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Globe vs. SMART Models - Alodia vs. Anne Curtis

7/30/2011 07:28:00 AM Chai Chen 3 Comments

It's probably just me but ...

... I somehow see "rivalry" here. Hehe. Well, maybe because Anne's new ad seems to be cosplay-themed than anything else. It's not her normal look and the costume really stands out. While I do believe that Anne can reinvent herself and she has proven herself as well as a good endorser, looking at the number of ads / TV commercials, etc. she has; she's not "branded" yet as a cosplayer or someone who'd be known for costumed-roles. However, with her flexibility, she has done a lot and they're always successful ... no wonder her endorsements are effective!

Anyway, I just saw this new concept on tarpaulin banners on the streets I pass by when I get home. I can't help but notice how gorgeous she is in the sets. I do follow her on Twitter but I guess I didn't notice this update ... I haven't been online lately hehe (I mean in terms of my social networking sites / accounts). The theme is catchy and not like the previous SMART ads, which is more formal (too-formal) or generic (or too flat common). It's vampy, sexy, and ooh-la-lah! I guess for a minute, it didn't even sink in to me that this is an ad for a postpaid plan haha ... or unli-postpaid promo or something. It lacks the connection? Between the theme and the actual product/service? I guess ...

SMART Communications and Globe Telecom have been the two biggest players in the wireless network industry in the Philippines for quite some time now. Being major players, their subscribers jump on to the concept of rivalry as well. Globe used to top the ranks, I have to say, and I've witnessed that since I was in highschool. I've used Globe postpaid line ever since (though it's under my dad's name since I was still barely legal back then. LOL). I used to love their services, all of it ... but their service deteriorated as years go by. Don't get me wrong though ... I am still a subscriber and in fact, I own four (4) lines now (or should I say, PAY for 4 lines) ... the one dad owned since then, the one he bought for me, the one I applied for him as an extension plan, and the new line I subscribed for recently in order to get a new unit. I guess I don't have much choices though haha. I still do appreciate some of their services but not all. I even posted a blog review about how I hate their Globe Tattoo Prepaid Service; and how their customer service sucks ... SUCKS BIG TIME! Lah~ But there are things in Globe that I ... we still gotta love ...

And so, with Anne's recent ad; I can't help but compare it to what Globe has launched for their revamped Globe Tattoo set. They have our proclaimed cosplay goddess - Alodia Gosiengfiao as one of their endorsers. The two lines are different - Alodia endorses a wireless broadband service while Anne endorses a postpaid line service. However, it still cannot be denied that the two giants are rivals. Does it make Anne and Alodia as rivals too? 'Fraid not ... but I ain't too sure. Lah~

Here are some points I jotted down ... just noticed 'em ... Thoughts to ponder lah~
  • Anne has been in the industry longer than Alodia. She's a well-known celebrity. Alodia is well-known in cosplay alone for years and have recently tried penetrating other markets like, showbiz.
  • Globe has been dominating the service category longer than SMART. SMART has improved a lot in all aspects so their market share have far outgrown Globe's number.
  • I have two (2) phones with one for each network. My Blackberry workphone is under a Smart postpaid line. My personal Android phone is with a Globe postpaid plan. Both services work for me.
  • SMART's corporate plan is pricey for me, almost double than my personal line. Globe's personalized plan is cheaper but it seems, the service goes along with it.
  • I like Alodia in the cosplay scene and her artworks. I like Anne as a celebrity. She is far better than Alodia in hosting though (if we tackle the famous hosting stint chikka around).
  • I heart SMART Bro's wireless broadband is much better than the Globe Tattoo services I've complained about, thus far. I dun wanna get a new monthly subscription yet though, at least for a new line for the net but ... I've been considering for long since Tattoo has been failing me ... a lot.
  • Is SMART superior to Globe at all angles now? If so, Anne is superior than Alodia?

And so, I guess I leave it to everyone's decision, opinion, or what-have-yah ... I ain't makin' a fuss on their ads though. But the rivalry theme ... I dunno ... just my 2 cents ... I'm keeping my 2 lines/phones and my prepaid net service for now lah~! I know fans of both parties will have different points of view so ... well ... keep it!


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