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Amber's Golden Chain of Restaurants

12/23/2011 09:34:00 PM Chai Chen 2 Comments

I've been frequenting the Makati streets for about eight (8) years now (I guess) because of my work location and it wasn't until this year that I discovered this place ...

Amber's Pancit Malabon (Single Order)
One of my team members and a good friend, Mulan, lives nearby and she somehow influenced me into liking and craving for more of the local food items available from this store. I can't believe that I only found out about this place just so-recently! Food this good has to be discovered much earlier lah!

Anyway, when I found out about it, I wasn't raving for it until I tried their dishes. My first order was just a light meal to serve my hunger. Yeah! I can consider it as a light meal. I didn't order for rice and viand meals but their best-sellers ...
  • 1 single order Pancit Malabon
  • 1 single order Pichi-Pichi (cheese - 4 pieces)
This set is already good enough for a hungry stomach and I must say, it's delicious! I only tried it once and I kept on wanting more ...

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Too bad, that food this good is also considered a fatty food and as much as I'd love to have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; I couldn't. Aside from ruining my diet, it will also become unhealthy so as much as possible, I keep it to a minimum. Errrmmm ... it's 2x a week a minimum? LOL. Ok ... once a week! Haha.

Amber Golden Plate Restaurant (Makati)
It's funny how they name their restaurants with GOLDEN + #TERM and they have four (4) wonderful establishments within Metro Manila. The one in Makati, which I've been visiting frequently now is named Amber Golden Plate Restaurant.

Amber Makati: Ordering / Counter

The place has an 80's look and feel eatery and I don't think they're upgrading anytime soon. They are probably preserving the old look since they have it in their slogan as well - Since 1988.

One thing that customers have to be wary of is that, there are too many people ordering! See that crowd? It seems quite a bunch! Their ordering system somehow needs improvement, I guess. Instead of getting that bunch of folks in one counter w/o a first come first serve basis, it will be chaos lah~ I somehow managed to adapt hehe but I still think this area needs improvement.

Amber Makati: Golden Plate Theme

They don't have AC units around so we all have to settle with natural air flowing hehehe. I guess if it's too hot, especially during the summer season, it wouldn't be too-bearable unless regular ceiling fans (with gold themes too) can do the trick. So far, it hasn't affected my dining experience.

Amber's Pancit Malabon

My favorite meal from the store is their best-seller - The Original Pancit Malabon. It's always served hot with their juicy sauce and toppings - vegetables, shrimp, and egg cutlets. Served with slices of calamansi as well; it surely satisfies anyone's local food cravings.

Amber's Pancit Malabon and Pichi-Pichi (Cheese)

They said your pancit wouldn't be complete without an equally delicious local dessert with it and Amber knows best which one to pair with it - their original pichi-pichi (cheese flavor)!

Their menu items come in different sizes and their single order is more than enough for a single hungry person (hohoho~). I've tried ordering their bilao orders already - good for 5 persons and the bigger sizes as well - for my family and other relatives. They all love the pancit and pichi pichi! We don't always taste this kind of delicious local food so sometimes, I order more for the benefit of everyone.
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
For more information about their restaurant, you can visit their website at and learn about their line up of marvelous and delicious menus in town!


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  1. i love ambers too!! two thumbs up for the pancit, spaghetti and pichi pichi! <3

  2.  Yeah pancit malabon and pichi pichi = the best! :)


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