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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michael Jackson Security Guards Uniform - A Yes or A No?

Imagine seeing security guards wearing a Michael Jackson ensemble?


At first I thought it was cool. But after a month, seeing them like that; I think it's rather bothersome. I dunno. I guess it's just me. Some folks think it's fun and cool. I think otherwise ... And this is what's going on at Landmark Makati due to their month-long dance party theme.

For me, I believe security officers must be as professional as they can, and they shouldn't let themselves get mocked nor be the center of jokes because they look funny or not respectable. As per a wiki definition, security guards PROTECT properties, assets, and/or people. Will you entrust your safety or security with a "Michael-Jackson-do" knowing that MJ is an entertainer who's had his reputation tainted due to multiple occurences of child molestation and the likes? Yeah sure he had his high time in his career as a musician. He's an "idol" to many. I really love his songs too. We imitate him at parties. But I don't think it's right ... no ... it's not appropriate to dress up our guards as MJ.

I do not frequent this mall but at the times I visited, I've seen their security guards wearing themed clothing than presentable uniforms. In the previous month, I believe they were wearing a kimono-style attire. I dunno what's their next theme though. The theme is nice. They are unique and somewhat, achieves a purpose - most likely to endear the guards to the mall's beloved guests. The kids don't get scared of them then ... however, though FEAR has been removed, they also lose RESPECT; at least to how I see it, I guess!

In other countries, I don't think we'd see their security guards in costumes; unless it's an event or when they are off-duty. They have a high regard to the post and the rank. Moreover, they do not belittle their officers; hence, there's is a "following" garnered from their citizens. They hire with scrutiny and they set standards as to who is the right person for the job. They are dressed in formal and with respectable manner, where people could recognize their reputation, their agency or where they came from; and which area they protect - whether that is a location or an item assignment.

I honestly don't want to make a big fuss out of their clothing, nor whatever Landmark's policies are, and how they treat their third-party personnel like the guards from their agencies. I just can't help but point out the obvious and how I think it's not right ... and somehow, it degrades the quality of our security officers. Our guards are already well-known for flopped protection stints against bombing, terrorism, defective K9 units, sleeping during working hours, and other EPIC FAIL moments. This strategy doesn't seem to add value but add yet another FAIL moment.

I hope it ain't too late for the mall's administration and that they change this tactic soon. Our guards are meant to protect the welfare of many and should act as an agent of law enforecement. They should have that stiff and stern personality, which people look up to and respect. Not a boo-hoo whom people would see as yet another person in costume.


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