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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Late Congratulations Message for Some Dear Cosplay Friends

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Perhaps I've been missing out on a number of cosplay events, websites, Facebook contests, and all that jazz so I didn't know what was going on elsewhere. Pfffft! Blame my busy life lah~ Work and related stuff comes first. Sheeez~!

Nevertheless, I ain't too clueless about the happenings for these three (3) though and I kinda discreetly supported them and fortunately, they've won! Yey! So allow me to say congratulations!


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So, there was this contest ran by COSPLAYGEN called The Community's Choice. I can't recall when it really started. I believe I noticed a number of friends submitting their entries in Facebook. I received a number of requests to LIKE their photos too. I normally just like 'em all and to some "closer" friends, I share their entries on my page so my other friends can also support them. There have been quite a multitude of entries so I can't recall which ones I shared back. In fact, I believe it wasn't just one contest where I voted for such photos. Lah~

Cosplay Gen Community's Choice

Cosplay Gen is an independent magazine distributed worldwide, entirely dedicated to the extensive phenomenon represented by cosplay, intending to promote cosplayers from around the world, cosplay events and Japan fashion as a whole.They ran this contest for a column in their 4th volume where photos of cosplayers worldwide will be featured. Top picks get a spot in the mag and winning is determined by the # of likes. That's some cool stint huh?

Nevertheless, I'm happy to know that some of my picks have won and the campaigns for them didn't go to waste. I wonder why I didn't join in these contests too though? Hmmm ... Oh I forgot! I've been too busy. Bwahaha.


Two (2) lovely girls have made it to the tops! Yey! Congrats girls!

These girls have gone a long way. From what we can say, simple cosplays in the past, to more crafty ones recently; they've shown how dedicated they are in this hobby we all share. Not to forget that they're both very pretty, they are indeed very deserving of this feature! One thing to be proud of to, as a fellow Pinay (ok fine, tsinay!) wherein both of them ranked #1 and #2 versus all the other entries! Truly wonderful!

To check out more of their cosplay works, go visit their DA sites: jaRoukaSama (Yuu) and ianneDREAMER (Arianne). Give them some luvin' yeah!

STGCC 2011

I've heard about this convention way back last year when a friend who resides in Singapore asked me if I was joining. With my busy schedules, of course, I couldn't. I wondered why nobody has attended this yet, from the Philippines. Or maybe I just didn't hear much about it. This year though, we were represented by two (2) Pinays in the event - Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention.

Mary Grace Roldan and Stephanie Sumbe were our delegates, I must say, to STGCC 2011. I really wanted to go as well, since the artist of the famed Tokidoki, Simone Legno, would be there too. High hopes though hehe.


So my dearie Graciaaaaaa was there and I wanted to say ... CONGRATULATIONS! Yay!

Grace, or kawaimace to most of us (Deviantart friends), won the Jacky Dosai's Special Prize from Cosmode Magazine! Hooorraaay! Finally! A very remarkable recognition for Grace! This girl puts a lot of hard work and effort and woot! She's gone daring at STGCC. LOLZ. Not really daring, I was just teasing. Hehe. But yes, she's sexy this time.

Grace has been very good in her craft, together with her partner in cosplay, Kuya Guy. Both of them have been very good friends to me and they've also helped me in a company Recruitment event for the account I am involved with. Good people with a good heart indeed, will be rewarded. And now, Grace has brought home the bacon! LOL. I mean, she's won some recognition she truly deserves. So Grace, congratulations and more power! (^_^)


I wish to see more of the Philippines' cosplayers gaining recognition and awards internationally. We've got a great pool of talents and artists waiting for their chances. It's never too late. In fact, it seems this trend and competitive ventures have just started ... (^_^)



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