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Chai For Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer # 2

12/27/2011 10:09:00 AM Chai Chen 7 Comments

Chai for Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #2
Brilliant Pearl Radiance
I figured I haven't posted any particular product review yet from my favorite Korean beauty product line, Etude House. By now, my post back then about my Etude House Beauty Collection has a few more additions in the "family" already hehe. It's not that I am hoarding haha; but I do make it a point that whenever I drop by their store, I pick up at least one beauty essential and use it. There's really just a lot of items you'll love and each items is surely a treasure for keeps.

One of my favorite items since it was launched a few months back this year, is the Nymph Aura Volumer # 2, from the very popular & successful Nymph Aura Line. I can't believe it's indeed the beauty secret of most KPOP and other Korean Idols; and it has landed on my hands, c/o Etude House. It has been part of my regular skin care since the first time I got hold of it!

Its promise to give that different "glow" in your skin is true. You gotta try it to believe it. I surely did and it gives me more confidence to mingle with more folks. This photo on the side was taken right after I applied this product as per the instructions. That kind of glowing skin you thought would just end up in your dreams is right there, materializing in your very eyes! No wonder everybody loves it!

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There are two (2) variants of the Nymph Aura Volumer Product Line - 1) Pure (with natural color); and 2) Brilliant (with pinkish glow). I got the 2nd one - Brilliant.

In other or foreign online stores, both items are named differently but they are the same products. From KpopTown, the are called Pure Honey Radiance and Brilliant Pearl Radiance respectively.

Choosing Sandara Park as their endorser is surely a big hit that helped the company with their sales, I bet. In the Philippines, this line has gained more recognition and following after Dara endorsed it. I am one of those followers hehe!

This product is really enticing. The product ad and photos with Dara on it is a sure catch. It shows that radiant beauty of Korean Idols (like 2NE1 / Dara), which used to be a mystery to most girls ... not anymore! With this product being out, it can be easily achieved and Dara has also shown how it can be achieved.

Video courtesy of welovesandara from youtube.

This product is intended to be mixed with BB Cream of your choice (of course, my choice is also from EH hehe). Wondering how to use it? Here's how ...

Put it at the back of your palm with just a pea-sized pump from the bottle. Apply it evenly on your face with 1/3 of its size only; the remaining 2/3 (as shown on the photo beside this text) should be a blend of either BB cream or liquid foundation. For perfect blending, use a makeup brush and spread evenly on your skin.

If you wish to use it just for highlighting (since it's a "volumer" anyway hehe); apply it only on the nose, forehead, and cheekbones.

I normally apply it as per the regular instructions and I add on a few squirts for highlighting. Amazingly, it does work wonders and it gives me that celebrity glowing skin! My photo above (click to enlarge) could show you its final results. Aside from it, I only added on eyeliner and lipgloss to enhance the look. My friends, family, and colleagues did say I have that different glow when they first saw me using it. Being a corporate chic that I am, I need to always look presentable and this one indeed helps with that need! I love how it helps me look more radiant despite the daily stress and work pressure! It pays to take care of your skin, indeed!

This makeup multi-cream promises to maximize the radiance and dewy glow on the skin, completing the flawless face you wanted to achieve with plumped up moisture! I definitely can attest to that.

Here's another photo of me right after using this product. Sorry for the poor lighting condition though but I guess it's more natural.

Chai for Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #2 - Brilliant

I just washed my face, put on my toner, and mixed this volumer with my BB cream and presto, this is the effect! The BB cream I used is from EH as well, Total Age Repair line. See the pinkish glow? I only edited the picture with my phone's Android app to put on my name and some cutesy designs, since I planned to join a contest with this hehe. It's embarrassing to show the room's clutter as well at the back hurhurhur~ so I covered them with graphics. LOL.

I use this product daily. With the wonderful effects it provide, together with the wonders of BB cream, I'm sure my skin gets the best treatment it deserves, only from Etude House. No need for additional foundation nor concealer! Dig this ... I also don't use additional blush on! For real! These 2 can do the trick already! I also don't use any additional moisturizer anymore. And just for a measly amount spent on this item, it's worth it! A 25g bottle can last for 6 mos. to about a year I guess. Mine has been used for 6 months now and I haven't even consumed all of it. I could say it's really worth it!

And with that, the packaging, the ad, the results, and price and its overall worth ... I give it ...

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

How about you? Wanna be sweet? Get that celebrity skin glow look NOW! Get yours from the boutique shops and mall counters NOW! (^_^) Above all, do remember that it's inner beauty that should stand out! *cheers*

Visit the following for more information:

Get your pink cards too! Inquire now from the nearest boutique shop! I got mine from SM Megamall. Check out their branches to get more of the newest products in town! How I wish I live in a mini-Etude House-style home! Hehe.


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