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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm SHOE In Love Part 2: The Experience

It was last month when I blogged about this event and what I was looking forward to. It was really shoe-centric and I wanted to take home a lot of loot bags. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to. *le sigh* Why? Well ... imma discuss ... And good thing I posted it now to avoid backlogs haha! Got a few more posts scheduled to auto-post heheh.

The place was really grand! Each shopper pays P50 Entrance Fee which I really don't mind. All events I went to have entrance fees at least hehe. It was good enough that they considered having the food stalls at a separate area than mixing them all inside. It's more convenient for us shoppers. Props to that! All of them were just situated outside the main area, at the entrance; and at the far-end. In the middle, it's all about SHOES, SHOES, and SHOES! Woot!

DAS14 in Blue
I was lusting over this lovely pair of shoes from DAS My Shoes. Demmmm! Those shoes can kill indeed! LOL. I've been eyeing it for quite some time now, prolly last year in December I think? And dang! I've seen 'em and worn 'em for the 1st time! Very-Louboutin style I guess. I was nervous at first because I'm scared I wouldn't be able to walk in them (despite the fact that I have those sky-high wedges as well on the side from Asianvogue, which is another very-Christian-Louboutin style hehehe). I doubt I might fall! LOL. But when I walked in them ... it was really fun and cool! It retailed at P3,500 so I kinda thought ... well, I'd let it pass. I thought it would be a bit discounted (the price in Chalk Magazine last year, that had Kim Chiu on the cover with the same shoes in pink color instead shows the same price). *sigh*

Anyway ... It's not like I've let go of it right away. I kinda ... moved around first before I came back. And there were still loads of other stuff I found around hehehe. So I told myself ... lemme check it out first hohoho~

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It took me two (2) turns around the area before deciding what should I really buy. And it was tiring so I decided to take a little rest hehehehe. Good thing the Happy Fanshu milk tea booth was just around the corner. Took a sip and then went back to shopping ... well window shopping at first ...

Happy Fanshu Beverage
And went on with my shopping! Wooohoooo! Fafi and I met my colleague Ria and her husband Raymond too. They said they heard the event from me since I posted here that I'm going. Hohohoh. Nice to be of shopping influence! LOL.

After several attempts, I got tired walking in my wedges and I was dying for flats. Good thing I found this Footzyrolls area just right in time I was falling! LOL. What really attracted me there was well is their bigger space and the chairs! Aaaahhhh! Whatta relief!

And then I loved their cute packaging! The little boxes and are too cute not to let pass hehe. I've also read about this brand from Camille Co's blog and she posted a few cute pairs so I thought I'd give it a try. So I chose a few pairs and selected one ... the one on the banner tarpaulin hohoho~ And it's the same one that Camille owns ... only that, I chose a different color hehehe. I think I saw Camille having a red one. I picked a more neutral color ...

Footzyrolls Candy Striper
This one pretty matches several outfits in my closet so I think it'd be the best choice for me hehehe. Well actually my main goal that time was just to be comfortable already and relax my feet hehehe.

I will put up a better review for these shoes in my next posts. (^_^)

Footzyrolls Candy Striper in Black
I got it for only P658 from an original price of P940. Will it be comfy enough? Will it last the tides? We'll see! Hehe. Do check out my review in future posts (can't decide when to auto-post it hohoho~)

There were lots of attendees and the place was jampacked! I bet the organizers are pretty happy with the results! It was fun roaming around ...

Outside the Footzyrolls Booth
One of the things that's missing in most booths is the fitting area or more chairs. I'm lucky enough to fit some shoes here and at DAS. It was more comfortable. But in the other stalls, it was a pain. There were so many shoppers and I kept on bumping with a lot of people. LOL.

Big Space, Not enough chairs ...

We really were just standing and fitting shoes at our own risk. It wasn't too convenient so I guess - I'm not sure if it was store-dependent or something the organizers could've provided but bottom line, it was a "minus" for shopper delight. :(

One of the brands I also wanted to check out was Gold Dot. I fitted one of their platform heels, which is really unique. Too bad I wasn't able to take a pic anymore because there were lots of people and there were only two (2) chairs beside the store. *sigh* It's nice but because of my chubby feet, the opening didn't fit me well. It was an open-toe high heels in a very pretty design (coz I can't describe it best .. LOL). Too bad my feet aren't designed for them (-_-)

Gold Dot Booth with Karl Leuterio, the owner :)

I saw some of my other faves in the middle - Charles & Keith and Aldo and their sister companies / brands. It was only a Saturday; the first day of the event (JUNE 30 to JULY 1) and yet, it looked like everything is sold out already! Gosh! There were no more Aldo Shoes! (T_T)

Charles & Keith and Aldo Shoes
I think it was a pretty good deal! Imagine ... Buy 2 Pairs at P599??? No doublt Aldo went out of stock - and it wasn't even fully done yet for the day! It was only mid-afternoon! Gosh! I regret not coming early! Poor me! I wonder what went on that coming Sunday then? Pfffttt!

In terms of the choices, I guess there were more choices for women than for men in the event. I think aside from Happy Feet Sandals and Adidas and a few more athletic brands; I don't recall seeing other stores offering men's shoes. Mostly for women. There was one store that offered good quality men's shoes I think - SHOELUTION.

Shoelution Booth
This really screams "MEN" so even though they had women's shoes as well, I didn't really pay attention haha.

I checked out the Happy Feet stall and probably purchase good deals like the ones I purchased from the 3rd Megabrands Sale event I also attended. It turned out I had better deals in that event than here. The shoe I dearly love was just priced at P399 from an original P2,100 but it this event now, similar shoes and the bakya-types were more pricey. There were a few designs offered at a "Buy 1 Take 1" Promo but I didn't buy 'em. P2,000 for 2 pairs ... hmmm ... it was way better in the Megabrands sale.

There were soooo many other booths like S&H and yes ... I wanted to buy more stuff but it was overall a tiring event already so I thought I'd go home already. Besides, it was really raining hard non-stop and my area gets flooded easily so I had to go ... anyway, there's always tomorrow right? And this event was a 2-Day event so I considered going back ... Anyway, I won Vern Enciso's Giveaway for this event and I haven't claimed it for Day 1 so I could use it for Day 2 instead! Weeee!

Cleopatra Necklace
Before I finally went home, I bought a piece of jewelry as a gift for Boss Isay, my new boss (the one who gave me my Hello Kitty glasses). I thought this piece was lovely - a vintage style Cleopatra disc necklace from Sweet Nothings. Isn't it gorgeous?

I called it a day! Very bad weather anyway and yes, there was the next day!

There goes my loot!

Unfortunately, due to bad weather again that Sunday ... I wasn't able to come anymore. (T_T) And now I regret it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I was also dying to have DAS34 heel-less shoes in black patent, peep toe design with ankle strap. It was normally a P5,500 package but I inquired from the shop that time, it was only being sold at P4,000. Whooooaaa!!!! I tried it on and it was very comfortable. I really regret not getting one. (T_T)

Overall, I can say ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (3 Stars!!!)

Hopefully, there's more of it to come soon!

Go check out the events page on Facebook to find out more about this event.
I'm sad I didn't get much loot ... :( Better luck next time!



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