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Chic-Boy Doesn't Really Go Japanese ...

11/22/2011 01:20:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 1 Comments

Chic-Boy (Chic-Boy Goes Japanese)
West Avenue Quezon City
After FINALLY watching the highest grossing movie of the year, Praybeyt Benjamin with my Fafi this weekend, we had to scout for a place to eat. We didn't have anything in the afternoon as merienda and dinner was delayed, thanks to me! LOL. I had a number of items to finish for work. And since we tried to catch the LFS (Last Full Show), there's not a lot of establishments open - unless we go to bars and stuff. The last option we had was Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy) at West Avenue, Quezon City. Trinoma didn't have any other options opened lah~

I was thrilled to see that the store now has Japanese Menu offered, as they've posted on their banner. There are a few choices for now so I settled for it. It's "something new" for them. I doubted it would taste good. The store is known mostly for Filipino dishes and offering Japanese food is quite questionable. Anyway, we gave it a try. My first thoughts were, will it taste at least as good as those from Japanese Fastfood? Of course, I wasn't expecting that they could cook best like those offered in Japanese restaurants. I only tried one variant from their line, Chic-boy Goes Japanese. At this point, all I can say is, well, they didn't go "that far" ...

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They currently offer four (4) items: Chicken and Seafood Teriyaki, and Tuna and Salmon Sashimi. From what I heard from their staff, they only offered that within the week ... it's been less than one (1) week that they started to offer it. I tried their Chicken Teriyaki rice topping. For a P99 Meal, I guess I would give a thumbs up if it least tasted like Teriyaki but sorry to give spoilers, I'm afraid it didn't even taste close to a Japanese sauce. With this, I say, the meal costs too much for P99. It's not worth it!

The presentation looks enticing though. They served it in an oriental bown with chopsticks.

Chic-Boy (Chic-Boy Goes Japanese)
Chicken Teriyaki
Apologies for the poor quality of my photos hehe. I took them only with the Galaxy SII and while it normally takes good quality photos, I went too lazy putting on flash. My battery was draining fast (coz of extreme gaming over the weekend yeah!) and ... I didn't get excited after seeing it and smelling it at first. There was no "aroma" as we'd call it ...

Chic-Boy (Chic-Boy Goes Japanese)
Chicken Teriyaki
My first impression was ... this ain't any good. And as far as my instincts' accuracy is concerned, I'm almost always at 92% (HAH! Based on my own metering service! LOLZ ... top that, experience!). So, I didn't get disappointed that much anymore, knowing that it's not something that will satisfy my taste buds that time.

Anyway, we ordered more "regular food" so that makes it more satisfying. While I believe their serving size has gotten lesser and lesser every visit, the taste is not sacrificed anyway, thank goodness! I think they still carry their original taste for Chicken Inasal, Cebu Lechon Liempo, and Cebu Lechon Manok. Just my 2 cents, I think they should just stick to that all-original Filipino food than offering other cuisine.

Chic-Boy (Chic-Boy Goes Japanese)
Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Skin Chicharon

Combo Meal 1 - Chicken Meal
Chicken Chicharon Sisig
Chic-Boy Special Halo-Halo
And because I wasn't satisfied with my order, I comforted myself with their Special Halo-Halo as my dessert. We ordered it for "last serving" so while we are dining out, we expected it to be served after we're done eating. I just think they've prepared it beforehand and just left it somewhere. When we were finally done with the main courses, the crew served it with melted ice cream, flowing milk, dripping caramel from the turon, and what looks like dry ice! Yikes!

Why dry ice? Well, it took me probably 15 minutes before I could crush 'em with a mini spoon! Yeah! Imagine the battle! That kinda disappointed me more. The staff looked like they're so much in a hurry that they didn't consider customers' satisfaction anymore. They seem to have been pushing all of us to leave so they could close early. There were still about three (3) groups inside include us though we were the last to leave. They've been really nice, I have to say. This wasn't our first visit there anyway. But that Sunday, this weekend, they were not polite. As they were cleaning up, though there are still customers around, we could hear the clashing of plates and condiments in their kitchen. They were flipping chairs and tables like there were no one else there.

Chic-Boy Special Halo-Halo
With what seems to be ...
"Dry Ice"
As I was finishing up my halo-halo, everyone else have left except for us. All the crew members were FINALLY done with their "closing" activities. They were simply waiting at one corner of the space, watching us as we finish eating. I didn't like it at all - as if rushing us. I know the shop closes at 3 AM as they initially said anyway. It was still a few minutes before 2 AM that time and their behavior seems rude. The guys in the group somehow made a rude comment, which made the lady cashier to say, "Ssssh, may customer pa oh? Di na kayo nahiya? (Ssssh! Quiet. We still have customers. Have some manners - well, sort of)". We didn't finish the dessert anymore. We couldn't crush the ice that much anyway. Fafi just ate up all the remaining mongo and beans and then we left. Much to our dismay!

Anyway ... Hopefully, they will also learn their lesson not to offer Japanese food since, well, I ain't a certified foodista or anything similar / food expert or something ... but I do know that the one I tasted isn't truly Japanese. There wasn't anything "teriyaki" in what I ate - even the sauce they put in the rice wasn't anything similar. The chicken tasted like their own Filipino-chicken or ... I dunno how to call it blah! Just ... Chic-Boy Chicken! That's it! Plain and simple. Nothing too extravagant! Nothing too-teriyaki in it. AND .... their halo-halo could've tasted better if only made and served at the right time.

*sigh* We certainly won't try their Japanese offerings anymore. All the more, we probably might not visit it again because of what they showed us. Maybe, we can visit other branches and just order Filipino dishes. Not Japanese anymore. Not in this branch.



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