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Lotsa Loot from SuperSale Bazaar 2012 - DAY 2!!!

7/24/2012 09:35:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 4 Comments

This post is a continuation of my DAY 1 POST:

Lotsa Loot from SuperSale Bazaar 2012 - DAY 1!!!

Ain't it obvious that I was super happy and I had to return just to shop again? Hehehe. They said shopping or retail therapy is cheaper than a psychiatrist ... LOL. Yeah if you're stressed like me and want to keep your sanity, do it via shopping. Don't overspend, of course. Just have a budget. (^_^) For me, I definitely did not go over my budget. I only bought things that were matching the price I thought of hehe.

My first stop was at DAS My Shoes. I've been lustin' over their DAS34 in hot pink heel-less, peep-toe with ankle strap wedge or pumps or whatever! Unfortunately, it's been out of stock for good (T_T) and I cried lots for not getting myself a pair in time. When I inquired from them like months ago, I heard they're having a black and nude version soon! I can't wait for it to go out! Woot!

Soon enough, they released the nude version while the black one is still behind the scenes. The girls behind the brand said they can sell me the black one already. I was hesitant to buy because I'm not sure of my shoe size yet from them. While I'm normally a size (7); I get size (8) from most online shops like my favorite, Asianvogue Shop. For Asian sizes, I am a size bigger. So I waited until I got the chance the fit it on an event. And that event came during the I'm Shoe In Love Part 2 event. Unfortunately again, I didn't get a chance to buy it. (T_T)

With Neeresh Das
from DASmyShoes
and me with my 1st DAS Pair!
And now, as soon as I saw from their page that they're going to the SuperSale Bazaar, I didn't let it pass anymore. I was finally able to get my own DAS HEEL-LESS SHOES!!!

Not only did I get myself my much-awaited new shoes but I also had the opportunity to meet the designer - Neeresh Das. She was super cool in person.

Was it pricey? Probably, a little bit! But getting the shoes yo really love is priceless! As I always believed, a girl can never have too many shoes anyway, right? There's tons of clothes and bags to match them with. Hahaha!

Neeresh was very accommodating. She's fun to talk to and I admire how young and successful she is right now. I also love how unique her style is. I mean, look at those new shoes she's wearing! I'm sure lots of shoe-a-holics will be waiting for that to be out soon! Woot!

I don't really wear heels all the time. Judging from this pic that you see, I have scoliosis and I'm wearing a back brace. My doctor advised me really to avoid them as much as possible. I'm sure there's a lot of pretty designs as well in flats but heels are really a requirement now. LOLZ. Anyway, even at work; I don't wear it all the time. As my work requires me to sit long hours and just have a few times to go out and walk; I'm normally wearing my flats inside the office instead. So yeah, I still take care of my back. (^_^) Don't worry! When I walk around the floor; I am wearing my rollable flats most recently soooo nothing to worry about! I'm fine lah~

And if you think that's just all to get excited about ... wait! There's more ...

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One of the things I came back for on that 2nd Day of Shopping is Sophie's Mom. They have Homemade Mochi Truffles, Mochi Ice Cream, Red Velvet Cookies, Cupcakes, Specialty Breads and other delightful sweets made by Sophie's Mom! Everything appears to be delicious!

The food stalls were just a few so it's easy to develop favorites! These shops are for the sweet toothed folks like me! LOL.

Sophie's Mom

I'm happy that Happy Fanshu was still there. I'm honestly not certain which one is their official Facebook Fanpage. I guess there's quite a lot available online hehe. Nevertheless, for a quick thirst quencher, this was my resort! (^_^)

Happy Fanshu with lots peeps!

And now my loot! Of course, I didn't pass on the sweets ... it was my pasalubong for my family. I'm glad my mom loved it too, specially the Red Velvet cake. Weee! To Sophie's Mom, you're the best! (^_^)

One thing that attracted me to my next stop was their assorted goodies. They have branded clothing sold as export overruns if I'm not mistaken. There were lots of other items with their brand print on them and this one piece called my attention more - the blue houndstooth-patterned top! It was very affordable at P200 only so I grabbed it right away. That was P200 for the sweets and P200 for this top from Fashion Avenue. Not bad! (^_^)

And I got more clothes!!! Woohoo!

