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My Tarazu Coffee Experience

9/29/2011 11:59:00 PM Chai Chen 8 Comments

I've been a Starbucks fan before I loved other brands of coffee. I wasn't really a coffee lover though, considering that I have my cardiac arrythmia with several palpitations way back then. I guess becoming healthier has helped a lot and I got into a gym hobby some time years back so now, I rarely get attacks - unless I'm extremely exhausted or if I took in too much caffeine.

I normally have hospital visits and checkups just to make sure I get better. I've had several tests and exercises and lab works, and my hospital visits do include my scoliosis treatments. At times, I get to visit the stores nearby and not so long ago, this coffee shop has opened just a few steps away from the hospital. The store, aptly named for its ambiance and coffee aroma coming from Costa Rican Tarazu beans, delivers a fine-dining coffee experience in a small space, beside a hospital, and inside a mini convenience store and fast food! How convenient!

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    Their coffee is not that bad. Their Tarazu Coffee signatures like Cafe Americano, Cafe Con Leche, Caffe Mocha and Classic Cappuccino will surely entice you to order food to partner with your coffee experience.

    Tarazu Coffee Board

    They have a fine selection of breads, sweets, salads, and pastries which I could attest, are adequately priced. They're pretty affordable to go along with coffee of any kind. My favorite food from there is their Tex Mex Ranch Salad. It goes with an uncommon ceasar dressing (i.e. not common because the dressing doesn't taste like fast food ceasar dressing) that makes me want to go for more. It's a mixed greens with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, lots of grated cheese, and nachos-type of salad in a "Goolai Salad Food Pack" that is big enough for a hungry dieter like me. It really leaves me feeling full every time I finish a pack!

    Tarazu Coffee - Tex Mex Ranch

    Tarazy Coffee Pastries

    The area is hip & funky that suits bossa nova look & feel. The background music played are all jazz and bossa nova indeed. It makes you feel more comfortable then, relaxing while not worrying about your hospital dues and health concerns. LOL. It's really cozy and is surely a hangout place for passers-by and residents alike.

    I definitely love my experience in this store every time I visit. I'm definitely gonna check it out every time I go there and have my checkups and treatments. It's pretty much on a regular basis so I don't miss out much.

    Times Square Chinese General Compound, 1003 Manila Philippines
    Delivery - 711-4141 loc 629-630 marketing- 6577443


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