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New Year, New Do With Etude House Bubble Hair Color

3/05/2012 10:08:00 AM Chai Chen 6 Comments

I joined Etude House Philippines' New Year, New Do FaceBook contest and actually, it was somehow fun hehe. I love Etude House products and I've been wanting to change my hair color anyway so what will I lose if I join right?

The contest ran last January 2012. I think I wasn't able to put much effort into it. Initially, participants are required to send in their photos and they'll be uploaded on EH's Facebook Page. It's one of those photo-liking contests and as much as I really do not participate in a lot of those types of contests, I thought I'd give it a try this time. I wondered how many folks would like my new hair-do. Yey!

EH Team is very active in their social media sites, including their Etude House Twitter account. I like how they hold contests like this one!

And sooo, the moment of truth has come ... I think for about a week or two. I tried to "campaign" as much as possible lah~ I didn't bothered much friends though hehe. I guess only 20% of my Facebook friends have participated in terms of liking and sharing my photo. I am very grateful for their support! (Thanks friends! *hugs*) And with this entry comes my review for the product as well ...

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I used Etude House Bubble Hair Color in Wine Red #4 Color. I dunno but I am very much fascinated with the wine red color. I even had wigs in this color (a fashion wig & a cosplay wig - 2 pieces). I don't think this hair coloring would last long so I estimated, probably 2-3 months then I need to color my hair again. My hair is naturally jet black and years back I recall, I had to bleach my hair before I could achieve my desired lighter hair color. And with that, this wine red color didn't do much effect. It appeared more as hair highlights for me.

Anyway ... let me share how it went ...

In most of the stores I went to (i.e. Botique Shops - SM Megamall, SM North EDSA; Watsons Counters - SM Makati, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall); the colors left are normally just the black & brown ones. The Sweet Orange and Wine Red are always out of stock. I guess I was just lucky to get a chance to grab one box at SM Makati before it ran out of stock again.

One thing that really got me sold to the idea of using DIY hair-coloring is the convenience of its process; unlike other brands. The steps are also very easy to follow. My main resource is Animetric's World (blog). And since there are lots of review blogs out there already so I won't repeat what you guys can read from there anymore hehe. This blog I mentioned is pretty much a good resource already.

The instructions in the package are in Korean so it wouldn't help to read it. LOL. Take the tips from other bloggers hehe!

I had my hair cut and styled prior to coloring. This was a requirement for the contest hehe. I didn't have any other style in mind so out of my normal straight hair look, I just had my hair layered.

My Before & After Pic (Hairstyle)

Nothing much has changed huh? Hehehe. This is what my pack would had inside:

Etude House Bubble Hair Color Pack (Wine Red)

It's time to color now woot!

And because I have rather-chinky eyes, I edited this pic from an Android app called Photo Wonder hehe. Look at those glasses! Sooo girly pink! (^_^)

Anyway, at this pic, you'll see that I'm already wearing the plastic cape. My hair is long so I had to do a reverse and put the other end at the back. I wasn't so sure how to do it right anyway hehe.

I was all-too-worried at first as well coz this is my first time to do it myself. I normally have my hair done at a salon / parlor or nearby barber shop (LOL). Kidding aside, yeah, I have someone else doing my hair ... this time, it's purely myself!

The next step then was to simply mix the hair color solution (foil pack) to the scented liquid in the pump bottle. I don't really know what it's called but it doesn't smell like chemical/s at all. My wine red solution simply turned all-violet as it gets mixed in the bottle.

Then it's ready to get pumped out! Woot!
Bubble Hair Color turned Violet! (Pumped Out from the Bottle)
The preparation itself took me like ... 30 minutes (i.e. reading other blogs for instruction, mixing, putting the cape, ultra-combing, etc.) or so. Then the pumping (yeah pumping!) out took another 30 minutes or actually, maybe 1 hour for me (since I had rather long hair) ... As per the instructions, you need to cover each section of your hair; starting off the the ends since the roots are or the top part is much easier to color. The color doesn't stick well on the ends so we have to cover it first; then worked my way up to the crown. The process is tedious (LOL) and my arms were all tired in doing it hehe. But after all the hard work ... it feels good!

Etude House Bubble Hair Color - Before and After Pic
Before Usage (clean bottle, violet solution)
Abused Look (murdered, all consumed)

The solution had to stay on your hair for another 30 - 45 minutes (actually just 30 but I think I left mine for 45 minutes because I thought, my hair was long and it had to sink in further).

And if you haven't read my recommended blog (or other blogs yet), take note that you have to rinse it off with the Silky Perfumed Treatment Sachet Pack. At first, I got scared after touching my hair before rinsing. It was hard enough that I thought it'd be held up that high and stiff forever! LOL. I initially tried to comb it using a wide-toothed comb but to no avail. I just had hair breakage! Demmit! So don't be as stupid as I am! Trust what you've read ... And as THEY've already written, just put on that Silky Treatment as you would use a conditioner then voila! Your hair would be as smooth again! It's like magic! I couldn't believe it as well! I dunno what kind of sorcery was it but it immediately made my hair smooth & manageable again. After that, I was able to comb my hair once more.

Etude House Bubble Hair Color Effect (With Flash)

I was happy with the results at least. I didn't use a blow dryer anymore coz I was afraid it'd ruin my hair. I just left it to dry on its own. I wasn't expecting it to be fully colorful and bright wine red since my hair came from a really-dark-black shade. As I mentioned earlier, it looked more like highlights on my hair.

Etude House Bubble Hair Color Effect (No Flash, Outdoors)

Me after a few days from coloring
(faded to brownish red)
I used a conditioner for three (3) days before I returned to using a shampoo. This last photo you see was taken a few days after. Somehow, the shade has faded a little bit and it looked more like a natural brown shade for me. I guess it's also because I didn't use a special shampoo for colored hair anymore nor any other treatments. I still consider it a bit fast though as the shade faded faster than I expected.

Overall, I can say the product is still a good one. To date (I don't have a more recent photo yet though, sorry!), my hair is back to "looking-black" indoors although when I go outdoors, the red shade is still visible. It looks bright enough as if it's naturally that vivid. It doesn't look like my hair was colored but a natural shade. I can't describe it more hehe.

I was able to manage my hair's smoothness though it's treated with color now however, the color isn't something I was able to retain. Nevertheless, I can say this product is still highly recommendable!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
The contest is over now and I didn't win hehe. I still enjoyed participating though. I didn't make it to the Top 3 but I was able to take part in it - there were six (6) of us who were lucky enough to be chosen. In terms of the # of "likes" I think I would be ranked 4th. Congrats to the winners though! They had wonderful hairstyles too!

Until my next Etude House Product Review then! (^_^)



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  1. Good job! ;) SO the color will last for 3 days lang?! Waaah! :)) Oh well, it's pretty good pa rin naman. Let's see how long will it last on my hair. Next time will try the red one. :)


    1. Hahah not really naman 3 days pero mabilis sya nag-fade sa akin. 3 Days medyo ganun na, lighter color. :( Pero so far parang may highlights ang effect. :)

  2. Test - @Kathleen - I wonder why our comments don't appear here. :(

  3. Ayan ni-sync ko uli Disqus w/ Blogger! Nag-appear na hehehe. :)

    Though sabi ng Disqus wala naman di naka-sync. :S
    Labo ng Disqus waaaahhh!

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