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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outfit Post: Can't Nobody Glam Rock By Minzi

KPOP Minzi Look?
Oh boy ... this is my first outfit post. Wahehehe. And since it's the 1st of the month, I guess this one's a treat! I will try to post more of these hehe ... I can't promise and I'm such a noob so if this doesn't pass as a "looks" post yet ... Imma try better next time. :p

Well, since I joined lookbook to share my fashion inspirations and mostly outfits at work and beyond, I never blogged specifically about my outfit. Some of the lookbook "looks" I posted; I embed them on some posts when they're related but this is the first time I'm posting one that's concentrated on a particular outfit. Hohoho~ I dunno ... Maybe a failure! LOLZ. But imma try ...

This post is for one of my recent looks post: And no doubt, the look is inspired by one of the KPOP Girl Group's team member Minzi, from 2NE1.

Some may disagree but; well, she's where I got my inspiration from (^_^) It's one of the looks that Minzi had in 2NE1's music video entitled Can't Nobody. It's also one of my favorite songs from the group. In fact, me and my sis have spoofed hehehe. If you're following my blog, you'll see I also posted that video in one of my older posts about tVN's KPOP Star Hunt!

Okay enough of my blabber and on to my look! Teehee! Sometimes, I'm really such a blabbermouth hahaha! Very talkative and can go rounds and rounds with any topic ... so let's get back to business ... about the look! (^_^)

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It was our company's Christmas Party and every time we hold such big events, like any other company, there's a theme. This one was themed "Glam Rock" so I was pretty challenged how to style myself. That time, good thing 2NE1's video came out already and I thought, it's kinda pop-rock in theme but add some more accessories and other pieces; it would look glam!

Sweet Look?
I actually bought my top and jeans as new pieces for that event alone. The rest are staple accessories and other items in my closet already. And because I cosplay, I guess I pulled off the look pretty easy having those items around! I got the top and jeans too; just the day before hahaha. The rush shopping experience again hehehe!

Some folks at the party thought I looked "weird." Well, I can't please everybody, neither am I trying to do so. If you wanna see where I got the look, watch this video:

See around 00:48 and you'll see how Minzi looked! That's the one I wanted to achieve haha!

My favorite gloves! Very staple in my party events!
Here's the video I did with my sis, post-party heheh. We were simply having fun! (^_^)

I guess I looked like a "glammed up witch" huh? You bet! Haha!

Most of my party looks appear, somehow, like I'm in a KPOP Fest! Hah! It all boils down to the theme, of course. But for sure, there will always be a hint of my Asian fashion inspirations.

  1. GEO Super Nudy Grey Lens, GEO Lenses from
  2. MNG Black Leather Slim Belt, Mango
  3. Gold Studded Black Platform Wedges, Charles & Keith
  4. MNG Black Quilted Handbag, Mango
  5. Maroon Satin Bustier Corset Tie Up Top, Inches
  6. Black Korean Style Rosette Headband, Marcella
  7. Open-Finger Fish Net Gloves, N/A, 168 Mall
  8. Studded Leather Bracelet, N/A, 168 Mall
  9. Von Dutch Kustom Kulture Tie Up Skinny Jeans, Von Dutch
  10. Pussycat Dolls PCD Logo Necklace, ~Pussycat Dolls
  11. Gold Accent Belt, N/A, Greenhills
  12. Big Silver Hoop Earrings, SM Accessories

Where to find this look?

Can't Nobody Glam Rock by Minzi
Lookbook | Tumblr | Facebook

Hope you like it! (^_^)

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