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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pixie's Sinugba and Its Sulit Pinoy Meals

It was a first for me to eat here and I can say, it was worth it!

It was our "monthsary" that day and my Fafi Emman wanted to eat at restaurants or other establishments that have refillable or bottomless menu items. He wanted to act thrifty that day. LOL. And while strolling at the mall during our mini-celebration (coz I had to work that night so we have to cut it short), we passed by Pixie's Sinugba at SM North EDSA and gave it thought for a sec ... and then gave it a try.

Pixie's Sinugba - Inihaw na Boneless Bangus, Sizzling Crabmeat, and Refillable Rice & Iced Tea

While I am extremely trying my best to diet and veer from rice, I couldn't resist that day haha! The items in the menu are truly asking for rice with it hehe. I ordered their Inihaw na Boneless Bangus Pinoy Meals for P98. I think it was pretty satisfying. It was served with non-stop rice and drinks indeed! Wow! Screw you diet! I had two (2) servings of rice because of this! The bangus was big enough to be shared with me and my dear. However, we ordered for more! Talk about big appetite!

Pixie's Sinugba - After I Om-Nom-Nom It Prior to Taking a Photo

My beloved Fafi ordered their Sizzling Crabmeat + Additional Order of Refillable Rice and Iced Tea. On top of that, he also had an order of their Sizzling Bangus.

There wasn't a lot of items in the menu so we didn't have too much of a hard time choosing from the selection. It's not a minus factor for them though, I think it's a plus. They concentrate on fish / bangus and seafood; which is the entirety of their concept. The promise of "no msg" as well is another bonus. Health-conscious buffs like me (or those pretending, haha) would love it! It's another excuse to say it's a "healthy" option. LOL.

My boyfriend finished off a total of three (3) servings of rice and a number of refills for his iced tea drink. Lah~ I also couldn't count how many times I had my drink refilled! Bottomless kills me~! LOL.

I was happy at least with our mini-celebration! Yay!

Pixie's Sinugba - Lumpiang Bangus and Sizzling Crabmeat (above)
 This store is really worth a try. I'd love to come back there. Although it'll really ruin my diet; I guess we could sneak in once a week hehe. I promise it'll be the only rice meal I'll eat for the week. LOL!


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