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[BEAUTY] How to Transform to a 1950's Barbie Doll Look? Cosplay Makeup Transformation VLOG

3/06/2017 11:44:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 11 Comments

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I recently had a film shoot where the theme was to look like in the 1950s era. I was sent a few photo references of the 1950s fashion for costume purposes but I had another idea in mind. Guess what? Well yeah, you probably guessed it right ... 1950s Barbie Doll! I researched a little bit more about the 50's fashion so I can match the look. It was only 2 days before the actual shoot so I didn't have much time to prep as well. It's not like I have a major role in the film though. But I love cosplay makeup transformations so I just wanted to make sure I look the part.

Here's what I did ...

Watch Full Video in Youtube
Click after the cut to view more of the shoot snaps and watch the video ...


I did this look for my friend's film (Eric Ejercito) together with our other friends ... I did a bit of research and voila ... easy-peasy! I get to transform to this 50's Barbie Doll Look! I used really cheap beauty products here! Beauty on a budget! I believe that in cosplaying, my makeup doesn't really need to be expensive. Most of the stuff I used and have now are just gifts to me from my friends, while a few, yes, I bought them. I know it's really tempting to spend a few more for makeup but for the time being, this will do for me hehe.

So what looks were popular during that time? To think of 1950s fashion is akin to a bright summers day! Glamourous shapes, colourful prints and always exaggerated with voluminous skirts and tiny waists ... this was noted from the post 1950s Fashion & Style Guide from The House of Foxy's post. The popular trends included polka dots, stripes, loud colors, petticoats, full skirts ... the pencil skirts were also cool back then, as I read, and fitted ones. I didn't have that exact look so I searched further for the dolls look. The retro fashion looks so darn cute and I wanted to achieve these exact looks however, yeah, I was pressed for time. The colorful outfits, the Jackie O headbands, the polka dots and fitted clothes, the shoes ... ohhhh so lovely vintage looks!

Red Lips, Polka Dots Trend, Curly Hair Tied Up

Jackie O Headband, Gloves, Baby Pink Dress

Polka Dots, Hot Red, Brogues Heeled Shoes

I came across the Barbie Dolls and yup! No further! Haha! The dresses were beautiful but I know I couldn't pull off those exact, same looks in a very short span of time. I did use the photo references for the makeup look though. The light makeup look on Barbie's face was my inspiration for this overall look - natural-looking eyeshadow tones, light pink links, lightly blushed cheeks, it's like a no makeup look kinda thing too; like a "day makeup" that we can all do these days. The curly / wavy hair ... geez! I didn't have that much curls on the wig I have but yeah, that'll do I guess!

Maybe next time, I'll be able to do just as how Barbie looked in this 50s Iconic Barbie Doll. That bag, that big and fluffy pink skirt, the brogues, that Barbie jacket ... everything is on fleek! But yeah, all I can use from this photo reference is how her makeup looked like haha. For the earrings, I just used pearls to add to that retro-vintage-vibe. I had other accessories but I didn't bring them all up during the shoot so yeah, that'll work. And oh! That big waisted-belt too! I'd love to achieve this look! Oh well, yeah, maybe in some other shoots haha! What do you guys think? Ain't this cute?

Iconic Barbie Doll with Curls

50s Barbie with Full Skirts, Polka Dots, Wide Brim Hats, Gloves

Red Fashion Barbie Doll

Coca-Cola Diner Red Barbie Doll

Our set was in a diner actually, at Johnny Rockets - Eastwood Libis Branch. I definitely had fun with the team for this flick. T'was my first time to meet them and yet they were all lovely. Seemed like family!

Selfie with the 50s Diner Crew! Jeasan Declaro, Sarah San Jose, Angelo Santos,
and the film stars ... Shy Carlos and Eric Ejercito!

So happy to be part of this film. I think it's a Viva Vilms entry for Cinemalaya 2017. Hopefully we'll get to see it soon! Check out the outfit / costume selection and makeup transformation, and products I used in this transformation video ... Most of the products I used as well are from my favorite Korean skin care brand online shop - Althea Korea (Philippines); and also, a number of makeup products from gifts from my friends.

Watch it here ... it's been quite a popular online challenge as well you know, those viral and trending videos #DontJudgeChallenge so I did it the cosplay way as well. I had some videos like this as well in my channel. Go check it out in my playlist.

I tried to incorporate all the aspects I found into this simple look. I know I can't pull off a full vintage look based on those references so I just tried to keep it simple. What do you guys think? Hope you like it. ^_^

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  1. i like this style;) it is so girly so pretty:) follow U on google plus and blogger:) hope U follow back:)

    1. Oh thanks a lot dear! Will go check your blog now :)

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  3. You look so cute!! Love the look you came up with :) You should definitely try to do more tutorials like this one! Thanks for sharing :)

    Live. Laugh. Love. & Make Up

    1. Yay thanks dear! I will try to do more videos indeed :)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, love seeing you active blogging again. I've been on and off too for several times, the last time almost for a year absent from blogosphere but this is a good thing about blogging, no one is going to fired us if we don't blogging your make up tutorial and please keep in touch! xoxo Joice

    1. Yay! Thanks a bunchies for visiting me back, dear! Yeah we can always go back to this as we love it :)

  5. You have a Youtube channel din pala girl. I just subbed <3


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