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Like A B6: Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day Yeah!

8/28/2011 01:09:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 0 Comments

I thought of putting up the title "My Magic 6" but then the song, "Like A G6" then got stuck in my mind so I named this post, LIKE A B6 - short for "Like a Blog/ger of 6" or what have yah. Hope it makes sense. LOL

Nuffnang Philippines is celebrating the 6th Blog Day on August 31, 2011 and each blogger (and yes, I count myself to that group now ... I guess!) is required to put up a list of six (6) blogs that really hits the spot, yeah! 6 Blogs of "preferably" different culture, of varying points of view, of randomness, of opposite interests as mine (or not?), of values, of chuvaness, of anything else in the world ...

Ok before I really go crazy ...

I wonder which BLOGS do I submit here ... they should be something new ...

Well, I've been blogging since 2003. I started off with a Xanga Blog, where I post mostly personal stuff, until my cloud of interests grew and the blog became more of an article-posting site, where I also participated in the so-called Xanga Idol; where I made it to the uh ... somewhat finals ... where .... where ... where right now, I'm here in Blogspot. LOL! But my passion there has been rather inconsistent due to work load as well; not to add the tragic fire in 2006 which really caused trauma in me and heavy sadness - that I tend to veer from the net life (because I was online and doing web graphics / designs that day before I left home ... before the fire ... and I just simply wanted to escape everything I left in that house). But I guess, despite the situations, the blogger in me still dominates my persona so I keep on posting stuff and random thoughts online, in various platforms and social media. And as I return to Blogger this year for my whacky random postings (supposedly) ... I've encountered different sites / blogs that caught my attention again ... and sorta ... made me go blogging once more ...

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LIKE A B6 - Bucket of 6 Blogs

Extraordinary Machine (by Melita Eclavea)

Mel is a college friend. She used to blog with Thirteen is a Lucky Number title. But I just got reconnected to her blog once more this year and I found out she renamed it, due to having a very long name to remember. her posts are very interesting. She's a very intelligent woman with various points of view about humanity, society, human life, religion, sex, travel, and loads more. She writes very wonderful press releases and other PR content. Her vocabulary and knowledge is so profound, one would think she's older than her age. Some of her thoughts do irk me but that makes her unique. The tone of this blog now is rather different though as she has become more open about her personal encounters and how it relates to life in general. I could consider it as new or a-blog-anew hence the link "coffeerebirth" I guess. Good thing it's revived!

Peoplethology (by Reyann Kong)

Reyann is another college friend whom I just got reconnected with thru Facebook as well and this blog. Also known as "globetrotterking" in various other places, Reyann has a lot of things to share about different places around the world. As much as I'd like to travel as well and I had the opportunity to visit other countries with him when we were delegates to ISWI 2003, he's gone far already and my priorities have changed. Reading his posts about various eureka moments and travel discoveries, it makes the readers feel like they've traveled along with him as well. Unlike normal travel blogs, he simply posts articles about places he's gone thru and some unique facts. Sometimes, he posts stuff about other online discoveries as well. He does feature people in this blog, being a people-centric blog as it is. Globe Trotting + People = Peoplethology.

SATOMAIKO (By Mhaiko Sato)

This blog is from a girl I knew in Facebook. She became instantly popular because of her gyaru looks. A Filipina who grew up and lives in Japan already. She writes up tutorials for make up and posts her fashion statements online too. While I do not go out in the public dressed up and styled like her, all made up and dolled up, I appreciate how this girl transforms her looks. I'm learning techniques from her then about make-up, especially for my cosplays, since I really lack make up skills. I normally just have one style and just use different shades. I guess she has brought out the doll in me again as well. I already lost time and passion in dressing up or simply dolling up in my day-to-day life.

The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything (by Rocky Sunico)

This blog is indeed a geek guide to everything. Oh boy! Not just one interest fits in ... it's EVERYTHING. I also nominated my friend's blog to the recently concluded Globe Tatt Awards. Sad to say it didn't meet the cut though (T_T) but still, his posts are cool. I do randomly read it before and now, it's more often since I've added him on my "Reading Lists." I've "rediscovered" the wonders of his posts then. I like his reviews about technology and movies, including comics, among others. He is surely a walking encyclopedia for geekery!

Xiaxue (by Wendy Cheng)

I've been seeing this controversial blog early part of this year. I did read along as its color scheme is pretty enticing for me. Wendy, or more commonly known by her pseudonym Xiaxue now, is a celebrity blogger from Singapore. This blog is probably far from what I wanted to read before until I actually started reading it already. Her advertorials are pretty interesting and wow! She's an effective endorser. I'm actually wanting to try those products she write about then! LOL. Some of her words are outwardly profane and she had a lot of criticisms since then. I must say she has a rather strong personality, which I really like and mirror in some ways. This makes me a much stronger person as well. I guess despite her negative feedbacks, there's still something with her and in her blogs that make people endeared to her.

CHUVANESS (by Cecile Van Straten)

I discovered her site by accident. She was a judge in the Globe Tatt Awards. As I looked into their profiles, I recalled, this was a blog I've read before about some slimming post. LOL. And then I already got hooked recently. Cecile, also known as jiritajackson from her Twitter profile, is an influentual blogger, I must say! She has a wide-array of ideas on what's "in." Probably because of her social media influence indeed, her blog's read by a lot. She has advertorials too, which I think are super cool. I learn about latest promotions from her write ups and I've never been too-engrossed to promotions online before, until I've read her blog. She has a witty writing style that makes me read her posts during dull moments or when my brain's no longer working at work. It's a productive break time for me, everytime I read chuvaness!


So, there goes my Magic 6 Like a B6! Hope I contributed at least, to this endeavor in getting to know more blogs and sharing them with the rest of the world!

I guess blogging still runs in my blood. So regardless of those gaps in my writing, I still continue to do it. With the love of blogging running deep within me, still, there these blogs that do inspire me; and as Nuffnang PH had put it --- It would be great if I indeed could share those blogs with everyone.

That’s the idea behind Blog Day!
Blog Day was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest, and Nuffnang is proud to be celebrating the 6th Blog Day on 31st August 2011!
So, let's all celebrate Blog Day! Let's all continue to wire those thoughts and blog. Lemme continue to blog ... 'coz otherwise, I'm dead to the world ...


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