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Hello There, From Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2011!

11/11/2011 04:11:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

How I wish I could tweet that line or put that as my Facebook status right now? How I wish I could've joined my friends in attending this highly-anticipated event? How I wish I booked my flight early and by now, I'll be leaving and preparing my costumes for this event of the year? *sigh*

So it turned out I couldn't join. I was excited all-year-round but then, well, because of my priorities, I had to let go of this dream this year and let it pass. How deeply sad am I right now *sobs* though I know I shouldn't be. There's always a next time, they say. I just thought that ... or maybe expected that this year could be my year but it turned out, it wasn't.

*sigh* again * Oh well! Somethin's gotta give! I give up on this one. I have priorities yes and my work came into play. Yes, it's a priority for me. So while my friends are most likely boarding a plane right now, on their way to Singapore, I'm working my way here at home (and this blog post will be auto-posted once I'm at work already to make my blog more ACTIVE LOL) missing my AFA 2011 chance. I know there's a reason why I'm missing it again this year (3rd attempt now?) and maybe, next year will be my chance.

Why is everyone raving about AFA anyway? Is it all just "cosplay?" And why am I crying like a kid over spilled milk? You know that feeling when all of your friends have something and you're left alone w/ nothing? That everyone went together and you were left alone? That's how sad it feels (sooo kiddo!) ... I know I'm missing a lot, missing my supposed-first-time-visit to Singapore, and that's why I feel soooo down. But I want to be excited for my friends who are coming there and feel the same happiness as to what AFA has to offer for them and everyone else ...

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If you've read my post about My Cosplaymania 2011 Experience, you'll know already ... somehow, what's in store for us for the coming AFA 2011. Rochelle from magnetic-rose would be able to provide more details as well and allow me to share the hot spots from her news:
I have lots of friends this time around who'd come to this event. Every year, it seems to keep getting better and a lot of attention is put into it. It was in 2009 when the event gathered more attention since the famous Gosiengfiao sisters, Alodia and Ashley joined the event and got chosen as the Philippines' representative to the RCC Competition in AFA. Their entry was awesome and I believe that has garnered more popularity points - as characters from the anime Witchblade, a sexy ecchi type of anime/manga that really suited their physiques. The next year, 2010, two (2) girls wowed the crowd again as Team Bajina (Sese and Kune) who cosplayed as Telos and Kosmos. The last 2 years were represented by hot women! Yeah baby, go sexy!

This year, as the mechanics have gone to be more stringent (i.e. we hosted our local cosplay championship first thru TORCH II event and the winners would then represent the country to AFA), we had our lovely Zhel Guiral and AC Hernandez as Team March Mega to compete in the Regional Cosplay Championship. I pledge support to these two who are really great cosplayers. Zhel is also a pretty-young lady and a nice cosplay friend. She's very accommodating and lovely! I hope this year, they get to bring home the bacon as they succeed in the competition! Hooray! Their Final Fantasy tandem is awesome! Checkout their amazing costumes as featured in Yuu's blog:

I rally support to these two as well! Go Team Philippines!

*le sigh*

But still, I know I'm missing a number of opportunities here, especially attending this event I've been dreaming of! Gyaaaah! I don't really blame my client, nor my work here. I'm very passionate about work. I'm very dedicated to my project. I just can't accept the fact that I'm missing out on AFA *sobs*

Me and my friend, Luciel, have planned this before and we should've been there by now, along with more groups of friends. Luciel is an officemate since I started working and we pretty-much have the same likes and hobbies. This is one of 'em! Cosplay conventions yeah! But pfffttt! Too bad I didn't make it! (T_T)

I looked forward to meeting a number of people as I posted in Deviantart ... and now I give up on that ... oh well!

So to my friends who are there right now *weeps*, enjoy your stay guys! I hope to join you guys next year! And good luck to Team Philippines!

For more information about Anime Festival Asia 2011, check out the links below:
Rock your soul, guys!


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  1. aww I know how it feels.. it should be fun cosplaying in other countries (which is what I want to try) - going to another country and be someone else completely... coz here in the Philippines, I couldn't let go of my real personality and it's a small world.. harrr I would love to go with you and join your adventure!  don't give up just yet :)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! :)

    Hope to see you in future events. And yeah ... cosplay ka na rin! (^_^)


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