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Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF20 PA+

12/22/2012 09:32:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 60 Comments

Allow me to share with you another great product I've been using. You all know I'm a lover of Etude House but I also try out other products that I know are good and this one's a trusted product.I've used it even before I discovered Etude House so I can say this is pretty good.

This product I'm sharing with you is called Peach Sake Pore BB Cream with SPF20 PA+ from Skin Food. The product promises a pore-refining BB cream that regulates sebum secretion while creating a flawless and matte complexion without feeling greasy. I've been using it for quite some time .. actually, probably for a year or two before I started using Etude House products. Not that I really stopped using it though; I still use it for time to time. It's pretty good and I love its smell.

What I also like about this product is it's smell. Although I prefer non-scented products for my face (because as per dermatologists' advise to me, I have sensitive skin - so no scented products!); this one seems gentle enough and the sweet smell is hard to resist!

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Containing peach extract that soothes oily and troubled skin; and Sake that controls excessive sebum secretion, this light-textured blemish cream effectively conceals skin impurities and gives a natural coverage for a flawless complexion.

1) Pump ample amount from tube to finger tips (I use the ring finger)
2) Apply by dabbing fingers, in order, to cheeks, nose, jaw, and then forehead
It's best used after any daily basic skin care routine or regimen. So after washing the face with foam or facial wash; I use a toner before applying this. And since it's already a moisturizer as well, I don't need to use a separate moisturizer. That's what I love about Korean products too. Very innovative and effective. (^_^)

3) Spread thinly patting with fingers
4) Cover with loose or face powder for matte finish
I like how the product achieves the almost non-greasy outcome it promises! I must say that it's not as non-greasy as it ought to be though but not as bad. It's a bit sticky so for me, I let it dry for a bit then I still cover it with loose / face powder for a matte finish. I think it cannot stand alone without powder.

It has a lower SPF of 20 unlike more recent products from other brands. With the minimal SPF, it's best to apply a separate sunblock face cream before topping it with this BB cream. For me, working at night, I don't really add more SPF creams anymore. Little did I know before that though I work at night, I still need SPF for my face because of the work florescent lights. They still emit radiation or something that's dangerous for the skin, specially the face, so it's best to still use sunblock on the face. So for me, this one is ok. If you use it at daytime, do add more to avoid harmful UV rays.

It comes in two (2) shades: (1) Light Beige and (2) Natural Beige. The one I'm using is the lightest - #1 Light Beige. Each pack comes in 30 ML tubes.

The fine prints are in Korean language so I can't read them. LOL. But anyway, it works fine for me. Skin Food (Hangul: 스킨푸드) is a South Korean skincare and cosmetics manufacturer and retailer, headquarter in Seoul. The owner of the company has been involved in the skincare business since 1957. The main concept of the company is to create products with nutritional values of food. The company slogan is "beauty food for the urban sweety".
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
Check out the following for more details about this product:
Take care of your skin my dears!

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Happy shopping and good luck!


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  1. wow! great difference at the skin tone!

  2. Thanks Ann! It's not really a light tone but maybe because of the yellowish / peach shade it has. :)

  3. You look so pretty :)

  4. Sam Frills & ThrillsDecember 22, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    Hi Chai, thanks for doing this great review, i can definitely see the benefits in this bb cream, you skin is glowing and looks flawless (although it already was!)

  5. Awww thanks for the nice words dear Sam! :)

  6. Chai! I always love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing.. I've never really tried korean products before, but definitely will give it a go now. You look so stunning even without make up! I'm so jealous <3

  7. Do you have twitter or a fb page? I'd love for us to keep in touch that way too! <3

  8. Thanks for your comment! :)
    Looks like your new cream is good, I'm wondering if I can get it in Poland...
    I've also took part in your giveaway - wow, great job you did with that contest, everything is so elaborated!!! :))

    Many kisses! and all the best for Christmass! <3

  9. Wow you good without makeup, but the makeup makes you look airbrushed. I always love your comments Chai! Thank you so much for checking out my post again!

  10. I've heard so many great reviews for this! And by how it looks on the pictures, it has surprisingly good coverage. Does it last well throughout the day? (in terms of smudging/separating or fading)

    -Monica @ Lemonpetit

  11. Great blog, Would you like to follow each other? please let me know, I'm definitely follow you back <3

  12. You have a beautiful skin dear!
    You look great.

    Happy holidays!


