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Are You on Foodspotting?

6/20/2012 09:54:00 AM Chai Chen 4 Comments

If not, then join now! Because I am on FOODSPOTTING!

Curry Omu Rice, Tempura
This was actually one of the earlier apps I installed on my phone and I do LOVE everything about it. I guess one of the main considerations for bloggers like me is the mobile capability to post our stuff - be it a photo or even a complete article. Whenever a thought comes up, most definitely, the immediate reaction is to POST it and share it to the world. Thank goodness for social media!

There are loads of more relevant apps now that cater to different needs. In fashion, there's Pose. In instant-whatever-pics; there's Instagram. In web and other mobile photo blogging; there's Tumblr. Name it, you have it. It's nice to know that there's an application dedicated to food as well. 

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I am not a food expert. I am not a photographer. I am not a food photographer. But I am a camwhore (LOL). And I love taking photos of stuff I love ... and share them on my social media networks. And definitely, if there's a great find on foodies; I now have a place where I can share 'em. (^_^)

Chicken Teriyaki Doria, Tokyo Bubble Tea

I use a different app to edit the food photos first before I post them. So this is where I post my food photos before instagram even catered the Android market! LOL. I will post my review of that other app I truly loved (for photo editing that really suits my Samsung Galaxy S2's photos) but for now, I'm concentrating on my foodies! Yummmmmmyyy!

It's nice to know that you can login on this app via Facebook. I guess in the recent apps I downloaded, that's one thing I greatly considered - so I can auto-post them on my connected accounts. No hassle, right? It also auto-posts now on my Twitter, which is another bonus. You can follow your friends via the connected social network apps you authorize it with. You still have control of your postings. It's really a great tool to see what other peeps nearby consider as a GREAT SHOT or a GREAT FIND! Check out what your friends really eat too (and spy? LOL) and who knows? You might be inspired to try 'em right? LOL. I only follow a few friends on this app for now (probably because not a lot of people are into it yet - so I am encouraging you all to do so hehehe!) and I did try out a few dishes based on friend recommendations.

Teriyaki Pepper Chicken, Pepper Lunch
There's a lot of different features for you to explore and within the app itself, you can EXPLORE! You have to download it to see what I'm trying to say. (^_^)

I guess the only thing missing now is the option to add a widget that users can put in their sites. I must put one here (and the lazy me cannot find time yet to edit photos nor create icons hehehe) so you can follow me too. I believe other than that, this tool is pretty awesome!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)

What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD FOODSPOTTING now and follow me too. (^_^)


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  1. The omu rise looks delicious!
    Eternal Memories

  2. Would love to try Foodspotting out! I love omurice! :)


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