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Food Tasting at Robot Bar & Restaurant Lounge

12/02/2011 01:23:00 AM Chai Chen 26 Comments

With only one (1) more week to go to close out another project for the other site I support (same program), we were pressed for time to get good deals that will surely make our team happy for the site's anniversary party. The Quezon City Site's celebration was a blast at Dolce Superclub. Of course, for the Makati site, the team wouldn't settle for anything less. And with that, we found this eventful-place that will surely be a big hit (as it is now) for years to come. I'm talking about Robot Restaurant Lounge and our party was scheduled last November 25. Good luck!

Surely, my team of organizers did find other good bars and restaurant's where we all could really party. We scouted several places in the Makati area and the price differences are minimal. We actually were finalizing a deal with one bar at one point but without our executive apporval for that location, we didn't settle for the place. For one, exclusivity is a major consideration and we weren't able to get that in the deal so I had to let go of that other bar.

Thankfully, we found Robot. While it may not have been our first choice from all the lists, after this free food tasting deal we had, we were finally SOLD to the idea of getting their services. Seriously, their FOOD IS HEAVEN! Outside of the party-styled location, free room movement, decent area for drinking, etc. that me and my team have factored in for what we'll get as our final location, the food tops our list as well (considering the hungry pack I have ... LOL ... our sales agents really love foodies!) and Robot bar didn't disappoint us with the selection they presented. And with that, it's more than a DONE DEAL! We closed it out in no time!
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The bar's CPA or main marketing person (I guess), is Mr. Norman Gacula. I am really grateful for dealing with him. I believe he gave us such a good deal at a good price with all the package inclusions for our party. At a headcount of 200 to 250 with guests from our sales consultants up to the management level, I knew that they'd be more than satisfied with the food!

Let's start off with the menu to wet your appetite ...

Coffee and Nori Pumpkin Soup
One thing I liked about the package we got is that I had six (6) different items in the menu for the same amount or cost per head. My budget is tight for this event hehe so I want a real good deal for my folks. Getting all these items with complimentary drinks is more than good enough for us! So we booked the bar already and scheduled our Food Tasting Activity with some members of the management team. I went on with the following food testers group:
  • two (2) of my team members from the SME (Subject Matter Expert) Team;
  • our beloved Group Manager Ten who is an expert or a connoisseur when in comes to "drinks;" also a foodista!
  • another "expert" in alcholic drinks, our Operations Manager, Erelyn
  • the big boss, January
One thing quite noticeable is that their plating is sooooo good! It's so good, you wouldn't want to eat the food! LOL. For a decent price, they offer high quality food with that kind of presentation. This one deserves much kudos from us.

Spicy Tuna Roll
Of course, taste is more important than presentation and luckily, they do not sacrifice the taste from the looks. Naks! The quantity is also not sacrified and of course, the quality of the food is perfect! While this amount is strictly for "food testing" per se, I believe the servings are already quite enormous.

We certainly loved the soup and the appetizer already. Considering that Ten is already a food expert, I was expecting heavy critiques from her. Unfortunately, there's none (I should be saying it's fortunate instead hehe). We simply enjoyed two servings of each menu item enough for our group of six members! Rock on!

Chicken Teriyaki
The starters did jumpstarted my day and I was half full already from my coffee, soup, and tuna roll! Yum! I thought that was it but we haven't even started on the main courses lah~ Then the next dishes followed. Their Chicken Teriyaki was superb! I was all full already! It was such a big and sumptuous meal! I ate it without rice and I loved it!

The serving size is not to laugh at. It's still big considering that they have big plates too. Look at the photo on the side. That's how big the chicken was! Hohoho~

We started off with dimmer lights with the bar atmosphere of the place so, sorry for the poor quality of the photos I took. I only used my Samsung Galaxy SII anyway. So far, my S2 has been pretty reliable except when there's little to no lighting at all. Right now, these photos were taken with normal mode and I just adjusted the brightness settings. I think it kinda achieved this "futuristic" look.
The place was awesome too, since they use modern furniture set up and ceilings and lighting and ... well, all of it! The ambiance was perfect with the menu they offer. Look at how the glass tables show the reflection of the bulb lighting above ... not all bulbs can be turned on though. They're there for a reason ... DESIGN!

US Beef Tenderloin and Chahan (Japanese Rice)
The main dish was awesome! While I really don't eat steaks and the likes unless they're not "well done," this one I took my chances and so far, I liked it too! It was medium done only but it doesn't taste like raw or sumthin' hehe!

Lastly, the night won't be complete without desserts so we reserved room for it ...

Mango Yuzu Cheesecake
It was delicious! Seriously, from all the cheesecakes I've tried, this one is so far the BEST! This tops my favorites list now! (^_^) The cheesecake has full concentration of the taste and it's not too sweet nor too sour because of the mango, unlike other servings from other tea / pastry / coffee shops or similar. I think I finished up all the remaining cheesecake pieces! Om nom nom mode! (^_^)

Of course, one thing that makes our folks more excited is the OPEN BAR. I ain't really a drinker ... so Ten and Erelyn took the honors in selecting. The bar has a wide selection of drinks with a unique tinge!

We allotted a specific amount just for the drinks and since Mr. Norman Gacula was so kind already to spare the complimentary drinks from the open bar, we had far more choices than ever. Here's how excited Erelyn was ... see that photo on the right? That's her hand with the cutesy lace nail art. Hehe.

So aside from the coffee, soda, juices, or iced tea selection for the main drinks when the menu buffet is served, the open bar will have more selection of alcoholic drinks for them. I knew these folks would enjoy it! Topping the list would be these two (2) favorites:

Choco Almond and Lady Gaga (Erelyn's Hands not included LOL)

We only reserved them for the VIPs of our party though so as not to consume all the drinks allotted to us hehe. But of course, we're organizing the party for everyone to enjoy and not just the executives so our fair share of choices of drinks for them included the following (some drinks selection can come from the bar drinks list with these drinks as base):

  • Local Beers (Pale, San Mig Light, Superdry)
  • Absolute Vodka Citron (1 liter each bottle)
  • Johnny Walker Black Label (1 liter each bottle)
  • Tequila Rose (750 ml per bottle)
  • Jose Cuervo Gold (1 liter each bottle)
  • Tanduay Rum (1 liter each bottle)
  • Lady Gaga or Choco Almond Delight – 40 (½) orders
  • Mixers (Tonic Water, Cranberry, Sprite, Coke, Orange)
Happy? I bet! Ten and Erelyn surely enjoyed the "test" they did hohoho~ How happy? This happy:

Master Erelyn and her Choco Almond
I will post about our whole event next time. For now, go check out Robot Bar & Restaurant Lounge to get a share of what we enjoyed. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and party-all-night-long dinners!

It's one night of party and fun for everyone! Kudos to all our team members for a job well done! Congrats for our three years anniversary! And more power so we could celebrate more years of success! Can't wait to share our enjoyment with everyone ... stay tuned guys!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

For more information about ROBOT, check out the details below:

 Address: 7912 Somerset Building, Makati Ave. corner Sto. Tomas St., Makati City, Philippines
Mobile: 09175176268 09175576268, Phone: (632) 812 • 8800

For more information about VXI, check out the details below:
CALL: (02) - 899 - 2200
Makati Head Office: SM Cyber2 Jupiter St. corner Zodiac, Buendia Makati (near Buendia MRT Station)
Quezon City Office: 1024 Global Trade Center EDSA Quezon City (along EDSA, near SM North EDSA, beside Iglesia ni Cristo)


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