 2, 2012
TIME: 11AM to 9PM
LOCATION: Grand Events Place, Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City
PAGES: Twitter, Facebook, Website
Another event that strikes 3 this time is the 3rd Megabrands Sale.

This event promises an ALL EXCLUSIVE sale for top brands, YES; MEGABRANDS, brought by RCBC Bankard. Check out the sale page here. Members or cardholders can enjoy an EXCLUSIVE 0% Interest Installment with any RCBC Bankard Credit Cards honored in this sale. There's a a whopping slash of 90% on Tech Gadgets as well.

To some of my friends and colleagues who've already gone here, all I can hear are good stories! Good stuff on sale that are really on their lowest price, ever! One of my colleagues who's a fan of a specific brand that normally reaches P3,000+ on its original price; are marked down to P1,000 - more or less. That's good savings indeed! Well of course, for marketing peeps and understanding economics, this ain't really a "sale" per se wherein makers or owners earn less or that they're already going bankrupt or something. This is just part of product life hehe.

The event is not exclusive to just card holders because if you don't have one yet, you can easily avail of it upon the entrance - and ENJOY all the wonderful items you can get from the sale. Now this tells me I must hurry and check it out before stocks run out.
Here are the event details:
EVENT: 3rd Megabrands Sale 2012
DATE: June 1-3, 2012
TIME: 10AM to 9PM
LOCATION: Hall D, World Trace Center, Pasay City
ENTRANCE FEE: RCBC Bankard Holders get a free entrance / admission fee
PAGES: 3rd Megabrands Sale
Good thing I'm already a card holder of their black line, Mango card. I must say this is reall a MUST for fashion lovers like me. You'll enjoy free persks and privileges too, and lots of SALE SALE SALE and discounts and savings from MANGO! I'll blog about my experiences too about my card hehehe. Soon soon soon ...

This will be an exciting weekend! Woot! I'm sure that even for just a few hours, I will enjoy this while still working. (^_^) I'll blog about them too so stay tuned! Whether we'll go on a major shopping spree or just do window shopping, it'll surely be an event or 2 events not to miss out!

Let's stay stay fashion-friendly without being too harsh on our pockets! Woot!


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