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I Get My Contact Lenses from GWYSHOP

12/16/2011 06:15:00 PM Chai Chen 6 Comments

I started using contact lenses in 2008 when I first tried to cosplay. It wasn't the best experience since I'm not used to having "something" in my eye. I would often blink and put drops to lubricate. While the brand I first tried was popular and has the softest lenses as I've read, based on reviews, it still didn't do the trick.

GEO Diamond Series - RED
As months and about years go by, I discovered that there are tons of different places where I could get good contact lenses. I did try several other brands / suppliers / shops, especially when the popularly known GEO lenses came into play. I bought some stocks from my friend and it actually felt uncomfortable. The lenses are thicker than most American brands or similar types. Since GEO is an Asian-type of lens (based on several reviews online) and a Korean brand to be exact, it's made thicker to suit Asian eyes and climate.

This "business" has actually gone viral, I'd say. I knew of several online shops that sell them for a huge stash of cash back then, just to make profit but soon enough, tons of shops sprouted out of nowhere - offering much lower prices than ever. This has brought suspicion to a lot of buyers, myself included, since most offers seem too good to be true. And little did they know (well, some), most of them are FAKE. Not only do they harm the eyes by means of redness and irritation; they could also lead to serious condition like BLINDNESS. This scares the sh*t out of me! I wouldn't sacrifice health for beauty lah~ That's why I am always careful with my purchases.

Some time in 2009, I found out about this shop and as I started buying more stocks for daily wear and cosplay needs. I found myself buying more often from there since then! And what kept me buying from this shop called GWYSHOP anyway? Find out why ...

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One thing that kept me coming back to this shop is the PRICE. That's # 1.

GEO Animation Lens
Red Sharingan
DJ Lilina "Lilith" Hinazuka Cosplay (Beatmania IIDX)
I believe the shop has a pretty competitive price, looking at the variety of other shops around. I started buying when the rates were still at P800+- and that already comes with several packages, like free lens container, cleaner, etc.. Reseller packages are also available. With me buying a lot, I normally hoard orders from my friends / colleagues as well so we could all save money since the discounts are high when we buy in bulk. I normally take advantage of this offer so me and my friends normally pay lesser.

The site in MULTIPLY is also very USER FRIENDLY.

GEO 3-Tone Violet
Stella Nox Fleuret Cosplay
(Final Fantasy VS XIII)
I find it very easy to navigate and search for products. The items are easily identifiable via picture and text description. Coding per item is also easy to understand unlike in other shops I also browsed from, before. Some sites only contained text descriptions and codes; accompanied by little to no-picture at all. This makes it harder to sell then, for them. Coz I didn't buy from them hehe.

The site designs may be easy on the eyes for some, and also cute like this one but it ain't as easy to navigate as I found from here. For noobs in Multiply, it wouldn't be as easy for them (as it did when I was just starting); especially when it comes to ordering. In GWYSHOP, ordering has been made easy.

From the order form up to messaging and order completion, it's really a hassle-free transaction. I think I'm even the one causing the hassle coz my work shift is at night so often, we don't meet timeframes hahaha!

Service is also very SPEEDY.

GEO T-EYE Series Stars
While yes it's my schedule causing the hassle, I can't deny the fact that the owner has been rather friendly and helpful and still trying to meet my demands, esp. in terms of delivery and handling.

There were a lot of times I had to order just one (1) item and normally it's RUSHED hehehe. Because of my busy schedule, I normally forget some of my events and remember them only when they come near ... good thing the owner is very flexible to my needs and until now, has never failed in meeting my timeline. I am certainly appreciating that fact hurhurhur~

The owner, Dona Amisola-Beriña, is also VERY ACCOMMODATING and friendly too.

GEO Magic Circle Barbie Black
Overall, she ain't a beeyotch unlike other sellers who would impose a lot of terms and conditions to the point that I wouldn't buy at all. Dona is very to talk to and finds ways to deliver her customers' needs. One PM away or one text message, or even one chat away! That's the Dona I know! Of course, I'd rather not abuse it hehe.

I am very much contented with how she treats repeat buyers like me. She gives freebies too so all the more that I am enticed to buy again.

The shop doesn't just have GEO as the brand though. They also have other contact lens brands like EOS, Japanese Big Eye (JBE) and other brands too.

I did try the JBE series and I like it's results too ...

Japanese Big Eye (JBE) Series
Adult Green
Queen's Blade Rebellion Cosplay - Siggy

The variety of products make me wanna go and collect 'em all! Haha!

I tend to be more fond of the lenses that have bigger diameter so it makes my eyes go bigger too! From the normal 14.00mm, I go with 15.00mm or more hehe. Creepy but cutesy!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

Right now, GWYSHOP has a lot of beauty and cosmetic products too, including cosplay wigs, and other essentials. I have to say it has grown a lot at this point. I'm proud of the success that this shop has at this point! And I'm happy to have contributed as well. (^_^) I'm OVERLY SATISFIED with everything the shop has to offer. I did buy other stuff than lenses before, mind you heheh. But I will concentrate on the contact lenses for now. (^_^)

I am happy how I could switch using these lenses from daily use to cosplay use when I attend conventions. I can wear 'em comfortably in the office, during gimmicks or when I hang out with friends, or when I camwhore! LOLZ. It has become a big part of my fashion sense and lifestyle. Thankfully, the shop is able to fulfill my needs! Thanks to Dona!

GEO Nudy Series - Grey
For more information about the shop, go jump to the following links and get the same enjoyment and satisfaction I get from the products I bought. (^_^) This ain't a paid advertorial or anything related. I really just want to share my review about Dona's shop. And I love it!


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