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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Pussycat Doll in You

I'm sure all girls out there have been a fan of a specific girl band some time before. I am definitely one of those girls. From Spice Girls, to All Saints, to Destiny's Child ... those pop beats and girl power fever! In the 90s, there were quite a number of them. In 2000; there were only a few that stayed in the business and dominated the scene, like The Pussycat Dolls. From their music, to their merchandise, I've definitely been that kind of fan.

My PCD Loot
Splurge or not? I definitely splurged! LOL. Well, not really. I have to say I purchased only from their outlet section and I got my items for just about $50. Not bad I guess. I also had them shipped to my friend's address in the US so she just had to bring it home here in the Philippines. I didn't have to pay for huge customs fees and taxes and what-have-you. I mean like, come on! It's not like these stuff is for business lah~ All these are personal stuff and I can't afford to pay almost the same amount at customs.

Anyway, I loved the items I bought from the store. They're all very girlie and shows the inner doll in me. The girl group has been an advocate of women empowerment anyway so I definitely support their aim. It's just sad now though that PCD has disbanded ... and they will only be remembered by their music and their merchandise ...

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Anyway, here are the items I bought:
  • Pussycat Dolls Logo Keychain, 1 for $5.00 
  • Pussycat Dolls Logo Necklace, 1 for 1 $15.00 
  • PCD College Kitten Girl, 1 for $5.00 
  • Pussycat Dolls Old English T SS/Med Black/White, 1 for $5.00
  • Pussycat Dolls PCD Photo Book, 1 for FREE valued at $10
You can see these items from the photo above. I'm looking for a photo of me wearing the College Kitten Girl hoodie but I can't find any yet so I can't share how it looks in person, on me. Hehe. But the others, you can see how I dressed up as a PCD in the photos below.

I find their merchandise affordable. They're not cheap but affordable. I purchased them in 2010 and until now, the keychain and the necklace have not tarnished a bit. The necklace is definitely a fave for me. I wear it on casual and even formal attire. I wear it at work too and it's really a great find, I must say.

They have a lot of other items too - like jewelries, accessories, shirts, dresses, etc. Everything that would suit a girlie lifestyle, you bet you can find it here!

Being a fan, I wanted to dress up like them too. Okay fine kill me now! LOL. I can't be a doll like them lah~ I know that. I ain't that sexy nor toned up. I also can't imagine dressing too-much like them anyway ... being scantily-clad and all. A number of parents and other conservatives have definitely moved against them for being, as they said, a "bad influence" to their kids / daughters. Well, as for me, it's really a way of how they bring up their kids anyway. It's not PCD that will make their daughters as sl*ts ... while the environment and society does play a role in the girls' upbringing; it's definitely the parents' rearing that defines them. Anyway, I rest my case ... not the time to discuss that hehe.

I was rooting for the Don't Cha White Hooded Jacket that spells the lyrics of their song "Don't Cha" on the pipings. It reads Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me accross and I've been dying to have one. Too bad though, until the time I ordered, I wasn't able to get one. It was always out of stock. Their customer service advised that they may re-stock but since then, I never saw the opportunity when they did restock. *le sigh* Imagine, wearing that hoodie that's very similar from what their lead singer have worn in their popularized video, Don't Cha? It's a statement. I definitely wanted that statement. I was just too unlucky, I guess. Given the opportunity, I'd definitely grab it! I mean, if ever I'll see a stock somewhere! I'd get it!

The other hoodie that I was pushing to have is the black version of it - the Buttons Black Hoodie. Like the white one, it has embroidered song lyrics across it's piping, up to the hood; coming from PCD's song "Buttons." Of course, it's another statement fashion piece. Nicole has worn a similar hoodie in their music video for their song. Though that one is of sheer material I guess; still, this item is a great find. Unfortunately, I was also unable to purchase that piece. It was always out of stock. Until when I purchased my loot, they weren't able to restock anymore. *sobs* Those Pussycat Dolls Hoodie jackets are so hard to get!

The girl fan in me did try to get a piece of their Burlesque/Pussycat Dolls-styled lingerie called " Robin Antin" - it's oozing with sexiness and girl power confidence. I thought I'd be able to get it anyway from some local La Senza stores here anyway so I didn't bother getting them online anymore.
Pussycat Dolls for La Senza
Unfortunately, I was also unable to snatch a piece. I found a few remaining pieces from their collection at an outlet store for Bench products that same year but I didn't have any that fits me anymore. They were either too big or too small. Dang! I missed that opportunity again! *le sigh*

This girl group has been really successful in the music scene, to their concerts / events, to being a global image and an international commercial brand. They even had dolls (which I also wanted to purchase, I must say!) for crying out loud! Their worldwide hits have outgrown their brand as a diversified name that included all other merchandise. They had reality TV shows, numerous product endorsements, and loads more. They were so successful that the PCD sexy brand is such a shame to have split up. I cry buckets! (T_T) I was hoping I could catch them in another concert series (because I missed the one they had here in the Philippines a few years back) and now, I am never gonna see them together again. Haaaay.

Now, we can only remember them for their successful music, and their merchandise. I definitely miss this girl group for their very catchy music that will be a forever-anthem for girls like me, I guess.

The dolls have also been successful in bringing out the "doll" in me ... that "inner pussycat doll" ... while they're definitely a brand now, they're still that girl group for me that has been successful in their advocacy for women empowerment. They've helped hone me to be that confident and powerful lady that I am now. Their message is always boosting with confidence and making girls like me confident as well, like them; in any way possible. I love listening to their music and watching their videos. I also have that DVD of their concert in London that I watch numerous times; and dance out with their routines. It serves as my exercise now. Hehe. They're truly an inspirational group for me. Don't get me wrong. I don't worship them or what ... I just simply, like this group as any fan would. (^_^)

And so my rating for this global brand ... I give ...

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

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How about you? How did you get inspired by them or any other girl group? I'm sure you have good stories to share as well. Share them with me and I'll definitely find time to read. (^_^)



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