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[COSPLAY] With Angel Locsin Out, Who Will Be The Next Darna?

3/22/2017 04:28:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 8 Comments

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One of the most coveted roles in the Philippines' Entertainment Industry is our local version of the super heroine widely known as "Wonder Woman;" and ours is more commonly known as Darna. While it is inevitably argued that the two characters are not comparable, their similarities are quite uncanny. After all, our local folklore, arts, and comics genre are inspired by Western creations. Darna's a fictional comics character too and to read more about her, check it out here.

Chai Chen (me) cosplaying as Darna

Now going back to the topic ... so Darna has been portrayed by several local actresses in either a TV series or movies. One of the most popular ones is Angel Locsin, a well-renowned actress for her portrayal of Darna in a TV series. She's said to be reprising this role in a big, anticipated movie this year, currently dubbed as "Darna 2017" however, due to her health conditions; which has been ongoing since last year (i.e. it was initially broadcasted as "Darna 2016"), she has officially announced now that she's out of the project. There was also an official announcement from ABS-CBN Management about this, given her spinal problems. And with Angel out of the picture, who will play this role now?


The announcement has been the talk of the town now ...

A post shared by ABS-CBN PR (@abscbnpr) on

And this has caused frenzy! We do wish Angel to be in the pink of health soon too. Of course, there are lots of other actresses out there who also would want to play this role in this highly-anticipated movie. There are also a lot of others being pegged for the role, waiting for this to just get offered to them. There's a survey out now at Cosmo PH as well: "Who Will Be The Next Darna?"

Among the choices, here are my top picks:

  • Pia Wurtzbach (yep, our very own Miss Universe 2015 Queen Pia, herself!)
Pia Wurtzbach
  • Arci Munoz (because I love Arci ... she's hot and sexy but she also has fair complexion)
Arci Munoz - Bet as Darna (PinoyExchange Photo)
  • Bea Alonzo (because as an actress, she can give real-justice for this character)
Bea Alonzo as Darna (PinoyExchange Topic)
  • Sarah Geronimo (she has the Filipina look and she's a really great performer)
Sarah Geronimo as Darna (Inquirer)

Well, these are just my choices though. There are lots of others in the list who are actually equally deserving, I guess. They already have names in the industry and can possibly give life to the character. Lots of fandom creations are available too. Just then, the patience to wait as to who really will portray it, is needed now ...

Angel has been a really great Darna too, not to mention that I cosplayed the character for the love of Filipino Komiks and tribute to a great artist ... Mars Ravelo ... but of course, my version is that costume worn by Marian Rivera instead. I guess I did it because in terms of body built and skin complexion, I kinda resemble her more.

Angel Locsin as Darna
Marian Rivera as Darna

I guess that then depends on the network's bigwigs as to who they will decide as the next Darna to star in the movie. #Darna2016 #Darna2017 For now, let me share then a few of my photos as I cosplayed this character ...

Chai Chen (me) as Darna | Chops Bardos Photography
I can also fly as Darna!

Chai Chen (me) as Darna | Chops Bardos Photography
Darna is BadA$s!
Chai Chen (me) as Darna | Van Poquiz Photography
Darna Backshot

So who do you think will be the next Darna? Can that be me? Hehe!

Check out my Page Chai Chen Page for more of my Cosplay Photos. :)

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  1. you look fantastic!!!
    awesome costume

  2. You should throw your hat into the ring Chai! You are totally rocking your Darna cosplay look!

    1. Hahaha if they will get me as Darna, I'll say yes. LOL :)

  3. Gorgeous cosplay, girl.
    I think Arci could pull it off. Pia may be too busy for it though she's also a great choice.

    1. Thanks dear hehe. I really wonder who'll be the next Darna :)

  4. What an fantastic picture of you! You look great in that outfit! :-)


    1. Yay! Thanks for visiting me back, dear Dash! Keep in touch! :)


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