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Belle De Jour Power Planner for 2012

12/06/2011 06:57:00 PM Chai Chen 4 Comments

I'm "OC" as other people said and yes I guess I can confirm that! LOL. Obssessive-Compulsive! LOLZ. Is that a disease? Haha.

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2012
My OC-ness is more of me being detail-oriented and I believe I certainly need that trail, or even, "skill" especially with my work in the corporate world. Despite the presence of many smartphones now, I remain "old school" when it comes to my notes' taking. With this, I stick to the old planner type journals like what we normally collect from Starbucks during the holiday season. I used to collect stamps too from Starbucks until I discovered this planner from Belle De Jour. Since then, I believed that this is the best planner for me that perfectly suits my needs. It matches every girls' needs. It doesn't just cater to college students I guess but to young professionals alike. And since I discovered it from a friend, I've been keeping it as my planner for years now.

This time, it's gonna be my fourth year with BDJ Power Planner. For the year 2012, I already ordered my new planner. I love it! There are many reasons why every girl would love it. Allow me to share with you my reasons and why you should start using it too, in case you haven't considered it yet, dear reader!

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The first thing I really loved about this power planner is the design.

It's so chic and girlie! It reminds me of Reese Whitherspoon in  her famous role & movie, Legally Blonde. The pages are perfect for writing and it's so handy! It's really the organizer of choice!

Each planner comes with a set of coupons with many partner establishments where each "bella" can enjoy discounts and loads of freebies! I started using it in 2009 and I've been mostly consuming the coupons since then. The partners do match the lifestyle of every bella like me! Be it food, accessories, clothes, shoes, skin care/ beauty products, etc. As much as I control myself into not buying them, I get pushed to do it! Demmit~! LOL. It's because all BDJ deals are awesome! I get 10%-15% to even 20% discounts in certain establishments. There are also Buy 1 Get 1 stuff and lotsa freebies when you reach specific spending requirements! My favorite from all the series is the set from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) because they have A LOT! I think about 5-10 coupons? I can't even count now hehe. All I can say is, all promotions / promos inclusive in BDJ deals are all GOOD! The best!

Belle De Jour Rendezvous

The organizers hold quite a number of events as well and I had the opportunity to attend one before called Belle De Jour Rendezvous. It was way back 2009 though but still, it was lovely! Check out my photo album to see what's in store from every BDJ event. I get to read the same from the BDJ website. There are lots of speakers, motivational talks, bella-sharing, etc. Of course, there are lots of freebies too! Yey! The swag or grab bags you'll get are not cheap stuff. They're always from top brands with top quality! Oh boy! I guess I wouldn't even buy some of them due to cost LOL. But since they're for free, why not? It's also fun meeting the other girls!

My BDJ Lifestyle Cards
Last year, the team has launched the newest offering - the BDJ Lifestyle Card. The card offers many partner discounts as well that each bella can use in every visit. With this, we're not just limited to the number of coupons that come with the planners but we get to enjoy it every time we visit! For next year, I already received my renewal card!~ Hooray! I have two (2) of them now! Hehe.

Every year as well, the BDJ Team introduces a new feature in the planner style. I think the best so far, is how they organized last year's planner (2011). I know a lot of girls are also contributing to this, like me. It's nice to know that our ideas are factored in. The layout, contents, sections, and new features are products of every bella's suggestions! So far, what I've contributed I guess, is suggesting the following: period tracker, expenses tracker, gifts tracker, savings tracker. I haven't been rejected though and I bet, other bellas requested the same!

This picture I am sharing is how I utilize my planner. Like what others said, its overly used. LOL. I write the things I plan to do everyday. Since my work needs a lot of reminders, my most urgent items get written up here. I get sooo busy I forget to add "leisure" in my schedules. Haha!

My 2011 BDJ Power Planner - All Used Up!

 So far, I've enjoyed using the BDJ planners. It's all worth it!

My BDJ Power Planners through the years!

I guess I'll never change to any other planner then. I have everything I need now. BDJ has helped me organize my life - time management at its finest! It served my personal, family, career, and love life yay!

Next year, I wish to use more of the coupons (harharhar!) and attend more events. Everything they offer empowers the women of today to be more successful in all aspects of life and so far, my experiences w/ BDJ have given me all positive results. The planner has been there for me as I track my path to management. With leadership as one of their themes, no wonder I've adapted a few tips &tricks! I'm sure it'll give you all the same good results!

To order your very own planner, hop on to the BDJ Website now!
Welcome new bellas! (^_^) Enjoy! It's the power planner for power women! Girl powah!


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  1. same, i still find it better to write down all my thoughts hehehehe 

  2. Hooray for you YUU BELLA! *hugs*

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