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Go Italian With Bigoli?

12/21/2011 10:20:00 PM Chai Chen 1 Comments

There are quite a bunch of other restaurants that offer better quality and much tastier Italian cuisine, I bet. But this place got me hooked for the wrong reasons I guess. Yes, it still includes taste though hehe.

Bigoli - SM North Annex
Just recently, I craved for Italian food but my # 1 bully did not prefer to eat pastas nor pizzas that day. He wanted to eat "real food" as he said (LOL) and with that, he meant rice and viand. The ambiance of this place kinda drove us in and soon enough, we found ourselves choosing from their wide selection of menu items. Soon enough as well, we sat comfortably in their customer-friendly lounge-type seats that enticed us all the more to stay.

The overall look may have done the trick but do they stand up to the quality and service that customers deserve? Find out ...
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I guess, to a certain degree, they do live up to some standards. Why did I say that? Allow me to share what we've ordered ...

Holiday Package: Set 2
Cream Dory with Italian Rice

I wanted a no-rice meal that day when we went there but I settled for this meal. Of course, you'll know to whom the rice would go right? Hehe.

I ordered for their Set 2 Holiday Promo: 1 pc Cream Dory with Italian Rice. The Italian Rice that came along with my fish ... alright, "Cream Dory" is not too fab for me to eat. I guess there's something missing in the taste? Anyway, since I wanted to eat fish (fake healthy diet huh? hehehehe), I guess I was kinda "ok" with this menu.

I didn't like the sauce that came along with it. It was a regular tomato paste stuff (I dunnot what it's aptly called though, sorry) and I asked for a replacement instead. Cream Dory meals normally come with "white sauce" right? So I requested for that instead. Thankfully, the staff gave in to my request. They kindly explained though that it's a complimentary sauce then for me, since the meal doesn't normally come with it. I say blah! Excuse not accepted.

To add on to that not so good but rather bland taste, we also ordered a group meal ...

Their service wasn't too fast though. I can't speak for all branches but this one at SM North EDSA, Annex is the branch we visited. I guess it's still ok since ... at least they give more time for food preparation.

Their Bunch Favorites is still available. We settled with Doppio Delizioso which promised a real good deal for two. The food items below are inclusive in this package:

Doppio Delizioso
2 pcs Italian Chicken, 2 slices Cheese Overload Pizza

Doppio Delizioso
Spaghetti Bolognese

The pasta went to me of course hehe, and I had a good 1 slice of pizza, together w/ my cream dory. All the rice and chicken meal; and somehow a few servings of pasta; went to Fafi. And yeah, half of my cream dory went to his tummy as well hehe. I have to say that the pizza tastes good. I am fond of cheese-flavored pizzas - or cheese-flavored menu items in general.

The pasta tasted rather normal to me, if I compare it with other Italian-like cuisines or restaurants / fast food chains available in town. Maybe, I haven't gone thru a "real Italian resto" so I couldn't really compare the taste? Anyway, these servings are good enough for a hungry bunch of two. Considering Fafi's appetite, he could eat 'em all.

Doppio Delizioso
Garden Salad, Minestrone Soup, 2 single-served drinks

I like the fact that they offer an upgrade to their drinks. I guess most food chains now are offering bottomless servings of drinks - be it sodas / softdrinks or iced tea / lemonade. This has become a trend and a personal favorite to most food lovers I guess. It benefits the stores more I guess since they could save a few stabs of food items while the customer gets full over bottomless drinks. So regardless of having a smaller quantity of servings, customers will still be satisfied with the amount of food servings they get. Hmmm, such a tactic ei? But we still settled with an upgraded bottomless iced tea with our meals.

If this drink ain't bottomless, I'd hate it that they serve it with too much ice on it. I didn't order "ice with tea" lah~ That's why I order my drinks with no ice all the time anyway, unless I got it refillable.

I was already full with the meal we got but like what I initially felt, there's something missing in the taste. I'm not sure if it's just too salty or it's still not too Italian for me but I wasn't too satisfied. And so I checked their servings of desserts. These pieces were real eye candies ...

Dolce Tre Latte

Gelato Ice Cream

I guess this one did the trick! I was craving for something sweet too and these desserts did it! Woot! We ordered Dolce Tre Latte and Vanilla Gelato Ice Cream!

Bigoli Desserts Counter

And this is what we shared ... TADAAAAAAA!!!

Bigoli Desserts
Vanilla Gelato and Dolce Tre Latte

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)

And since' I'm nice enough (hohoho~) I'd give it 4 STARS instead. 3 stars for the menu and 1 whole star for the dessert! Yummy desserts!

Overall, the price is still pretty affordable, I'd say. The desserts were rather low-priced. I guess I can still come back here and enjoy the same servings! Hehe. There are still quite a few items in their menu that could be delightful and interesting! I'd save 'em for another visit! (^_^)


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1 comment:

  1. Yes Bigoli! I love Bigoli, I kinda miss eating there already orz


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