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Bubble Tea,

It's Chatime! Tea Time!

11/13/2011 10:14:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

The milk tea business in the Philippines is booming!

Thanks to successful franchises of different milk tea brands in the country, the trend has gone viral! Admittedly, as stated in one article, Filipinos are predominantly coffee-drinkers. The early introduction of milk tea to the industry was not as widely-accepted before, compared to ... well, NOW. I do believe in that statement as well. I personally stated my sentiments on that in a prior article I wrote, about Serenitea. TEA is the new COFFEE, I said. And in just a short span of time, this business has thrived in the market.

Chatime at SM North
 The old "nai cha" concept is gone and this business has introduced innovations to the new kind of drink loved by many. And I wouldn't let this pass without me trying out what each brand has to offer. It's om nom nom time lah~ And just recently, I chanced upon this store called Chatime, at SM North EDSA. It didn't dawn on me that it was a tea shop until just recently. Who would've thought that the tiny space there with cutesy designs would offer good tea drinks, or better yet, milk tea? I thought it was a cafe or an internet shop (for the LOLZ) until again, just recently!

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Experience the unique addicting taste & aroma of freshly brewed tea & coffee drinks infused with natural flavors that compliments your healthy lifestyle! That's CHATIME's promise! And good thing, they didn't falter on that promise.

I personally enjoyed my visit there, together with my Fafi Emman. Despite the many players available now, I believe they are able to deliver what people are expecting ... tea lovers, and any "drinkers" alike! They were able to cater to our hungry tummy's cravings!

Pearl Milk Tea and Lychee Yakult QQ from Chatime
I like the fact that their place is really cute! The mixture of pink and purple ... everything! The theme colors are enticing. While the area now at SM North may be too-little for many visitors now ... it's still a new hangout place that I'm sure, everyone would love ... as we did!

I remember passing by this area before it opened (sometime July?) and it still says "SOON TO OPEN JULY 2011" ... but a month after, it still didn't open. And then when it opened, not a lot of people were visiting. And then now, all of a sudden, this wave of drinkers have marked the place! It surely was a busy place. Despite the fact that it was rather hot (SM's AC not working well I think), people still chose to stay.

The store had a LOT in their menu and I had a hard time choosing so their friendly staff chose for me instead. We LOVED the ones they recommended and I think I'm definitely coming for more. I like the fact that you can also choose the "ice level" you want together with the "sweetness level."

This new variety of drinks does tickle the tummy ei? I remember when it used to be just Orbitz and Zagu as the famed flavored drink shops (or similar) and then Quickly came into picture. I wonder why I didn't get addicted to them before? LOL. It's not just coffee, milk, chocolate drinks or milk shakes now. Milk tea, green tea, black tea ... everyone's loving tea now! And as experts said, more Filipinos are getting health-conscious and these drinks are becoming part of the lifestyle. I hope I can get myself one of these shops soon and open my own branch! (^_^) By then it's "my time ... CHAI time!" LOL!


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  1. The first Nai-cha that I tried was in Chowking and I believe that this is better than coffee.

  2. Hi Henry! Thanks for visiting. :)

    Nai Cha is better than coffee? Hmmm ... I never thought of it that way, I mean the one from CHowking at least hehe. But the new trend in Milk Tea business is more like it! (^_^)


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