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Sunday, December 25, 2011

When You Want A Good Breakfast Buffet, Come to Bellore

I don't normally come to buffets since I don't get much of what I paid for. I easily get full and I couldn't take in any more food. Not that I have a small appetite ... I just get full easily hehe. But sooner or later, I might get hungry again. Nevertheless, when I do starve, I can't help it but eat a lot hohoho~ And I guess when some of my colleagues and team members invited me to this breakfast buffet after a long shift, I easily said "yes" and joined them.

The place we went to is just nearby our Quezon City office. I'm talking about Bellore: Comfort Food and More.

Bellore Restaurant with me and a few QC Team Members
I was told that the owner is a family member or a relative of one of our employees in VXI (Quezon City). Good deal! I believe this business thrives considering the tough competition of food establishments around.

I guess the food they offer concentrates on local Filipino menu & a mixture of other cuisine, considering their name; which targets a specific group of customers. And since we're all craving for a good meal that day, hunger aside, we decided to eat loads from here. I must say it's a good choice.

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The first thing that you'll see upon entering the door is the buffet setup. It's already filled with a lot of guests taking their chances and the local breakfast menu items served.

Buffet Table - Mimi pretending not to notice the cam hehe!

The buffet table runs via self service protocol (LOL). You can take as much as you want. They have quite a bunch of local viand and soup. You can also choose from plain rice to garlic rice (or sinangag?) I couldn't recall. It was like a few months back when we visited hehe.

I'd say, the selection is good enough for a hungry pack of folks like us. It's not too much, unlike other buffet offerings. I did visit quite a few restaurants with buffet and the selection is too much, I guess. I couldn't even choose which one I'd get. There's too much ... that my appetite is lost already just by looking at them. LOL. I guess if it's just as contained with a careful selection as this one, I'd dig it! Anyway, I guess each restaurant has their own style anyway ... so be it!

Dessert and Side Dish Counter
What you'll get from the desserts and side dish table are local selections as well. There's no saying no to these! A lot of local fruits in season are served. I definitely loved the pineapple, papaya, and sweetened/caramelized banana. Too much fatty food ei? There's a lot to enjoy!
You can also get a bunch of vegetables, egg / omelette, and other kakanin. I took a few pieces of the buko pandan pichi pichi and I must say it's good! It ain't too sweet.

My Breakfast Buffet Plate (w/o desserts yet)
The overall pricing is affordable. For a P135 Breakfast All You Can, this is rather low-priced. It is already inclusive of a glass of drink and with an additional P20 which is what I did, I was able to upgrade my drink to a refillable iced tea. Good deal!
Bellore Interiors
One thing I must say is that, there's an opportunity with regard to spacing. Some of the seats are positioned too-adjacent with each other so there's a little room for everyone to move. While we can all still manage, it is a little bit of an inconvenience for customers. It's hard to go back & forth to the buffet table then.

Nevertheless, I guess it's good! (^_^) It's yummy!

Here's how you can reach the place:
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
Other than the space, I guess there's nothing else I could recommend. I still like it! (^_^)


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