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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seriously, LANDMARK, Cosplaying Security Guards??? Cosplay and Sports Challenge?

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Landmark September 2011 - Cosplay & Sports Challenge Guards

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I wasn't as thrilled in seeing the Landmark Guards in Cosplay as I am when I see cosplayers in malls where I suspect there's another cosplay event that I did not know of, whenever I happen to pass by. As much as the mall's prior gimmick with their Michael Jackson Uniform for the Dance Party Theme.

This time around, they're having a Cosplay and Sports Challenge Theme for the month-long event or ... I dunno. I mean, well I'm not certain if they're really security guards but they check your belongings when you enter the mall and inspect if you have weapons or guns that kill or what-have-you so what do you expect? They do frisking too right? Well, you'll see this new theme plastered everywhere you go and for me, I've pretty much seen this at Landmark QC beside TriNoma though and not anywhere else yet. But seriously, I am not liking it! Nuh-uh!

Ako Si Roj Blog - Landmark Trinoma
My sentiments still fall on the fact that security officers need to be respected and to be looked up to by the mall-goers and not to be laughed at nor make fun of. Surely, they can dress up the way they want or be in costumes at certain events, but definitely not in performing their day-to-day-safekeeping-job. As I stated in my prior blog post as well, our security officers have been flagged already, a lot of times, for their failed attempts in keeping our foreign visitors and locals alike. Add this, and you get more of those incidents. How can a security officer dolled up in a Naruto costume be able to fight crimes (duh ... extreme choice of words, neh?) while being busy taking pictures with strangers? While others may enjoy it, I certainly don't. It's all about imagery too, bebeh! They even liked it that I took photos of them too.

Landmark September 2011 - Guards in Naruto Cosplay Welcome You to Landmark!
In two (2) weeks time, we already had fatal incidents inside a supermall like SM. Last week, a certain jealous and revengeful wife shot her husband dead inside SM North EDSA. The brave security guard took a toll in his attempt to stop it but later had him as a victim too. Kudos to his heroic act. This week, we had a teenager who shot his alleged boyfriend too, and later killing himself as SM Pampanga. What security measures are being implemented to help prevent such cases? While SM Malls have already released their public apology and reassurance of a more stringent security policy, and while most Filipinos now do not care anymore about it yet there are still a few concerned citizens who get bothered with it; we cannot let go of the fact that there's still a gap in security policies' implementation that lead to such deathly occurences.

In those fatal incidents, the security officers' uniforms did not play a lot of role in keeping everybody safe. That, I take into consideration. Whether in official uniform or not, they still failed to rescue nor event prevent such from happening.  Sad fact. While that may be true, we cannot veer from the fact as well that all the more, having security guards in such Naruto-esque outfit will lead to disrespect and mall goers may not take them seriously than how they are treated now. How could you expect them to protect you?

Do we need to add more to the problem? I don't think so. This is another epic fail!
I may be generalizing but ... I don't think it's good. They don't seem to be good at their "security" job. They're not good at cosplaying either. That ain't too-Naruto-ish for me!



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