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The Mccravy Clutch By Call It Spring

6/26/2012 08:47:00 AM Chai Chen 1 Comments

Since I saw it in Kryz Uy's blog post; I told myself I gotta have one of those. Haha! I guess fashion bloggers are really effective in influencing other people's buying decision, ei? LOL. As for me, I know I learned a lot of other great finds by reading their blogs lah~

So I checked out the nearest branch for me in Greenbelt; hoping to find a similar bag in a different color. Judging from Kryz's neon yellow piece; I felt there should be one in pink ... and with that I wasn't mistaken.

Mccravy Clutch in Hot Pink by Call it Spring
This was the only piece left in hot pink color so I immediately grabbed it. Ain't it cute? The brand itself screams SPRING! And so does its merchandise! They have fun & vibrant colors! Anything a girl like me would want. I was thinking if I would get some shoes already haha. But I've got too many shoes already ... I tell myself, that's enough haha.

From bags, to shoes, to fun accessories ... the store has it. Their store has just opened recently and hyped by a lot of bloggers out there. So I got the message! I must go and check out Call It Spring! They also held a contest not-so-long ago wherein five (5) winners picked by top fashion bloggers, would go to the Meet & Greet and shopping event; with an all-exclusive 1 hour stint with our fave blogger; and then the rest of the evening will be for all. I didn't win ... but I still wanted to check it out hohohoh~ However, I overslept after my shift and didn't make it at all. How sad right?

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Anyway, I had the opportunity to visit the shop at Greenbelt 3, Makati some days (or weeks) later and I'm still lucky to have the last piece of this clutch bag in the color I was rooting for. Yey!

A trendsetting handheld clutch that will definitely spice up any evening outfit (or even some hot summer days hehehe). I could use it on daily strolls too, I guess. LOL. But I definitely go with a bigger bag with all my stuff. So ok ... I'll leave it for parties yeah!

The bag features:

- Snap closure.
- Chain shoulder strap.
- Decorative ornaments.
- Silver hardware.
- Sexy velvet black inside linings

The decorative ornaments could pass as "connector rings" that is so in-style right now in terms of accessories.

My hot pink clutch (and yes, every Mccravy bag I guess) came with these four (4) cutesy finger holes / silver rings in the form of: owl; big crystal; skull; and ribbon blinged ornaments! Yay! So high-street fashion lah~ I read somewhere that it's inspired ONLY by Alexander Mcqueen designs so yeah I guess ... but it's still uber-cool!

The next hurdle is to find matching outfits and accessories and shoes for this bag, right? Haha! Talk about highway robbery! LOLZ.

Well, I don't really just buy one stuff and then keep on buying just to match with them. I'll run out of money and I ain't rich to splurge that much. So I'd just definitely match them with my existing closet items right? Time to rummage my stocks! LOLZ.

Seriously, I ain't a "bag person" - I don't have too much bags in my stocks. I normally just have 2-3 basic pieces where I stuff all my shiz together. I have more shoes since I go to work everyday without a uniform and I find it a "need" to be presentable at all times, knowing that I face different clients and groups of people. So bags aren't really a "necessity" for me. But I guess, it wouldn't hurt too much if I keep a few trends right? Hohoho~

According to fearless fashion forecasts (Wahahaha really now?) ... this clutch bag would look great on other neon accessories (probably earrings or necklaces / jewelries / belts) and shoes. I guess it can go with yellow, blue, mint green (like my nails hehehe) and orange. I saw this pic from the website and ooooohhh I want it! This Hillanbrand high heels would definitely be a great fashion statement with my clutch! Plus, it wouldn't (or shouldn't) hurt my feet and body that much since it's a platform pumps-style - which I really love as well. This shoe is also from Call It Spring.

I guess aside from neon-colored items, it would also look good on pastels like light pink, yellow, green, and almond or peach colored stuff. I have this Candy Gilli Pink look which I think would match my clutch right?

I have some looks that I haven't posted yet, where I also used my bag woot! I'll post it here too! Soon! Yay! And let me know what you think. (^_^)

Overall, I believe this bag would be useful enough for my events. My 2 cellphones (personal and Blackberry for work) do fit in this bag, plus I can stuff some make-up - just basic gloss, and eyeliner, and face powder; inside it. No coins as it would be heavy enough already hehehe. Some bills would fit it. The only problem I have with it is; I have to keep a close watch of it as sometimes, it pops open when I have more stuff placed inside. If I don't watch it, my stuff would all fall out. So most of the time, I just use it hand-held style so it won't open. Other than that, this bag is fine.

The price is a bit high to start though but if you really want it, I guess I'd just say, go for it! (^_^) It retails at around $40 (Php2,000++ when I got it). No regrets!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
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I'm luvin' it! I would get more from this shop soon! (^_^)


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