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VXI Satellite TV Sales Turns 3 at Robot Bar & Restaurant Lounge

12/09/2011 07:27:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

I already promised to write about the other anniversary project right? This is rather late ... So here it is now ...

Initially, our Quezon City Site celebrated the account's 1st Year Anniversary at Dolce Superclub. Our main site of course, in Makati City, did not let the sister site end as glamorous as they did. LOL. And with this, our Makati Site Satellite TV project who turned three (3) held the event at another prestigious place - at Robot Bar & Restaurant Lounge. Let me greet everyone and congratulate everybody for a wonderful job all throughout the years! All this success is not possible if not because of everyone's hard work (ehem, sounds familiar?) Being in a sales program is not easy but it's definitely a fun work environment, especially as we serve a premium account, which is truly a hardcore sales account! Yeah! So Happy 3 Years for us!

We've planned everything in about a month's time but the location didn't come into the picture until the actual week before the set date, due to non-availability of the amenities we prefer from several bars we've pre-selected. And with a Food Tasting Event held in cooperation with the bar management, we've settled for Robot. The food was amazing and that really sold us the thought to hold the event there. And last November 25, 2011, VXI's premier sales account - the main site, our project, has already celebrated its 3rd Year Anniversary.

VXI is a known leader in providing business process and information technology outsourcing offering comprehensive services to its clients. The company specializes in call center and BPO services, software development, quality assurance testing, and infrastructure outsourcing. Headquartered in the United States, VXI employs 10,000 people around the world including locations in China and the Philippines. So how did we celebrate oursuccesses in the business, recognizing the fruits of our employees' hard work? Photo spammage below ...
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Approximately 250 guests were present, from sales consultants to our VIPs. Everyone had fantastic outfit! The much awaited part of our event is the awarding of course, and the surprise presentation from our beloved team leaders. The theme was just in time for the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movie. My dear SME (Subject Matter Expert) team led the way to make this materialize in the event. Everyone was encouraged to dress up in black, red, or white.

Robot Bar Section 2 - Main Event Area
The programme started with an opening dance number from our team leaders and sales consultants to the tune of Nicki Minaj's SUPERBASS hit song, rendition by MEMONISM! (^_^) Everyone seemed to crowd at the main event area already that dine at the 1st Section.

I won't be showcasing the food anymore as I've reserved that already (my food review) on another blog post. Check out our Food Tasting Event a few days prior to our actual party. (^_^)

Nobody had the guts to dress up as Edward, Bella, nor Jacob though haha. I guess they were too shy to get outshined by their colleagues. LOL.

Our folks simply enjoyed the night. I'm glad they were all happy and the feedback I'm getting is overwhelming with positive notes. There are a few missing items though but still, it's rather successful. Much thanks to my team as well for the hard work and all efforts to make this happen! Woot! The programme did not run as planned (as a whole) but with everyone getting whacky, we added a few portions to stir more fun. With that, a dance challenge was held. Pot money was collected which unfortunately was shouldered by our leaders (LOLZ ... kidding!) This is all for the benefit of our sales consultants and their enjoyment.

Teach Me How To Dougie ...

Our sales consultants enjoying the Dance Challenge

Our Team Leaders were also very participative and they prepared ... primarily the MALE members of the group to serenade everybody with a song & dance number ... this time with the song KATAWAN ... I bet this was the best part of the intermission numbers. Everyone was all laughs!

TLs Kiko Barrameda, Rheign Hernandez, Michael Baua, Elwin Abarro,
John Paunil, Dominic Pareja, and Guilbert Diaz ... KATAWAN!

All the ladies enjoying the KATAWAN performance. LOL.

As promised, we had our awarding ceremonies too. This included our Yearly Performance Awards with a tribute to the best sales consultants all throughout the year; and some Fun Awards recognizing poll / survey feedback.

Yearly Performance Awards

Fun Awards (Sweetheart of the Year? Or Heartthrob of the Year? LOL)

The whole location was good enough to house everybody and help us all relax and enjoy the event. There are lots of good "locations" within the venue though, which became favorites for photo shoots. Of course, everyone loves a good souvenir, right? Here are the "spots" where all the scenes happen ... LOL.

VIP Section (U-Shaped Seats)

Section 1: Main Dining Area

The hallway / alley leading to the VIP room and the washroom

I just can't find a good shot of the crystallized and mirror-decked washroom area yet ... there are lots online but I wanna use our shot hehe.

