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My Dream Barbie Doll

12/05/2011 11:46:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 2 Comments

I might be too old for a Barbie Doll dream now. I know this doll is meant for kids but as they say, you're never too old for a hobby anyway ...

I used to have tons of Barbie dolls at our old home. I lost count of how many dolls I used to own. I took pictures of them everytime I play. I think, including my sister's collection, we have roughly 80 to 100 Barbie Dolls. Honestly, we had all the rare ones and some normal collection dolls. We have aunts who live in Australia who normally sends us the newest dolls in town, even before they hit the stores here in the Philippines. Our collection grew since childhood. We could run a fashion show with them and if I remember it right, we used to host Barbie Miss Universe contents with our cousins. I remember all these fun times ... but now, they're just all in my memory.

August 13, 2006 ... our house was caught by fire. In an instant, we lost almost everything. We only saved a few items and the pictures we had were not all saved. I don't even have photos of me since I was kid now. It makes me sad sometimes knowing that there's a piece of me I can't get back but as a grown-up, I must move on.

Thankfully, my family and my other relatives are all alive until now even after that tragedy. I may have lost my collections but I'm glad we're alive. I stopped collecting stuff and I guess, my fondness on vinyl or PVC toys and collectibles only returned last year or in 2009 when I started cosplaying. In real life, I love to doll up to. I guess the Barbie Doll fandom is still in me anyway; it just paused for a while. Though I didn't want to continue my collections, that blood line lives in me. And now, I want to have collections once more in the form of the collectible figures. But there's this one Barbie dolls that I still would like to have. It's the Tokidoki Barbie Doll.

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The toy was released just this October 2011. Considering that it's a rare collectible, with only a few pieces made, I knew I wouldn't stand a chance in getting one. It's also a bit pricey so I was switching from getting it to not getting it and all the blah blah ... $50 price tag but now, they're no longer available. Some collectible sites offer them but not without a heavier price tag lah~

From my previous collections, the Teen Talk Barbie was my most favorite. I had the brunette version.

Teen Talk Barbie and the Magic Talk Club by Ak&B
It was a gift from my aunt as well. I even bring her to school some times hehehe. Me and my classmates loved to play with her and make her talk. I don't remember any of the lines now though hehe. I started to love the color red that time but not before I had that doll. I thought red was a "male" color hehe.

The new Tokidoki Barbie is intended as an adult collectible item so I guess the doll still suits me. The tattoos kinda enraged some parents and stirred up controversies but ... oh well! I still love it. I have my one tattoo and I don't think it's too big of an issue considering that this doll is not one that'd be given to kids. It's labeled as an "adult collection" anyway. This doll will be on the same range as those hentai or ecchi figures that collectors have - PVC toys. One day, I hope I'll get one of these. (^_^)

The tokidoki Barbie line is sold out now. I oftentimes check the online store and I don't see any of it in there anymore. The new collection I'm seeing now is the Hello Kitty line which is also fabulous! I'd love to get some of those pieces too. Now that I'm an "adult" (LOL), I can reward myself with these items for my hard work. Hehehe. Such an excuse huh?

If there's one more collectibe, or Barbie doll that I'd love to have again, it'd be the Tokidoki Barbie and the other items on the TKDK Barbie line. But surely, there are other lines I find interesting as well and given the opportunity, I'd love to have some of them as well hehe. Consider it a birthday gift for me? *wink* Music Icon dolls yeah~

Nicki Minaj Barbie Doll (Auctioned for Charity)
Pussycat Dolls ... Celebrity Dolls!
There are more ... And actually, I think I'm more into the music icons or celebrity dolls. Probably, it's also my fashion statement ... while being a corporate chic, the child in me has never gone away. I'm still a doll and I love to doll up. The tragedy may have happened but life doesn't stop there. I must move on and be the girl I need to be ... (^_^) Every girl is a Barbie ... moreover, a doll in each of our own unique ways! Cheers!


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  1. Couldn't agree more with everything you said. I also try having collections myself, I just never know what I should collect.. Problems? :p

  2. *sigh* I wish I can just collect and collect and collect too :)


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