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[YOUTUBE] I'm on the Weird Part of the Internet ... Who's Poppy? A new Internet Icon Sensation!

2/26/2017 11:56:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 1 Comments

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As I try to grow my Youtube Channel, I came to this side of the internet where I found a lot of weird stuff ... and characters! My Channel has been existing for quite some time but I just mostly upload random videos. My subscribers were primarily friends and contacts from my Google account since 2005 hehehe. That time, there's still that export option or something, if I'm not mistaken. I had the chance to have my Google contacts subscribe to me and my friends get notified when I upload a new video ... they mostly comment a lot. Fast forward now, a lot has changed in Youtube algorithm as well and getting views and subscribers get more challenging hehe. But anyway, I've been on hiatus for quite some time I guess. I only started getting back to my channel some time late 2015 and started creating content just in 2016, last year. Hope you guys subscribe to my channel as well!

Ok back to topic ... so as I try to venture into more Youtube research and videos related to my content ... I found this weird girl popping out everywhere. I found That Poppy or also commonly known now by her self introduction, "I'm Poppy." That ageless, seemingly young but sexually attractive girl with platinum blonde hair and cutesy-sounding yet monotone voice. I encountered this video by FBE wherein she reacted to some kids reacting to her video called as such as well. And that's really weird ... POPPY REACTS TO KIDS REACT TO POPPY ...

Click after the cut for more details ... So who's Poppy?


In the video, Poppy watches kids' reactions to her self introduction video where she repeatedly just says that she's Poppy. I think the kids got traumatized already just by hearing her void and how pale she looks. It was enchanting yet scary at the same time. The video ends to a scene with eerie music and the screen turns dark.

Watch it here:

It's not new to me anymore how Youtubers will really do the craziest ways for views. That's how we thrive here anyway. But sometimes, I really just can't figure out how to digest all these craziness! This Poppy thing is on different crazy levels! I feel sorry for the kids who watched her video though. They seemed like they got scared as f*ck! But come to think of it too ... given that the Poppy sensation is the "in" thing now, this may also not be new anymore that this video is yet another strategy only to draw more attention to Poppy? The kids are being used ... dang!

I tried to "google" her but not much information can be found. However, there are lots of videos in Youtube that somehow "explains" this Poppy Phenomenon and so allow me to share a few with thoughts that really even scared the more sh*t out of me! Jeez! Check this one out by The Film Theorists with "MatPat" talking about the "Hidden Conspiracy" behind Poppy, exposing the ugly & some cute truths behind the queer character. Film Theory: Poppy's Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED!

Poppy's themes tend to thrive on monotone but pastel colors, as well as the music and voice pitch she uses. There's a lot of pop music references since she has started her own music career as well; but those are more taunts than praises. She has amassed such an enormous amount of followers, which really helped her in her music career for sure. Surely, quite a number of them are just as curious as I am about the rise to fame of this character.

Here's another video I found explaining That Poppy as a persona created by "Titanic Sinclair," which references to past creations of the said director  behind the Poppy concept. Surprisingly, the odd themes have been present since before but the prior character (i.e. Mars Argo) did not seem to propagate as much as Poppy. So now, this one is the bread & butter. It's rather creepy as well though how the Illuminati is referenced in the videos and surely, you'll also see how the said group dominates the entertainment industry. ReignBot: ThatPoppy Explained.

At this point, who knows as to how much "Poppy" would go? It's crazy to see how one character is controlled and giving signs of being so held on tight but at some points, free to be herself as well. We can't distinguish which one is her true character nor what her real name is. There are no references to it that's found online. And even her prior character as Moriah Poppy as explained in the video, they were mostly taken down already. Really creepy I guess! However, as they said, you gotta keep what floats your boat and these shady stuff are what bring 'em the cash and the dollars on so yeah, they continue.

What do you think about Poppy? Will you let your kids or younger siblings to watch her?

Maybe, you guys can just SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel instead! It's! I guess I'm far off from creating weird stuff as these ... but I have to admit, I kinda like Poppy's cute, Barbie-esque, kawaii persona. It's her personality though that I am still thinking about ... really confuses me hehe!

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1 comment:

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