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The Magnum Craze, That Is?

3/25/2012 10:23:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

Om nom nom Magnum ...
I first learned about this Magnum Ice Cream Bar from Chuvaness' blog. My first impression was ... this is awesome!!! I didn't know how much it was until we finally bought one. I was drooling just by sight of it ... luckily, my first bar was a treat from our boss (LOL) since we were in a middle of some helluvah powerpoint deck presentation to big bosses and overly stressed; needing a break ... we were thinking of what to get to ignite our senses and I recommended MAGNUM (while on that blog post by Ms. C).

Their marketing seems to be really active and successful huh? It caught my eye! LOL.

My first insights by looking at at though, comparing it from the photos online ... it seems to be overly advertised though the actual product doesn't resemble the photos ... geez! As if I dunno yet ... photos for ads would always have a disclaimer - that they may not be exact representation of the actual products due to photography shiz ... and stuff.

Bottomline, it looks smaller than how it's shown in the photos... By smaller, I mean smaller in width and height ... or ... whatever you wanna call it! Hahah! Am I too demanding??? I guess I was just expecting for an almost-resemblance in the advertised photos ... shame on me! Now I got a little disappointed ... The ice cream bar itself looks bigger in the pictures than the stick that pops out ... but in reality, the stick is longer and you get a rather small ice cream bar - see the pic???

But before I kill your thought bubbles ... read on ... it's not as bad as I may have sounded though ...

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The all-new Magnum promises a velvety-smooth and creamy ice cream bar, coated with a thick layer or cracking real Belgian chocolate. Because of the fad, I jumped into the bandwagon and craved for it. Honestly, as I realize now, there's nothing too special in it. I am not a food expert so I cannot really say if it does taste like a real Belgian chocolate. However, being someone who's been to Belgium and packed a lot of chocolates back then (circa 2003? LOL ... was it that long?) ... the memory of the awesome chocolates I got from Bruxelles were nowhere near the taste of these ice cream bars.

In Memoriam ... of my First Magnum Bar
I'm sure a lot of critics who might have spotted this post would say, Well how can you remember the taste of those chocolates if they were sooooo-2003? This is 2012 now? Duh! Well, my taste buds say so. LOL. That's a special memory and my brain tells me, this ain't it! Hohoho~ But like I said, I ain't a foodista / food expert to be an authority in distinguishing a real Belgian chocolate from a not-so-real or just a regular chocolate.

Simple ... The point is ... I can identify See's Candies chocolates vs. Lindt vs. Cadbury vs. Kitkat vs. Goya vs. Serg's. But ... well, I dunno the "Belgian" chocolate brands right? So Magnum may be using a real Belgian chocolate indeed. Who knows? Their "chef" or master maker is Belgian with Belgian chocolate experise right? Bottomline? This is an ice cream bar covered with thick chocolate coating; that's fo sho! And I eat it like any other ice cream bar. *le sigh*

Office Breaktime - Nomnoming Magnum
It was so successful indeed as they had the right marketing pieces altogether. It's costly for P50 - P60 per bar, compared to a P20 for Cornetto / Drumstick. Remember those Anong mabibili sa bente P20 pesos? - yeah those lines? The tugs-tugs-tugs commercials? It was successful too. But what's so different with Magnum's marketing campaign? It's the hype, beybeh! Imagine big names parading with their Magnum bars! Demmit! Demm those legs! LOL. I'd have to say it really intrigued me to try it out.

But, like I said earlier anyway, it ain't too bad. I am just a bi@tch (like what my ring says ... LOL). I still enjoyed it. I expect it to be a little creamier though ... the ice cream itself tastes a bit too-ordinary. Maybe the coating is just the only thing special though ... the "Belgian" chocolate coating? But other than that, nothing else?

My favorite from the three (3) lines available now is the Almond Flavor. I dunno but its vanilla filling tastes better than the classic one. Is my brain fooling me? Hohohohoh~ Unfortunately, that flavor is almost-always out of stock. I'm normally stuck with Chocolate Truffle or the Classic one ... so after a few days of Magnum-madness, I'm done with the craze (read: "sawa")!!! Or ... well ... ok fine! It still tastes better than probably, other local brands, right? But nothing much too-special. It's really expensive.

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (3 Stars!!!)
Anyway, if you still want to indulge in this yummy bar ... go ahead. It still has its sweetness you'd want but cannot have from the other bars out there. It's still worth the cravings I guess! When you get stressed and want to take a break, go ahead and try this one out. Want some food trip? Try this one! (^_^) See? I have my photos plastered around this blog post haha! I really had fun with it, no kidding! I loved it! :) It's just that, I reached satiation point I guess. Getz?



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