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MINT Nails + Wax + Relax

3/23/2012 10:21:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 9 Comments

When you're such in a hurry to do a lot of things at one time, your perfect choice is to be in a mall where you could get food + shopping + other services. So when my compay was holding last year's (December 2011Christmas Party celebration at World Trade Center; my best option for "last minute" preps was to be at SM Mall of Asia.

The only thing I had prepared was my dress (which I bought just a few days prior the company event). Everything else, I was relying on that last minute preparation (dang! I've been too busy at work!) That day, I went with one of my team members and friend, Melanie, as she wasn't too-decided yet if she'd join or not. I kinda convinced her though (heheheh) and she went with me to do girl-preps! Yah know what I mean ...

We had to shop for shoes and stuff. This little girl has little feet so hers was harder to find for a match! Dang! With mine, I already had the perfect plan hohoho~ But aside from all the others (make-up, shoes, other paraphernalias) ... every girl wouldn't be caught without maniped right? T'was rush hour already and gosh! Every store we went to were full! How many party-attendees were they servicing? LOL. Plus, some of the other stores were too-expensive! Gee! So being the thrifty shoppers that we were, we wanted a budget-friendly store and it was sheer luck that this store was open and available to service us; two (2) more girls in the room. The name was catchy as well - MINT nails + wax + relax.
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So, we just had the fastest service we could get - manicure + pedicure (foot spa).

My wiggly toes! Still had my PINK pedicure :)
After a tiring walkathon, shopping, we need some pampering too, yes? It was pretty relaxing ... aaaahhh! I'd say their area / location is enticing enough. The interiors really appeal to the customers.

I like how each client gets her own soft chair and personalized staff working on your services. You get your own light stand as well - which I find really cool. The ambiance is relaxing already due to dim lights, which made it look darker in the room; so the light stand really helps you see through things. LOL.

The Bully Melanie on her seat ...
Each customer gets a minimum of two (2) service staff to assist. I think this is also an added bonus. It makes their services completed faster. So the normal two (2) hours for my hands and feet, took only aroun 50 minutes overall - including the scrub / cleanings and all that shiz! Props to that because we were really in a hurry, hehe. And so I had one staff working on my feet and another one for my hands.

Feet Treatment

Hand Treatment
The shop has a specialized services only and limited to a few relaxation packages; more manicure and pedicure treatments; and waxing services. I didn't expect much nor explore much of what else they had to offer - we were too darn pressed for time so the least I cared for was the other services (so sorry I couldn't share that much information!)

Mint Service Counter
They have a wide selection of nail polish and nail art / nail care that welcomes you as you hop in the store. I find it attractive; especially the way they designed it or arranged it. I think it's also what drove me in to check what they had to offer. I was hoping I could still get nail art on but given the time before the actual party starts (Yes, that's what you call "last minute" right? So we were just I think an hour behind before the party started - and we were still out there waiting for our nails to get done! Woot!); I opted not to.

Mint Nail Polish Center
In a few of the other stores I went to, they're already asking now whether the customer would want special or regular treatment. I wondered why but now I understand ... it's commonly asked in nail spa shops. The "special" services would give you an imported brand choice for your nail color while the rest would be local or not-so-known brands. With the fad on nail arts these days, I think this has become a pretty good business, ei? You get charged more for your imported brand hehehe.

Mint's ZOYA Counter
I did not care anymore whether I get ZOYA or not. LOL. I just simply wanted a bloody red to wine red shade to match my overall ensemble that day hehe. Being in a hurry doesn't really help that much in the selection huh? Hehe. Oh well! The color they gave me looks fine.

My MINT nails
and VNC shoes + La Senza stockings
I would say overall, I'm pretty much satisfied with the pampering and services I got except for the final results of my nail polish. Double that feedback for Mel. The color didn't stick much and it was still dripping when we left the store. I thank the two (2) ladies who assisted me but I guess the process they used is not adviseable for mall-goers. Of course, customers who go to such shops in a mall are swift movers and are always walking around - there's not much time for waiting before the nail colors dry out. Despite the fact that we were really rushing, there shouldn't be any reason why our nail polish would break that fast.

One reason I guess, is the fact that after the 2nd coating - they let it dry for a few minutes and then they used warm towels to relax the hands (they said!) However, that just makes the nail polish wet right? Doesn't help it dry. Yes, that's comforting for us but not for the nails? Had that been cold or icy cold, the polish would dry faster? I dunno ...

They were kind enough to put natural-colored polish and finally, after a few minutes, the quick dry nail polish top coat. We stayed on for a few minutes, still; but that didn't help much I guess. As soon as we went out, we had to rush and I bumped into a few folks ... and to my sadness, my nail polish was ruined! *sigh* Partly my fault I guess! But I believe, had it been a stronger enamel or coating; it wouldn't have been destroyed that much. Mel experienced the same.

As soon as we arrived at her elder sister's condo (to change clothes, put on make up, fix our hair, etc.); we had to hurry for final preparations. As I expected, my nails were totally tortured. I had to tap them and squeeze the drying enamel to cover the spots. Good thing I had my own natural + quick dry top coating to help. Mel had her own nail hardener as well which really helped even out the nail polish we saved. In this picture above, you'd see that my nails were fixed but still had the blotches and rough edges already (and the pores / bubbles). The price you have to pay for beauty ei?

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (3 Stars!!!)
It wasn't too bad of an experience anyway. Next time, we wouldn't be too much in a rush. The pampering / relaxation was really nice. We really needed that. I guess the only improvement area on their actual services is to find a way to make the nail polish dry faster. Is that too demanding? Is it too much of a request? Not really, right? Just more ways to satisfy us, customer. (^_^)

Anyway, I got the color I wanted! My overall look was good! In love with fashion & style woot! Will post more photos soon. (^_^)v



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  1. waaah bully? hahaha it's a nice read chai, your the best!

  2. Great way of pampering ourselves which we need from time to time as for relaxation and for a clean appearance of our feet.

  3.  Need more pampering time nga eh haaayzzz! :p

  4. It takes at least 45 minutes to dry. It is not advisable to put quick dry top coat nor nail hardener immediately after polish application. This will dull the color. Blowing on nails to let it dry faster will lead to bubbles.

  5. True. BUt the top coat is already a good practice. And it works for me. :) Too bad my experience in this shop wasn't too nice.

    Thanks for visiting. :)

  6. True. BUt the top coat is already a good practice. And it works for me. :) Too bad my experience in this shop wasn't too nice.

    Thanks for visiting. :)

  7. True. BUt the top coat is already a good practice. And it works for me. :) Too bad my experience in this shop wasn't too nice.

    Thanks for visiting. :)

  8. As you said that you requested for quick dry treatment. That treatment is oil based, which explains the dripping. You also indicated that you wanted a faster drying nail polish -- that is a PRODUCT and NOT a service. It's kinda unfair that you said your experience with them is not so nice due to slow drying nail polish. All kinds of nail polish or nail lacquers take at least 6 to 8 hours to dry COMPLETELY. I'm not the owner nor a share holder of the store. I'm just a NP fanatic. So, if you want to have a fast drying nail polish -- PAY MORE! Use Vinylux or OPI Infinite Shine! Those dry in less than 10 minutes. And mind you, not all mall goers are express peeps!


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