Main Entrance / Robot Bar Signage (where I also posed! Hehe)

The BAR ... with the floating / hanging tables
Same area where the high-grossing local movie, No Other Woman was shot
(i.e. the bar scene with Anne Curtis-Smith)

The BAR: Drinks Selection where bottles are cutely-displayed

The BAR: With the Bartenders
Uniforms were designed by Rajo Laurel

All thanks as well, of course, to our dear mentor / leader / and big boss, January ... who have led us thus far, at this point, reaching our third year milestone.

Me and January before the Anniversary Toast

The one that has set everybody on to party mode was the ever-changing lights at Robot Bar. The dominant disco lights / balls seen in other bars is nowhere to be found, as other folks looked for. But this alternative is much more fun! Everybody really adapted to it as well and loved it, instead of looking for techno disco lights. The colors hype up the whole place. They light up the runway too or the main stage area where our mini-fashion show was also ... kinda held! :p The catwalk area seems much more fun with these lights. Everyone enjoyed their own catwalk in their fashion-forward scenes!

Love it in RED - Here's Erelyn (Operations Manager) and myself, with our lovelies

Go RED with me and Simon Ritter (Operations Manager for a social media campaign)

Go GREEN with your BUSA Team - Melanie & Rodge
(These 2 are in charge of Go Green Scorecards too hehe)

Go PURPLE (or Violet) with the QA and Workforce Friends,
Emman, Jayson and Precious

I don't think we got the color YELLOW but we surely captured the BLUEHere's our dear QA (Quality Assurance) Team!

Who wants TEAL?
Everyone loves posing for the cam!

I am still searching for some photos we took if we were able to capture the lovely flooring they have. It's made of glass or glass-like material (sorry if I dunno what it's exactly called). It's one of the "attractions" as well for this place, I bet. It's not slippery too, considering that all girls were in high heels and top fashion, it wouldn't be nice if we all slip, right? Hehe.

DJ Thea
It was overall, a very fun evening. Though it ain't a cosplay event I'm attending, it surely is another fun party I get to organize and attend! Too much for the busy schedule lah~ At least I'm still able to attend.

The night had lovely DJs too and take note, they're both girls. That's another PLUS point for our folks hehe. They're super pretty and sexy too ... all our boys seem to get double the fun lah~ And not just the boys but the other girls ... uhmm, I'd say members of the LGBT I guess. Hehe. They have cool macs! (^_^)

Of course, I didn't let the opportunity pass without a "photoshoot" too hehe but I dun wanna bombard you with my solo shots. LOLZ. I ain't a model and I'm too-chubby to be one harharhar~ But I surely love photoshoots hehe.

The open bar did give another spice to our folks. They enjoyed all drinks as we stated and finalized in our Food Tasting Event and since not everyone drinks (like me - I only got my complimentary drinks of iced tea and soda hehe).

Me with our sales consultants
Our event wouldn't be complete without prints ... take note, immediate prints, from our photobooth provider - Mayfel Portable Photo Studio. Everyone loved this provision and the guys were so busy taking pictures. Too bad our backdrop was just as a plain white tarpaulin. There was miscommunication with one of my team members and the bar so they kept their ROBOT photo wall instead of providing it. *sigh*

Still, the folks loved it! They didn't mind the white background. They all cared about the picture and the souvenir they'd get right away hehe. It's a night to remember! Everyone looked lovely of course.

As part of the Client Services Management Team, of course, my work doesn't just concentrate on making the business clients happy. One of my priorities is of course, making our own people happy. I believe I was able to achieve that too, with the help of our team, in this event. In here, they had SATISFACTION ... guaranteed! (^_^) And that makes me happy too.

Quezon City TL, Allan Alzate
QC Operations Manaer, Maine Tan
Makati Operations Manager, Erelyn Hibionada
Makati TL and Photobomber, Kiko Barrameda (LOL)

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

We all look forward to having more years to come indeed! Our partnership with our client and the business focus of our company has led to numerous successes, recognizing a number of leaders now in the industry.

If you wish to be part of this stellar group and have fun at work, of course, you can never go wrong with VXI.

For my Makati City Site Family ...


For more information about VXI, check out the details below:
CALL: (02) - 899 - 2200
Makati Head Office, SM Cyber2 Jupiter St. corner Zodiac, Buendia Makati (near Buendia MRT Station)
Quezon City Office: 1024 Global Trade Center EDSA Quezon City (along EDSA, near SM North EDSA, beside Iglesia ni Cristo)

Be One of Us! Join us at VXI where work meets fun!


Alright so here's one shot from my own photoshoot (^_^) LOLZ.

All RED ... Fiery RED!


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