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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Serenitea Addiction

Serenitea Jupiter
I am not really too much of a fan of milk tea. I've tried it before at Chowking (i.e. Nai Cha) and I didn't like it. The Chinese in me says I should like it but the Pinay in me tells me, it ain't really likeable. LOL. I love Chowking but the nai cha was just uhmmm ... not-too-good. But TEA is the new coffee! And with the recent opening of this store at Makati, a lot of us addicts stormed the place to check it out.

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Ever since the Serenitea branch at Jupiter St. Bel-Air Makati has opened, I can't help but find myself buying anything I fancy ... almost every day! While I thought that place was rather "deserted" and the previous tenant has already vacated (i.e. Generic pharmacy?) ... plus the nearby establishments have unstable tenure, that spot seems primarily dead. However, I guess the company has seen its potentials ... high potentials worth reviving hence, they took the risk and opened up a branch out there. And true to its sense, this has become "THE SPOT" for almost all of the folks who work nearby. Even passers-by can have a quick break and chill out at that spot! It seems to be a perfect place now to chillax! In the short span of time that they've settled there (and no, they ain't leaving!), I've already developed favorites! Make way for photos!!!

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Who would've thought that this could be a "prime spot" right?

The ambiance is just right. It's a cozy place at a little street corner, where nobody else braved the tides. Whether you've just eaten breakfast, lunch, snacks, or none; you'd love to get one cup and sip 'til the last drop! When you crave for a cold cup of drink, this would be "your spot" I bet! If you want a simple food trip, this should be it!

Here's a few photos to entice you ...

Cranberry Green Tea. Pearl Sinkers. 75% Sugar Level. My new fruit juice!

Hokkaido Milk Tea. Peal Sinkers. 50% Sugar Level. Butter Toffee Caramel Love!

Okinawa Milk Tea. Pearl Sinkers. 50% Sugar Level. Brown Sugar Flavor Yum!

Taro Lover Serenitease. Panacotta Sinkers. 50% Sugar Level. Ube-Taho-Like Flavor Lah!
Serenitea for my Family!

I love their ordering process. You're given this state-of-the-art Serenitea Order Plate which buzzes and vibrates when your drink is done! While I guess that could be turned off instead of waiting for you to return it to the counter before it turns off. LOL.

What I find unique is that you can choose your sweetness / sugar level unlike in other places (unless that has changed since my last visits ... uhmm ... yeah long time ago, LOL). For health-conscious folks, it's beneficial! They still serve the same delicious drink for you.

Serving time takes approximately 5-10 minutes per drink. Not bad since it's carefully prepared and served at its finest, with a young and bubbly crew who smiles at you and provides their drink recommendations. They're very accommodating (at least for the branch we frequent - Jupiter Bel-Air) and lively. However, when there's a long queue, you have no choice but to wait. It can take up to 30 minutes before you get your servings.

The area / space seems rather small and may not have the opportunity to expand considering the lot area. I dunno ... can't speak for the future but so far, it's rather narrow inside. I think that shallow space can only accommodate 5 people (well, put it at 10 max) inside with very little room to move out after your order is done. Or simply just wait outside though it ain't advisable if it's raining hard. With humid weather or even during hot summer days, I guess the place is just perfect though. It's only the interiors that don't allow for much movement. I'd still consider hanging out there though! But mostly, I just order take-outs so as not to "clog" the queue. Hehehe!

My rating? Out of 5 stars, I'd give it 5 STARS of course!
It has become another favorite for me. I still love Bubble Tea of course (read: Can't Get Enough of Bubble-Tea-Rrific.html and Bubble-Tea-Licious.html - my 2 prior reviews) but this one seems to have a different market and, simply concentrates on the drinks.

Currently, they're not open for franchising as I was told. However, I'm really interested in having my own branch though (or maybe I'd acquire this one hahahah). Hopefully, in the near future, they'd allow for franchise! *wink*



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