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My Etude House Beauty Collection

11/19/2011 09:56:00 PM Chai Chen 1 Comments

Takara Miyuki for Etude House (I mean, me!)
SM Megamall EH Boutique Store
I've been a user of Korean beauty products since 2009. I started using BB creams back then as a healthier alternative to foundation and airbrush makeup primarily for my cosplay needs. I've read about BB creams being used for surgery needs and had amazing results! Since then I've tried several BB creams as well (and I will write about my review on them soon!). I have very sensitive yet oily skin so not a lot of products are good for me. I normally develop rashes and itchiness on several local and imported products. I'm just glad then that Korean brands are more helpful and they suit my needs.

Aside from BB creams, I've tried using other products as well and tried several Korean brands. To date, I can say I loved using The Face Shop and Skin Food so far. But since I started this other brand, I got more addicted! Too addicted, I can't control it (OK fine! I can. Esp. when I don't have money)! LOL. And every time I drop by their stores, I can't help but purchase at least one product for me to enjoy! I'm talking about Etude House. The girlie, vibrant, and pinkish look of the shops add glam to it so all the more that I fave it! I started my haul from a few pieces and then now, I have a few. I guess I can be eligible now for the Pink Card, yey! Last June, I attended Toycon 2011 and my character suits the shop. With my pink ensemble and the lovely staff, they allowed me to pose and jokingly, they said I'd be replacing Sandara soon. LOL. I love Dara too though but if I'd be given the chance, I'd love to endorse Etude House too. Bwahahaha! Dream on! Oh well, I guess these brands are always featuting KPOP icons or KDRAMA idols! And since I love 2NE1 as well (and yes, Dara of course), I guess I favored EH more than any other brand (and not to mention, it's PINK). Allow me to share more of my haul ...

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I surely have developed favorites now from the collection. Yey! I will write another post about my product reviews. For using EH products for about a year now, I can say I've seen wonderful results so far. A lot of my friends and colleagues have noticed the difference as well, in terms of the "glow" and the youthful aura (yay!) All thanks to Etude House I guess. I doubted at first but now, I know the products are truly effective.

What's good about buying products from EH is that, you get freebies or giveaways depending on the amount of items you've purchased. Everybody loves freebies, right? The Etude House PH Fanpage also holds several contests where a lot of perks are in store for each "princess" or EH fan, like me! I get all excited to participate as well (and win some goodies ... haha!) to get more freebies! LOLZ. Things are best when they're free! Hehe.

My Etude House Pink Shopping Bag

Each purchase gets you a pink grab bag where you put all your girlie items in! It looks sooo cute, I can use it all the time! Haha! Well, it's still a paper bag though and may not be sturdy-enough to carry a lot of stuff. Hehe. You'll love shopping then since you don't just get out of the shop w/ a chaka-plastic bag. LOL.

My 1st Haul! BB Cream, False Eyelashes, and VIP Lipstick

Chai as Olivier Mira Armstrong
with Etude House Lipstick
My choice of BB cream is always the lighter shade. It's been hard for me already to find the right shade of foundation / make up because normally, the shades are 2-3 tones darker. The one I got was just perfect! The EH Girl recommended their new Total Age Repair #1 Light Beige shade. It has SPF45 which is the highest SPF so far, from all the BB creams I tried before (and yes, detailed product review & results soon!) I like how it provides perfect coverage for my face & neck with even skin tone as my arms and other body parts! LOL. I don't look cake-y or oily nor too-made-up.

In terms of using Lipsticks, aside from having sensitive lips as well (naks, is there such a thing) - coz I also develop dryness and rashes and normally result to windburn when I put on lipstick and even the mildest lip gloss nor lip balm; I rarely put anything on my lips. I was even hesitant at first to buy this item but since I needed that for my cosplay, I went ahead and purchased it. I got this Dear Darling Lips PK008 (VIP Girls) which has a baby-pink to bubblegum pink shade, perfect for my character last Cosplaymania 2011 (from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Anime).

The event I attended was done in 2 days and the next day, I wanted more attention on the eyes so I used my long-in-stock-purchased falsies (hehe, was waiting for the perfect time to use it!) and the results were amazing! I had two (2) sets, 1) Wonder Volume Clearline Eyelashes and 2) Under Lash. I first tried it at home before, to cut an old false eyelashes to half so I could use it as an underlash however, it didn't look good. I actually looked scary like a rag doll! LOL. When I bought this before, I thought of using it for my Miyuki character as well but then again, I also looked scary. I guess it was perfect timing only for this new cosplay that the eyelashes looked great!