  13. It looks great you porcelain doll face !!!! Beautiful and super sweet!I wish you the best Holidays ever!!

  14. It looks great,you porcelain doll face! Beautiful and super sweet! I wish you the best holidays ever! xx

  15. Whooaaa you have gorgeous skin too Kim! :) But thanks for the complement. :) I enjoy reading your posts too so I always come visit and comment *wink*

  16. Oh yes I do! Wee will follow you back. :)

  17. Thanks my dear Monika! Really appreciate you supporting me always! Love lots! :)

  18. Of course my dear Kells! Will always be there for you too :)

  19. For me so far, it lasts the day but it couldn't survive without face powder. That's my only comment on it I guess. So my last pic, I have put face powder (Etude House hehe). When left alone, the cream looks a bit sticky and my face looks oily. >.<

  20. Have your best holiday too my dear :)

  21. Soul of a fashionistaDecember 24, 2012 at 9:29 AM

    So great!!! Is so hard for me to find a skin care routine, my skin is very delicate so everything I had tried always damage my face, so I am still trying to find good products!! But you look so great. Thank you for always supporting my blog sweetie!!

    Happy holidays!!


  22. wow it really makes a difference post-application! and thanks for your very kind words on my blog <3


  23. thanks for following me, I'm following you too <3

  24. No worries my dear! I love your blog too. :) Take care always! :) *hugs* Hope you find skin care products best for your sensitive skin :)

  25. Will always support you too dear Anthea! :)

  26. Thanks my dear! Looking forward for more of your blog posts too :)

  27. You look great!
    Happy holidays!

    Xo Jennifer

  28. _________________*
    _______________I Have
    ______________Come Here
    _____________To Wish You
    ____________Merry Christmas
    ___________And Also, A Happy
    __________New Year To You For
    _________2013... I Hope The New
    ________Year Brings You Loads Of
    _______Happiness And Good Health.
    _____I Hope You Have A Nice Day On
    ____Christmas Day, Filled With Lots Of
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  29. that's me..

  30. You look beautiful with this make up, I love the ones which smells like fruits too hahahah but I'm agree with u, I don't think they are good enough.
    Merry Christmas dear!


  31. It seems a really good bbcream!!! I have tried only skin79 ones and I like them! But I will try this for sure because i LOVE BB CREAM FOR DAYTIME! They are really light weight and look natural on my skin!! love them *.* I'm MAC NC20 do you suggest me to get shade 1 or 2??? a kiss, Francesca


  32. I love Etude House products as well. I have yet to try any Skin Food products but this BB cream sounds pretty good. You have such pretty skin Chai! Merry Christmas to you sweetie!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  33. my skin seems to reject BB creams. i have tried a few brands but they all gimme bumps :( so i have given up on bb creams and just stick to mineral powder.

    merry xmas!


  34. Looks amazing! :) I will try this out when I can, is it medium coverage? xo

  35. Yes my dear! Woot! Happy holidays! :)

  36. Hmmm, not really sure which shade you can get but definitely, you can look pretty with any! Yay! Stay fab Francesca dear!

  37. Happy holidays my dear Rowena! :)

  38. You look great with even just mineral powder! :)

  39. It has light tone I guess it'll work well with you my dear :) Happy holidays!

  40. the coverage looks amazing!! Skin Food is actually one of my fave skincare brands. :) i'm so jealous of your flawless skin Chai! :)

    Belated Merry Christmas by the way!
    I hope you'll have an amazing New Year as well! <3

  41. the coverage is great! I have big pores, so I think your review give me another insight for BB Cream choices :)

    Anyway, you can join my current giveaway which will end this December worth of $30.99 product and it opens internationally ^_^

  42. Awww heheh thanks for the nice words dear! :) Really appreciate it! Happy 2013 ahead!

  43. Thanks dear! Hope you'll love BB creams too! :)
    Will check out your giveaway. :)

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  45. Hmm I love skinfood, Great post!
    Lol i always fall in love with their packaging.
    I just hauled a bunch of korean products.
    Check out my blog for reviews :)

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