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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Join the tvN Kpop Star Hunt and Be The Next Kpop Sensation!

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I had my first Kpop attempt some time last year. It actually didn't sink in me to really portray a Kpop star or anything related that time. It just so happened that I found some of my photos and poses similar to Suzy from Miss A; and there was this contest from Kpop Convention 2 dubbed as the KPOP Idol Look-Alike Contest. So I made a collage of "similarly-angled" photos and this was the result ...

Chai as Suzy for Miss A Kpop Group
Now before you kill me or say or bash me for not really looking like her, stop for a while and give it a second thought. This was a "no brainer-no efforts-kind-of-photo" since they're in stock. LOL. Just did it for fun hehe. Original photo size available at my Deviantart Site.

I was actually thinking of BOM PARK (2NE1) when I had my bangs again (but nah, I ain't claiming I really look like her but I do like her and the group) ... but then I thought I look like Suzy more with this style hehe. The photos of Suzy which I used here are from various Kpop fansites ... my own photos were taken at different times though hehe. I didn't get a chance to pose exactly like Suzy's poses anymore so I just made this collage. :p And yeah, I tell myself "Dream On!" as well ... haha. I don't like like them really!

I don't really plan to be a Kpop star or sumthin' hehe. My voice doesn't cooperate. LOL. But I'm sure there are loads of peeps out there who are interested to be the next KPOP Star or someone similar! Do you want to be the next Kpop Star? Then this is your chance! Join tvN’s Kpop Star Hunt and be one of 2 contestants who will fly to Seoul, South Korea to be trained to become the next Kpop Star. Just go to to submit your entry.

That's not all folks. Fox International Channel is giving you a chance as well to secure a spot in the PHILIPPINE FINALS by campaigning for your video on their facebook page, tvN KPOP Star Hunt Philippines.

The first 100 subscribers to share their videos get a special prize from tvN and Fox International Channel.

Easy steps right? Just:
  1. Like the FB page
  2. link your video onto the FB page and ...
  3. Get as much friends to like your video.
The video with the most likes will win a special gift pack from tvN Asia and Fox International Channel as well!

This is your chance to be the next big thing! Share this news to all of your friends now! =)

Where did all the fuzz come from? Nowhere else but the newly launched official tvN K-Pop Star Hunt: CUBE Audition website! By the way, this post isn't an advertorial for them or an official PR campaign for them lah~ They didn't pay me for this. LOL.

Want to become the next BEAST or 4minute (or like my attempt to imitate Suzy from Miss A hehehe)? Aspiring K-Pop stars between the ages of 11 and 29 from Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines! All you gotta do is film your best song-and-dance routine using a song of your choice and upload it onto this website before midnight on 25 September 2011.

The winner will be crowned the next K-Pop superstar and will be entitled to grand prizes that may include TechnoMarine watches, cash rewards, and a chance to be an artist for tvN and Channel [V] HD!

Are you ready for your big shot? Click on the ‘Star Hunt Entry’ tab to enter now!

For any enquiries, please contact tvN

Chai and Jong - 2NE1 Can't Nobody Cover Vid

The nearest vid I could get to enter is this one ... hahaha! For the LOLZ. We ain't even singing here hehe. We know our voices won't match up to the Kpop Fans. That's me and my sister having fun doin' covers hurhurhur~ Nah ... I don't think I'll enter. I'll leave it to the ones more deserving (and those who are slimmer than me and my sister hehehe) ... Good luck to Philippine Contestants!


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