Etude House Mini Size U Set (My favorite!)
Pore Smoother Serum
Pore Powder Toner
Pore Control Emulsion

My favorite line so far, is this Mini Size U Set because I have big pores so I'm more prone to oily skin, pimples, dark spots too, etc. I've actually tried other brands before but it didn't seem to be too-effective. Not that it doesn't work but I guess, the results I'm expecting are just not coming; or it's too slow. But with this, honestly, I've had far better skin than ever! It's sooo good that I bought bigger bottles! Yay! This time around, I also tried the Pore Refresh Astringent to add to the mix. So far I've been using this in my daily beauty regimen. I haven't seen a facial wash or foam for this line so I took the staff's recommendation instead, the Black Head Cleansing Foam. I have to say that the product is also really awesome! I can feel the blackheads coming off my nose! No kidding! It's so good I think I don't need a facial spa anymore nor any treatments! LOL.

I love each of their products' packaging so I also tried some of the other recommendations from the stores' sales girls. I kinda collected a few pieces already every time I drop by one store (Haha ... mostly cosplay event related visits ... so dang! These events get costly for me! Aside from my general cosplay needs, I also get to shop more EH products! I must control this! LOL) I tried their Vita Foam Mini: Genius You facial wash before and so far, it's been my regular facial wash until I got the Black Head Cleansing Foam. Vita Foam has a fruity lemon scent that really entices you to use more! My sister loves it too!

One thing I also loved is their Eye's Cream: Vanilla Moist. I have also tried different brands before with different looks / style / packaging and none of them have been as convenient as this one. The last one I was using is in a cream bottle without a scoop so I have to dip my fingers in to get the cream. So when I saw this one, I definitely bought it with my remaining money that day (LOLZ! Can't imagine being unable to go home just because I bought this one) ... and I forgot I didn't have much money so I ended up broke! Geez! I took a cab instead and paid the driver at home haha!

What's new this time around is the Nymph Aura Line. I think it'll be my next favorite! Yikes! I'll run out of cash hehe. I'm gonna get them little by little! Currently, I already have two pieces from the collection. I might get its BB cream once my current tube is all consumed. Hehe. Talk about being thrifty now! LOL. Ever wondered what's giving the Korean Idols their glowing skin? Well this one does the trick! The Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer is definitely a product that each girl should have! Mixed with BB cream, it adds up that "glowing aura" to your face! I have the #2 Shade called Brilliant which has a pinkish light glow and personally, all I can say is, it's awesome! My friends, family, and colleagues have all noticed the change as well. The photo on the side is taken with my phone cam Samsung Galaxy SII but it was in low light, and in my messy house haha so I kinda edited a little using an app (to cover up my trash at home with the cute graphics instead) and the texts to tag it as mine LOL. I wanted to join EH Facebook Contest but lah, I wasn't able to. I didn't have time for the pose requirements haha!

I initially bought their Nymph Aura Natural Pearl Aura #1 Loose Powder. There were two shades presented and the other one is "pinkish." It was too pink that I looked all red, considering my complexion. LOL. So I chose this shade instead. I discovered the volumer some time later where I chose the pinkish glow. With this, I guess my initial decision to get the natural shade on the powder is better. Why? Because I guess, if I bought 2 pink shades, I wonder how my face will look then? Hahaha.

I also edited this pic on the side using Photo Wonder App from my phone, just to tag it as MINE harhar! No posers please! Hehe. I took it for a contest as well but ... too bad, I wasn't able to join again. I forgot the deadline haha. And when I read it again, I realized this product doesn't fall under "skin care" so it doesn't count as an entry LOLZ. Too much for the effort then hurhurhur~

And ... didn't I mention earlier that there are freebies?

Etude House GWP (Gifts with Purchase)
Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
Dress Room Sweet Look Body Lotion
Yup! The stores give each lovely buyer a piece from their GWP or Gifts with Purchase. So far, this is what I have collected. I loved using these GWPs. I guess the slippers are too soft though but it's ok, I use it in my office room esp. when my feet get tired of wearing high heeled-shoes. And since my cosplay makeup is just too thick because of the BB cream + foundation + powder foundation and all the eye and cheeks and lip colors, the makeup remover is just perfect! It's been years since I owned one (I think way back 2007?) and now, I finally found a brand that will not irritate my skin! The lotion is also perfect for my everyday use as a hand cream / lotion to prevent dryness. I guess instead of buying the regular sized pack, I'd prefer this one instead. LOL. I have two (2) sets of these items already and I'm getting more! Wooohooo!

I'm writing a product review for the sets I love and their effects on me so far. I hope my little sharing brings joy to many girls out there too! Yey! Coming soon ...

But overall, of course, all these are simply "enhancements" and shouldn't be the main source of beauty. It's all about our positive outlook in life and inner beauty that lasts! Cheers!


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