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Clothes for the Goddess Shop

5/08/2012 08:50:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

I first learned about this shop from top fashion bloggers - Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian, and Kryz Uy. The first thing I really liked is the fact that there's a variety of styles and Asian brands to choose from when I hovered the shop! Of course, the clothes that these fashion bloggers have sported are overly-likeable and at first, I thought those would be too-costly. However, when I checked the prices, they aren't too-pricey! They're still affordable!

Getting clothes that really match your every-style is a little tasking. Every girl like me would try on different sizes, different colors or variants, etc. Usually at malls, this is a normal occurrence. But online shopping has made this far-easier! And seeing the clothes you want on these top fashion bloggers may seem unreachable but now, this shop has made it all possible! And yes, I'm talking about the Clothes for the Goddess shop or simply, CFTG!

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I ain't a top fashion blogger but I am fond of dolling up. I am a fashion-enthusiast. Maybe a fashionista already right? Heheh. I don't make my own clothes though but I am really into dressing up. I know I don't need to be too-updated with whatever other people wear, nor what's really in-style and be all-crazy buying everything there is, right? My lookbook has looks from old photos and outfits I have and a combination of new ones too. But surely, I also don't want to be too-old-fashioned wearing styles that is sooo 90s! Or what have you! LOL.

I don't have all the money in the world but these little perks for me are really priceless! Teeheee! Imagine that smile upon my face by acquiring a new lovely dress or shoe or bag or accessories ... aaaah! What a nice girl feeling! Hehehe. And this little happiness, I also found in this shop.

One thing that really attracted me to this shop is the fact that it's an All-Asian Fashion! Since my other fave shop Asianvogue stopped offering clothes and ventured into shoes and bags, I did not have any other source of Asian clothing. I'm an avid fan of online shopping, because of its convenience and fast transactions anyway, I searched for other good shops. It was just lately when I discovered this one though, I think just last year when I got interested in reading fashion blogs.

I normally just mix & match my clothes w/o following much fashion statements until I found those top fashion bloggers' lairs. Well for Tricia, I've been following her works since before - she's been always attached to cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao and I'm a cosplayer too t'was nothing new. However, Kryz Uy's style and Camille Co's posts have really caught my interest in putting more effort in dressing up and accessorizing myself! LOL. It's an all-new learning experience for me too. I've learned proper terminologies to some clothes I would just plainly call as tops & skirts (ex. mullet skirt, high/low skirt, open front cardigan, etc.) It's really interesting! The peter pan collar style - this one, I also grabbed! And that mustard yellow dress was a sure-steal for me! I was deciding if I'd get a pink one instead ... I figured I have too many pink outfits already so I settled for this one.

Tricia's style is really too-girly for me, I guess. It's all pretty and young. The florals and her color combination is really too good, that I don't think I can wear those types. I think it's too young for me now hehehe. I'm past my quarter life already (LOL) and her style fits more on teens or nearly 20s. I'd look trying hard if I do that hhehehe. But I still admire her style and her more formal looks, I really dig! She inspired me in some of my pieces too like that mustard yellow dress. Kryz on the other hand looks more mature in her clothing choices. That one, I told myself, I could mirror more often. Like this black & white look I've donned ... wearing that black long cardigan made my look glammed up!

When I saw this purple long cardigan on Kryz's blog, I said I really gotta have that piece! Cardigans are "essentials" now I would say. The style becomes versatile, and it creates a different aura altogether when it's on! See? I look a little rugged in jeans and tank top but with that long cardigan, I looked more classy! Weeee! Channeling that Kryz Uy in me! Do I look like her now? LOL. Her fans would hate me heheh. Don't worry! I'm also a fan, lah!

The shops offers more than just these lovely dresses and cardigans. There are corporate attires and blazers too, and the likes; which are perfect for my lifestyle since I go to work everyday. This is where I channel my inner-Camille Co (if there's such a thing). Her style ain't too-sweet nor too-young. I find her looks perfect for "yuppies." She wears a lot of jackets or blazers on, in different cuts & frames and colors! Wow! Gone were the days when I thought blazers should just be in black & white or earth colors to neutralize your overall look. Blazers / cardigans / jackets ... they all are part of your entire look and not just a cover up! I learned this style from Camille! Woot!

And where can you find such good pieces all at once? Where else but at Clothes for the Goddess! There's a variety of Asian brands to choose from. This shop brings in a fusion of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, among other Asian fashion inspirations! It's so convenient that you wouldn't need to browse foreign language sites anymore, just to get the pieces you've wanted.

Me, I am a fan of Asian fashion. So of course, this is a great deal for me. One thing that other people don't like is waiting - that, I heard from most of my friends too. So they prefer shopping at malls than doing it online. Plus, the worry of not getting the right sizes. Well, for me, it ain't too much of a problem because I can wait hehe. There's a pre-order schedule anyway so it's not really much of a hassle. I know when I will receive the items I bought. And if the sizes are incorrect, not to worry as well because the seller is friendly anyway and will accommodate your inquiries.

Store policies are needed too and this one is pretty legit! You wouldn't wanna be scammed by fake shops right? Just running with your moolah! But definitely, CFTG items are sure worth the money. It ain't really costly, believe me! P1,000 will go a long way already! Are you surprised? The items are reasonably-priced. This for sure, will make me buy more items from the shop!

Currently, they don't accept Paypal nor credit card purchases yet but the payment options are still common terms so for sure, it'll be easy for everyone to purchase from this shop. That's one thing that I'm sure, my fave fashion bloggers, have also loved from this shop.

So far, the outfit posts above are my only pieces from this shop. But of course, I'd definitely get more in the future! Aren't they lovely?
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)


Try it! I'm sure you'll love it too! (^_^)


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