These next two (2) items I got were from Saeed and Yang. Each piece was worth P250 only. Isn't it great? For such a very affordable price, I got these cool Korean fashion items? I am the happiest! LOL. There's a lot of other Asian-fashion items from tops, bottoms, leggings, and accessories. I really loved their items!

For now, I got these two (2) cute black themed items - a star-print leggings with different star shades/colors and star sizes on each side; and a long top with statement prints in front. This top is soooo cool! Believe me! Can't be seen in this photo but it has skull cut-out patterns at the back. The prints and patterns are so in style! Luv 'em!

From Saaed and Yang Korean Clothes

If these pieces ain't enough yet, go find more, right? And I did! Found this shop selling bargains as well - The Little Black Shop. I got this coral pink, sheer type draped collar cardigan; and this black & white polka-dotted baby tee with peter pan collar top; both at P250 each. Ain't it cheap? Well ... no ... not cheap ... but really a good find! Highly affordable! I gave that top to my sis. (^_^)

Clothes and Accessories for more loots!
Bedazzle Accessories
You can also see that I bought two (2) cutesy earrings - the green owl and the red cat with eyeglasses. I gave them also to my sister as she loves little items fashionable enough for her though not too-flashy hehe. That's her style! I'm glad my sis loved them. For just P60 each; these little cuties made my sis happy! (^_^)  They're from Variety Finds Trading.

In my roaming, I also found that cute vintage necklace in pink with the Eiffel Tower as its design. That one is from Club & Spade. Got it for only P100.

Accessories are great fashion statements nowadays ... I really did not find myself accessorizing myself too much because I believed they would just distract me at work. However, being style essentials, it's now a "MUST" for me to get them to match my corporate wear; and even my casual look. So I got these two (2) cute necklaces from Bedazzle Accessories at P200 each ONLY.

Oh boy! The shopping is making me tired going rounds in there hehe. Needless to say ... the shoes! I also needed to get shoes. I was trying to restrain myself from buying since I know I already got too many shoes but ... I just couldn't help it when I find lovely new shoes!

So aside from getting myself those DAS Shoes (and still lustin' over the other DAS collections ... very Louboutin-inspired ones hehe) ... I also got this blue 6th High ankle strap wedges from Asianvogue Shop. Really couldn't help it! Yay! I'm just a little beyond 5 feet tall so I need wedges without straining my back too much and these lovelies are the perfect pair for me! Yay! My friend, Angela (the owner) is absolutely happy with this purchase hehehe. (^_^) Can't wait to wear 'em soon! This is my first pair from Asianvogue's own retail line of shoes called AV: Luxe. She's got other designs too but this is my bet - very-Tony Bianco inspired I guess hehe.

I am very happy with these new purchases I had. I know I spent quite a lot on these shoes ... but,what can I say? They're absolutely stunning! So what's a girl to do? Buy 'em!

My budget for these shoes are prepared beforehand anyway hehehe. I was just waiting for the right time to get them. But in terms of my budget for the event shopping itself; I know I did not spend a lot. LOLZ.

Overall, if not because of the lack of better food stalls and tables & chairs to sit down on for eating as I mentioned as well on my DAY 1 post; I would've rated this perfect! This day, I only nommed on the old fashioned Tender Juicy hotdogs and my reliable Happy Fanshu drinks - didn't want to get choked again by the fish and chips booth haha! The event was a "success" still ... though I didn't get the opportunity to go back for the last day anymore (thank goodness! Otherwise, I might overspend!!!) I was happy to get these pieces for the 2-Day visit I rendered ...

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ (4 Stars!!!)

I wish to attend more of it soon! (^_^) This is my destress mode! Shopping! (^_^)

Go check out the page on Facebook to find out more about this event.

Go ahead and check out my DAY 1 assessment too ... hurhurhur~


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  1. is there any chance i can buy them online?
    i love the 2 necklace you bought from bedazzle accessories...

  2. Same with Audrey Tiow.. I love the bedazzle accessories. :))

  3. Hello Audrey! I think you can. :)
    Check out their page! I'm sure they'll entertain. :)

  4. Hello Kat! Thanks for dropping by ulit! Woohooo! Visit ka lang often hohoho~

    You can get yours here: sa page ng Bedazzle Accessories! Go go go! (^_^)


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