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Cuteness Overload with Hello Kitty Glasses

7/04/2012 09:15:00 AM Chai Chen 4 Comments

At first, I was hesitant. Then I started to love it too. (^_^)

I got two (2) pieces of these as little gifts from my boss, Mamu Isay. She came from a cosplay convention I wanted to attend - she made it there; I didn't. LOL. I was too overworked so I didn't get the chance to visit. *sobs* She went there with her whole family anyway - and her kids enjoyed it hehe, And now I'm luvin the gifts.

I found it weird initially, as to why these glasses actually don't have glasses at all. It's blank ... it's just a hole. It's a plain glass frame. I didn't even know what these glasses were called until I saw it trending on Facebook from several other otakus and younger cosplayers ... mostly teens. Then I realized ... ahhhh! It's "uso" or "in-style" ngayon hahah. Wow! Didn't know my boss now is up-to-date with these stuff - event kiddie fashion statements. LOLZ.

My Hello Kitty Spectacles via Instagram
You can check out its better size on my tumblr photo post.

When I first wore it; I thought twice. Of course, I'm no longer a teen hehehe. I'm in my 20s yes, but I work in a corporate environment lah~ So this might distort my "image." LOL. But ... fuhggedaboutimage shiz! Just cracking' this fashion item doesn't mean I'm whacko right? Haha!

When I first posted this pic, my friends were teasing me - that I looked like a little kiddo. Haha. I was just trying to match the look and feel hehe. I think it's appropriate for kids in the younger generation though - so I seldom use this. No offense to Mamu, hehe. I just think it suits a much younger audience.

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But admittedly, this piece is definitely a good find. I've seen a post about it from and it's uber-loaded with cuteness! It's aptly called Hello Kitty Eyeglasses because it's made in the form and likeness of the ever popular Japanese Sanrio iconic character ... Hello Kitty.

Pink Overload - Hello Kity
The more regular glasses normally feature a slick frame, the red bow / ribbon, and of course, the whiskers. And then, there are also other variations like mine - just the frame! LOL.

I like this one because the frames are actually ballpens too and I can use them in the office. More function, ei? Smart! I guess I used this pink, animal print, with grey whiskers glasses more than the other more regular type that I got hohoho~ I love the color pink so it matches a lot of my outfits hehe, like this one; my Sandy Tokidoki top. Ain't they such a pair of cuteness? Plus the one wearing them? Ehem! That's me! LOL.

And look at that ... I just said "animal print" - Hello Kitty is a cat ... an animal! Such redundancy! Wahahahaa!

Okay ... enough of that silly thought! (^_^)

I searched in google for Hello Kitty Glasses and there are tons of pages and pictures that popped. Most of them are really cute model-pics or those ulzzang / uljjiang girls. My photos above can pass as "uhljang" right? Bwahahaha! Dream on! Anyway ... I was trying to find a wiki or a page that defines it or its origins. I couldn't find any. I guess I'll leave it at that hehe.

My other pair is equally likeable though it's simpler. It features just the regular black frames and a pink polka-dotted ribbon.

I did wear it in one of our more-casual days hehe. Actually, I think it's fun to bring out the kid in you some times, without hesitation. After all, we're all kids at heart anyway. And as for me, I'm still young anyway. I don't have to pretend to be old just to keep up with the "image" hehe. Of course, I still know the "border lines." I don't need to cross that lah~ Just keep my fashion sense intact and the kid in me at controlled levels. LOL. Still tamed like kitty! Yay!

This may be a "fad" though. They're cute, youthful, vibrant ... but I don't think it can sustain the demands of the market. Girls will grow up and will want glasses with more sophistication and style ... and even more brand names. I dunno. I guess that's just my opinion. Hehe. Like for me, I prefer my animal print clear eyeglasses as you can see in this photo hehe (excuse me for my "taho" haha). Don't get me wrong though. I think they're really cute ... it's just that, they won't last. Or maybe they will ... but only for pass-on generation ... the younger kids. The young at heart will love 'em but may not always wear 'em. Or ... maybe in other Asian countries like Japan or Korea ... because of stereotypes; I guess I can't wear these "that-freely" in the Philippines. Unless I'm in a cosplay convention or a kiddie event I guess; I'm more than welcome to use 'em. But definitely not in a work place (^_^)
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)

Overall, I love it still. (^_^) But they won't be part of my dailies or staple styles. (^_^)

How about you? What do you think?


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  1. O wow, i've never seen such cute glasses <3

  2. Oh grab your self one of them.They're cute:)

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