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Baby She-Ra with Dogs And The City

5/18/2012 09:29:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 5 Comments

And after years of having a pet, I finally have a new puppy again ... meet my new Baby She-Ra!

My New Baby She-Ra
My last dog died after being harshly beaten by unloving burglar neighbors from the previous house where we lived ... and caught in fire & ashes in 2006 ... It's been years that we didn't have a pet because we thought, we couldn't afford to care for another one. It's been painful before ... but we really love dogs and despite the years of gap w/o a pet ... I finally had another one! Thanks to my friend, Kyn, I have my new baby!

Why She-Ra you ask? Well, I wanted to name her with an anime-ish name because of my passion for anime anyway heheh. And She-Ra is a fictional cartoon character from an old kiddie anime show that I remember ... dressed up in white! My new baby is WHITE and so she's now She-Ra! And lookie! She's a fashionista like me! Hehe.

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The first day she was brought to me, she was sleeping like crazy! Imagine the joy I had as I grabbed her. She wasn't too keen in waking up, mind you! Hehehe. Regardless of how many times I turned her over, she was not waking up. She was too tired from her travel from Cavite and just really stayed lying down! Awwww ... such cuteness! She only woke up while we're moving her from where I got her, and before we brought her home. But anything else in the middle, she was all asleep! All cute hehe!

She's a mixed-breed Japanese Spitz and the other half, I dunno yet hehe. She was born just last March 11, 2012 and that makes her, basically, just barely a two (2)-month old puppy! She's sooo small and cute! Sooo white, that I can't let her get too-dirty hahaha.

My parents were hesitant at first because the landlord doesn't really permit pets in the apartment. We had neighbors who've had dogs though but they're all toy dogs like shih tzu and the likes. She-Ra on the other hand, while a small breed, still grows bigger. But that didn't hinder us and now she resides with me hehehe. She doesn't bark loud anyway and very obedient. After all, she's still just a baby!

She's actually pampered from me! I buy her stuff from Dogs and the City. From her dog food, to shampoo, and ever pink dress! FASH-YON!
She loves everything I brought from this shop so far hehe. The shop has friendly staff too and their prices are pretty ok anyway.

She hasn't really fully slept on her bed yet. Maybe because of the summer season and she finds it too hot, that she prefers to sleep on near our refrigerator. LOL. She finds it cooler there! Hehehe.

I think her addition to my family is a blessing. I've been depressed recently due to work stress and family stuff I had to worry about but after she came in, she has helped us realize - that the family bond we have is stronger than anything else. She helped shower us with love once more and keeps us happy everyday. She little barks, her playfulness, her moves ... everything is love!

It's like us having a baby sister now.  LOL!

Recently, she hasn't been eating her dog food. I wondered why. I've read that such pups may go satiated over one thing so I needed to add flavors in it. So I bought her all new foodies, gravy and other food flavoring, stuff to chew on, etc. And wow! She loved all these! The store's staff have actually recommended all these and I'm thankful she loved them all! At least she stopped chewing off from my costumes and other more precious items! LOL.

It's a good training ground for parenthood,huh? LOL. Not that I'm becoming a mom anytime soon hehe. My parents and my sister ... we all take turns in caring for her, just like a baby! From cleaning her poop and pee, to giving her baby dog milk, giving her a bath, etc. Everything! It's a fun new experience! I love it! And I love coming home to my baby pup! She welcomes me everyday with her cutesy wags! Her little tail wagging like crazy! I love it!

I know she loves us back and I will pamper her with our love as well!

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CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

And to shower your pets with more love too, check out this shop I highly recommend:
FACEBOOK: Facebook/Dogs and the City


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  1. She-ra is sooo cute in her pink tutu! It was unfortunate that your previous dog was tortured by the burglars :'(

  2. Awww thanks so much for your nice words, Nyla! Yeah my previous dog was unlucky and now in dog heaven. My new dog is getting all the luvin' (^_^)

  3. Maybe our dogs will meet in heaven and be friends haha! Your new dog is very lucky to have you :)

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    waiting for your further post thanks once again.

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