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The Face Shop Vita C Mask Sheet

12/13/2011 02:41:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

It's not only until this year that I started to pay attention again to taking care of my skin (under the influence of Xiaxue I guess hohoho~) so now, I also pay attention to what I put on my face (and overall). The skin is the largest cell in the body anyway so we gotta take care of it, right? Excuses! LOL.

So I tried to look for the freebies I got from some purchases I had bought certain stuff last year (i.e. BB creams, some pore smoothening, etc.) from different Korean skin care shops. And before I converted to my Etude House fandom, I used to be a fan of The Face Shop. I just find Etude's stocks more "girlie" and suiting my needs though soooo ... oh well! Anyway, I found one of the stuff I had as a freebie some time ago ... good thing it's not yet expired heheh. I didn't put much attention to them before. So, there are different types of them and the packs I got were the Vita C Mask Sheet.

There's been a lot of reviews online about it already so I won't do the same heheh. But lemme share it's effects on me lah~

The specific product I had was Vita C Mask Sheet with skin tone brightening Raspberry & Strawberry Extracts (vitamin supplement for the skin). Honestly, I don't do "facials" nor put on masks as part of my "beauty regimen" but I guess, it's worth a try hehe. Besides, I wanna fulfill my "taking care of my skin" duty hehe.
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The product commits to have a deep penetrating formula with Vitamin C. It also promises to help brighten dull skin tone and fights free radicals to retard aging. I actually didn't care about these details LOL.

There are very simple instructions at the back and it has full of details about how it helps brighten skin tone, what ingredients help fight skin aging, etc. It concentrated on brightening the skin lah ... not that I need any whitening at all anymore ... I actually need to darken right? Haha. My skin tone's too bright! LOL. But ok, my face needs some pampering out of all the work stress anyway so ... I gave this product a try. I got it for free anyway hehe. I read that there's Vita A, B, C, and E mask lines. The ones I got are both the C's.

First thing I noticed when I opened the pack is the sweet smell. Its fruity smell doesn't smell much. Well, probably because I had in stock for long. But it's ok. At least it's not too-scented, that I'd just want not to smell it. It's a light fruity smell without the alcohol scent.

Most reviews I also read about it is that, it suits their face. LOL. I wonder how it'd be if it doesn't suit my face hehehe.

Alright ... so, I feel kinda awkward posting a pic of myself nude ... well, not really nude harharhar~ But I feel my face is kinda "naked" without my BB cream and lose powder haha. My dark eye circles are too obvious (well, somehow, not much anymore hehe because of the eye cream I'm using - will review next time) and my face looks too oily. LOLZ. But anyway ... here it is ...

The sheet feels cold! LOL. Talk about first timer now? Haha. It was slipping down my face so I had to lie down after. I waited for 20 minutes before I took it off. I can still smell it's sweet scent. Too sweet I wanna eat it instead. LOL.

A little past 10 minutes, I kinda felt itchy already. My face seems to be developing rashes. Oh well, I have sensitive skin so I kinda expected it. Unless I use it more often, that's the only time I won't turn red. I still continued with it though until the time came for me to remove it ... I was surprised that it didn't turn out too-red anyway. It was just "ok."

The mask did leave a sticky residue but not to worry ... I just had to dab and massage it accross my face as well. It kinda added to the itch but it ain't too much of an issue. It goes away anyway. And so, as soon as my face dried up a little bit, I was scrutinizing it ... did it show any difference? I guess it kinda did ...

The photo editing was done on my Samsung Galaxy SII. I just had to add texts to it so you can't view my clutter. LOL. Anyway, the after-effects seem to be good. My face did turn a little red ... or pinkish. Also, the residue left an oily texture but not too oily anyway... just a little uncomfortable because ... my face didn't feel like it's "free" nor "really clean." It had this heavy feeling that I still had to take off or wash away. I didn't wash it again though. The sheet says I had to leave it on already so, I did. Good thing it didn't bring too big issues the night after.
Me after using The Face Shop Vita C Mask Sheet
In fact, it kinda gave my skin that "glow" that it probably needs now amidst stress. Woot!

I slept well and the effect on my face was good. It feels smooth!

Me and my 2nd pack of The Face Shop Vita C Mask Sheet
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

I have another sheet to try so I'll see if it does give my skin any problems or none at all. I don't think it's good to use masks daily so I'll give it some weeks or maybe next month hehe. I'll see what happens next. (^_^)


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