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Buy 1 Take 1 SALE at Red Nimbus Shop!

3/29/2012 09:49:00 AM Chai Chen 0 Comments

RED NIMBUS, a popculture store located at the 3rd floor, Jump Street Wing of Robinson's Galleria, is having it's final blast of sales for all fans ... and it's a major blast, mind you ...


Fans of popular brands such as Tokidoki, Harajuku Lovers, kidrobot, Madhouse PH, kidninja, Sip, and many more, will surely love this opportunity ... You'll find a vast selection of t-shirts, tops, bags, jackets, and the cute vinyl toys (i.e. dunny or dunnies, designed by popular artists) and blind-boxed keychains and phone charms. The offer is good until supplies last of course. And for me, I definitely enjoyed this chance while at the same time, sad, that the shop will be closing after ... So this post is more of my shop review + promotion announcement for them ...

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I, myself, am a fan of popular brands Tokidoki and Harajuku Lovers. I know customs would kill my budget if I order from their online shops hence, I'm glad that a local franchise such as The Red Nimbus shop is available to cater to my fandom, among others. I've been looking for a shop that has Tokidoki items on sale. I was able to catch it for a short time at SM Makati but I think they had that stall for just a short time. I did not have enough time to earn a budget for the stuff I wanted (LOL - yes, it's kinda pricey). Fortunately, Red Nimbus shop started to offer them. I heard about the shop from one of my favorite bloggers, Chuvaness, as "Ms. C" recommended it (I was looking for a local shop on twitter and I saw her exchanging tweets with the designer, Simone Legno ... luckily she replied to me and told me about the shop ... weeeee!)

My favorite item so far is my pink Sandy Unplugged top ...

Women's Tokidoki for Marvel
Fantastic 4 Tee
Also available at Red Nimbus
T-shirt prices range from P1,200 to P1,600 depending on the style and/or design. Some more premium items may cost P2,000 or more. For a thrifty consumer like me, of course, this would be a bit "pricey" since there are shirts that cost P500 or less (which is normally my budget LOL - mostly items on sale). However, for a highstreet fashion standard, this would be an acceptable price range. In fact, it's even cheaper compared to other brands (I guess?) And getting these all-original tops from these brands from other shops may cost more so I certainly believe that getting them from Red Nimbus is already a bargain on its own. Their price offering is competitive enough.

The store design and location is attractive as well. The glass walls offer you a glimpse of what to expect inside and it's filled with fun and excitement as you come in. Feast your eyes to arts & graphics from popular designers! I don't have a photo of their interiors nor how the shop looks like outside but you can search them online or visit their Facebook Fanpage -  RED NIMBUS. I can't even help myself from staring at these products! I want to buy them all! LOL.

The shop also offers convenient shopping experience since they offer online shopping (which is my favorite option *wink*) Their Multiply Shop is the best way to buy stuff from them. Aside from the fact that you get free shipping perks from the site itself, the products that you get are of course... AWESOME!!! They have other means too, but so far, that's the best I could recommend.

Tokidoki Thief Design T-Shirt (Grey)
Available also from Red Nimbus
See my MOOFIA phone charm too?
If you prefer to shop at Greenhills or Divisoria for some fake Tokidoki items, well, to each his own. As for myself, I want it all original! Hehe. It doesn't mean I don't shop from Greenhills nor Divisoria though, come on! Just that, for brands like Tokidoki, I know there's nowhere else to get it from than Red Nimbus.

The store keepers are friendly as well. They are related to the store owner (Gerry), if I'm not mistaken. Gerry is as friendly too! He's really providing that "customer service" to his clients. Makes me loyal to their shop then. I reall enjoy shopping there!

And going back to the sale, yes, they are offering a BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo. Initially, it was supposedly until March 19 only as they announced on their Fan Page. I missed it (talk about busy lah~) and saw it on the 20th demmit! But luckily, it's been extended until MARCH 31. While I think their 60% OFF SALE last February was a better offer (since this one appears to me like a 50% mark down instead), this is still a great opportunity to take advantage of the remaining stocks in the store - while supplies last! This is a STORE ONLY SALE and doesn't apply to online purchases so hurry! Only a few days left! SO HURRY AS IN NOW!

Did I mention that the women's shirts (most of them) come with Tokidoki hairclips?

I just love these clips as well - they come great with any of my styles, be it casual or office attire! Calling my inner fashionista here! Woot!

I can't get enough of this cuteness!!! Gaaaaahhh!

Sad to say though, the shop is closing come April hence, this is their FINAL SALES BLAST. I was trying to save up a few more stash of cash to buy more per month though (mind you, this is one of the brands I don't "mind" spending on hehe ... but you'll do find me cheap on my other purchases ... LOL ... all thrift shops haha). Unfortunately, this ain't happening anymore. Gerry and his team are saying Goodbye now to dear friends, shoppers, loyal customers, and the store ... so this is their last chance to treat us fans for this sale ...

Here's my last stash of stocks from this promo ...

My RED NIMBUS Buy1 Take 1 Haul - March 2012
My overall rating for them is:

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Thank you RED NIMBUS for the wonderful products & uber-friendly customer service! I'm sure your fans will miss your shop! Hopefully, we can still connect with the Fan Page! *wink*




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